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Free Pattern-“Feel the Love” Valentine Wall Hanging!


Do you Feel the Love?

All the hearts and valentine projects I have been seeing here in the blogosphere inspired me to come up with a quick project that I could get done this weekend. I came up with this free pattern for a Valentine Wall Hanging called “Feel the Love”.

Here is a quick tutorial!


Fabric needed: a layer cake or (10-12) 10″ squares and 1/2 yd of background fabric.

I used a layer cake of Twice as Nice by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs. It is just full of reds and pinks…I set aside the blues for another project. There were 6 reds and 6 pinks in this layer cake. You only need 10, so pick your favorites. I just used all 12 for a little more variety, but I did have some extras afterwards.


Cut into 1.5″ strips. Toss the teeny bits left over.


Sew your strips into strip sets of 6 each. Make sure to mix up your strips and press as you go. You will need 10 strip sets.


Cut a 3.5″ strip and set aside, we are not using this portion. Using a 4.5″ square ruler as your template…center the 45 degree line along the center seam of your strip set.


Here is a close up of the 45 degree line running along the center seam of your strip set. (That will be between your 3rd and 4th strip)


Trim along all four sides of your ruler. This is what you should end up with. If you don’t have a 4.5″ ruler, you can use a larger one, but will have to do some rotating.


Now, this is just the way I did this…so no judging:) Take 4 of your blocks and using your seam ripper, rip out the center seam. Yes, I know….voluntary ripping!


Using your background fabric, cut (4) 5″squares and (2) 4.5″ squares. Take one of the half blocks that you just separated and line the corner of the block up with the corner of a 5″ background square.

Sew a 1/4″ seam along the edge of the half block, this will be along the same line of stitches you just ripped out.


Line your stitching up with the 1/4″ line on your ruler and trim the excess. Use the background piece you just trimmed off and repeat for the other half of your block.


Press the new block open for your pieced HST. You should have 8 of these HST blocks, 6 whole blocks and 2 solid background squares for your layout. All of these blocks finish at 4.5″.


Here is the layout.


Cut (2) 4.5″ WOF strips for your borders. Out of one strip sub-cut your right and left borders at 16.5″. Using the other strip sub-cut the top and bottom borders at 24.5″. Add them to your top in that order. Your top is done! Layer up your quilt sandwich and quilt as desired. You will need (2) 2.5″ strips to make your binding.

I  quilted “Feel the Love” using Aurifil 50wt. cotton thread in Light Gray with a basic straight line quilting design.  I finished the binding using this machine binding tutorial.


Sorry these final pics aren’t all that great…this is what happens when you finish a project in the middle of the night:)

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Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt- 49.5″ x 65″

My Triangle Quilt is finally finished and bound! This one was fun to quilt too…lots of straight lines makes it simpler:)

Triangle Quilt

The fabrics are Simply Style and Boho Girl.  I also threw in some solids to break it up.


If you want to know more info on how I cut and pieced this Triangle Quilt, visit my previous posts HERE and HERE.


I loved this fun paisley for the backing. I like the back of a quilt to be extra sassy!


I quilted it using a 50wt. Aurifil thread in lime from the Simplify collection. I am so in love with these threads!!! I used a navy for the binding.


You can get this set at Cotton Bliss HERE!


HERE is the tutorial I used to machine bind this quilt.


P.S. Have you checked out Gotcha Covered Quilting?

Gotcha Covered Quilting

Here is their Etsy shop with lots and lots of great fabrics to start off your new year and new projects!


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Winner- Millstone Giveaway and a QuiltingTip!

Our final winner of the Millstone Mondays giveaways is…

Cynthia Knapp!

She will be getting a charm pack and Aurifil 10-piece, thread set.


A big thanks to Millstone Quilts for sharing all the quilting goodies! and Aurifil for the thread love! Expect more giveaways here in 2014.

And before you go…a Sassy  Quilting Tip for you today:



For more accurate piecing, use a 1/4″ piecing foot! A lot of machines do not come with this foot and they are pretty inexpensive to add to your quilty tool box. Some have a metal “wall” on one side to keep you from going too far to the right and some just have the accurate 1/4″ width foot. Generic ones are available. You do need to know if your machine has a low shank, high shank or a slant shank. This is the bar where your feet attach. Your manual should let you know which one you have.

More accurate piecing makes your sewing much more enjoyable. Just remember if you are off by only 1/8 of an inch that adds up to an entire 1/2″ (4/8) off every four seams!!!

Here are a couple different links where you can purchase one.

Quarter Inch foot with bar.

Quarter inch foot without bar.

Just a side note, but if you are a magazine junkie like me….this is my latest find and it is one of my new favorites, Love Patchwork & Quilting! It isn’t super cheap, mainly because it comes from the UK, but has such a modern and fun take on quilting and the latest fabrics:) Each magazine comes with a small gift too. My first one had a set of heart shaped pins, that made it feel totally worth it!


patchwork pins

Later this week I will begin my beginner quilting series…So You Wanna Make A Quilt!


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Millstone Mondays – Week 4


~Week 4~

Just a few more days till the New Year begins and I just want to thank everyone who has visited The Sassy Quilter and made my year the best one yet!

I am enjoying some time off between the holidays to wrap up some projects before 2014. Here is whats on my design wall right now…


These were leftover HST’s from a chevron quilt(below) that I made earlier this year. You can see in the pic above I have several quilt tops hanging around my sewing room that seriously need to be quilted…2014 for those. I will be happy if I can at least finish up these quilt tops for now!


Here is another I finished up….my Virtual Quilting Bee quilt top! Finally got those borders on there.


To wrap up the year and the Millstone Mondays giveaway series we have a 50wt., 10 piece set from Aurifil and a charm pack from Millstone Quilts.

Congratualtions to QuiltinGram, last weeks winner!


Lario by 3 Sisters charm pack and Aurifil thread collection Autumn by Sheena Norquay.

How to enter:

Just leave a comment…..tell me something quilty you would like to accomplish in the New Year!

Mine….a serious fabric diet!!! I want to really use up some of this fabric before buying new(yeah, yeah…I know we have all said this one, but I mean it!, for real:) )

Feel free to share this post on Facebook or if you have your own blog using the Millstone Mondays button on the right sidebar. Spread the quilty love!

Contest ends Sunday@12pm and is open internationally.

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Millstone Mondays – Week 2

~Week 2~


Hope everyone had a great weekend, the countdown is on! Take a deep breath and try to remember to enjoy the holidays….I think I’m talking to myself here:) Yesterday was my B-day, but I did manage to squeeze in some shopping time. Oh, and I got this yummy Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller in a layer cake! Can’t wait to cut into it.

So what holiday spirit booster has Millstone Quilts  and Aurifil provided this week>>>>>


A five piece Aurifil thread set and a Jubilee charm pack by Bunny Hill!

These light, icy tones have a wintry feel to me and the thread set includes a sample of Aurifil’s different products perfect for testing out and finding what you like best.

How to enter:

Just leave a comment answering this question,

Do you like a surprise for Christmas or are you the sneaky type, always trying to figure out what you are getting!

Me….I like to wait and let it be a surprise when I open it!

Feel free to share this post on Facebook or if you have your own blog use the Millstone Mondays button on the right sidebar. Spread the quilty love!

Contest ends Sunday@12pm and is open internationally.

Congratulations to Anne J., last weeks winner!

Keep it Sassy

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Quilting Thread

Photo courtesy of Holiday@GrandMags

Quilting Thread – My latest discovery!

Not all that long ago I won a spool of Aurifil thread(50wt. cotton), and believe it or not, I had never tried this brand before! I had definitely heard of so many quilters using it, but was already using the more expensive brand at Joann’s and to spend a little more seemed too much. But…..I have to say they have definitely won me over! What I used before was better that the cheap stuff, which broke often and filled my machine with lint, but I have to say I am loving Aurifil!

Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

  • Most shops sell the larger spool for around $9-$10, so it seems like a lot more, but there is 1422 yards on there and mine seemed to last forever! Especially the 50wt., it’s finer thread and P.S. makes your bobbin last a lot longer. I love this for my piecing and quilting. For your quilting this means less bold stitches (blends well), which is good for the beginner who may not want all of their stitches to stand out.
  • I could definitely notice the sheen and color of the thread was richer and brighter than what I was using. Even in just a basic grey, smooth and beautiful stitches.
  • I love that they sell collections of threads that match the designers fabric collections! I know, I know… you are thinking, that is a lot of thread for one designers line of fabric! But don’t forget a lot of designers(MODA) are locked into a color way, so this will go with most all their lines.

Since I am a new Aurifil convert I bought a Mark Lipinski Basics Collection to get me started, this has all your white, black, grey and biege neutrals.


I am drooling over the Simplify collection by Camille Roskelley!

You can find this one over at Cotton Bliss! Small kit, $33.80 and the large kit, $80.00 and that’s 12 spools!

And if you subscribe to her newsletter you will get a follow up coupon:)

Oooh, I just need to touch it! I think my fabric addiction is spreading to thread, yikes!

You can find 3 Things every Quilter should know about Thread here.

I know there are other good ones out there too folks, just sharing my latest quilty experiences her. In case you were wondering no one paid me to say any of this either, but I can be bribed with thread….just kidding….but not really;) I hope someone new will give it a try and let me know what you think!

Keep it Sassy

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What’s going on…

Stamped Thank You_lo

First of all let me say Thank You so much to everyone who helped me out and voted for my quilt over at 13 Spools in the Prism linky contest!!!

I won, yay! So excited. I really do love that quilt. I guess it was my first all solids quilt and my first paper pieced quilt, so it was a big milestone for me. I received a 75.00 gift certificate to FatQuarter Shop….hmmm. What to get??? I was just perusing and am liking these:

  https://i0.wp.com/www.fatquartershop.com/store/stores_app/images/images_499/LittleThings-Bundle-450.jpg?resize=203%2C203Stephanie Alvarez's Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

What do you think?

Got any awesome quilt plans for the weekend?

Well, I am going home tonight to work on a fall/pumpkin-y table runner for a silent auction…and by work on I mean start:) In all fairness I have made a pile of orange fabrics! I have a few ideas and I am hoping they come out as planned…trying to make my pumpkins sassy!

I also got my FQ bundle of Acacia from I don’t do dishes! Ah, so lovely…but I must wait. I need to finish quilting my chevron first! Here are some pics.


Isn’t that raccoon adorable!


Love the more geometric prints.


Is this raccoon making you feel uncomfortable???


And believe it or not I just realized with my bonus points on my credit card I can spend them for double the amount if I shop on Amazon! No problem. I snagged this Basics set of Aurifil thread. I won a spool in a contest a while back and really loved it, so I am a new convert and need to bulk up my thread stash:)


These spools are not cheap but I have to say they last a long time, a lot more on there!

Oh, and before I go…here is a new fabric shop I came across over on Happy Quilting’s blog:

10% off with the code: GOBLISS. Give ’em a try! The prices look very reasonable:)

Feel free to visit on FB here, and give them a like!

Keep it Sassy


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