Beginner Quilting Series- So You Wanna Make A Quilt…


A beginner quilting series to help your inner quilter get started!

Posts in this series:

Jan. 8th, Part 1- Quilting Tools- what do I really need?


Jan. 15th, Part 2- Fabric- what do I need to know and how do I choose?


Jan. 22nd, Part 3- Quilt Patterns- how do I read this thing?

Understanding Quilt Patterns

Jan. 29th, Part 4- Cutting- how do I cut accurately and safely?


Feb. 5th, Part 5- Piecing- how do I know if I am doing this right and what do I do when something goes wrong?


Feb. 12th, Part 6- Basting- why am I basting a quilt anyway?

Basting Your Quilt

Feb. 19th, Part 7- Quilting- am I going to ruin my quilt?


Feb. 26th, Part 8- Binding- why is this so tricky?

Binding your quilt

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