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Stash Statement Blog Tour


Welcome all you Sassy quilters! Today is the final stop on the Stash Statement Blog Tour.

I was so excited when Kelly@My Quilt Infatuation asked me to participate! This is Kelly Young’s new book called Stash Statement. It is all about improv… and to be honest improv is not something I have done a lot of, but I have a ton of scraps and was ready to try her technique.

I created a quilt from Kelly’s Bonus Pattern called Take Flight.

I decided to make a mini version of this quilt and reversed the improv areas with the solid wings.

Mine finishes at 26 x 28.

I just loved how bright and colorful the improv turned out. It was very easy and free spirited. Playing with all your old scraps reminds you of the quilts you’ve made…and that makes me smile!


I quilted it with an all over stipple… used a light gray on the background areas and a darker gray on the wings. I really wanted you to focus on the piecing and color more that the quilting.

And…. never forget your label!


This is the original version by  Kelly@My Quilt Infatuation.

The original pattern finishes at 55 x 60.

So if you have been dying to give improv a try…this is the book for you. She has an easy approach to making some fun and beautiful quilts!

You can find her book HERE!

If you missed any of the previous stops on the blog tour you can find them in the list below:

Stash Statement Blog Tour Schedule

4/16- Grand Bazaar    Shelley @ Cora’s Quilts

                                      Connie @ Freemotion by the River

4/23- Louvered  Lindsey @ Primrose Cottage Quilts

                            Diann @ Little Penguin Quilts

4/30- Precarious  Jess @ Quilty Habit

                              Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts

5/7- Beach Retreat  Sarah @ Sarah Goer Quilts

                                  Liz @ Savor Every Stitch

5/14- Fire Pit   Alison @ Little Bunny Quilts

                         Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts

5/21- Detour    Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts 

                         Shelley @ The Carpenter’s Daughter Who Quilts

5/28- Murrina    Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

                            Leanne @ Devoted Quilter

6/4- Scattered    Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal

                           Christine @ Triangles and Squares

6/11- Bloom Chicka Boom   Chris @ made by ChrissieD

                                               Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty

6/18- Regatta   Susan @ Quilt Fabrication

                          Debbie @ A Quilter’s Table

                          Christa @ Christa Quilt

6/25- Catch a Falling Star  Cynthia @ Quilting is More Fun Than Housework

                                              Anja @ Anja Quilts

7/2- College Prep   Hilary @ by Hilary Jordan

                                Lori @ Crossquilt

7/9- Take Flight (free bonus pattern)  Kelli @ Seriously, I Think It Needs Stitches

                                                             Paula @ The Sassy Quilter(You are Here!)




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Bella Skill Builder…Block2

Today is Block 2  in the Bella Skill Builder quilt along hosted by Fat Quarter Shop!

Bella Skill Builder

Don’t forget its not too late to get your supplies to join in! Below are the links to get you there.

Fat Quarter Shop has a Quilt Kit, Backing Set, and a Thread Set for this quilt.

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Kit Exclusive Fat Quarter Shop Kit designed by Sherri McConnell

Backing Set for Bella Skill Builder Quilt Kit 5.5 yards of SKU# 9900-89
Bella Skill Builder Thread PackFat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Block 2

Orange Peel

I did a simple top stitch to secure these. A zig zag is also a good option. 

These were fun and super easy! 

Give it a try. 


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Quilt Backing… 

Quilt Backing…

Raise your hand if you hate basting a quilt? ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

The work of basting is hard enough, but getting the backing pieced and measured properly can be a pain too. My favorite thing to use is wide quilt backing fabric made just for this purpose…… soooooo much simpler! But here lies a problem….UGLY BACKING! 

Now I’m not saying all quilt backing is ugly… obviously, but most that I come across are pretty old school.

For example…..

108" Wide Quilt Backing Prairie Vine Tan Essentials 108" Wide Back Flannel Filigree Dark Blue

Climbing Vine 108" Wide Back Red  110" Wide Flannel Quilt Back Willow Royal

Vines, flowers…vines, flowers and blobs….

(no offense meant to the vine, flower and blob lovers)

 If your like me then you’re kinda tired of that and looking for something new, funky, fresh…SASSY!

So I set out on a search…

I went a little crazy on my shopping spree after my last basting/backing attempt… and I want to share with my quilty friends in case you are looking for something similar.

Here is some up close pics of goodies I found at Fabric.com

Kaufman Fractals 108″ Wide Geo Trellis Grey

Item # 0455271

Kaufman Fractals 108″ Wide Geo Grey

Item # 0455276

Michael Miller Whisper 108 In. Wide Miriam Mud

Item # 0397233


Kaufman Rhoda Ruth 108″ Wide Celestial Valentine

Item # 0455260

Kaufman Rhoda Ruth 108″ Wide Celestial Smoke

Item # 0455258

Michael Miller Luxe 108″ Wide Back Vine Maze Luna

Item # 0449197

Tula Pink Free Fall 108″ Wide Quilt Back Battle

Item # 0422988

My only surprise with my order was the scale of the Tula Pink Free Fall…. wayyyyy bigger, but still gorgous! You can see by the size of my hand compared to the dots. They are big folks.  

 I was thouroghly surprised by what I could find!

So folks….there is some cute wide backing fabric out there to be found!

You just have to look for it:)

No more excuses for me and all these unfinished top I have. The number is scary…

2017, Here I come.



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Note: I am in no way being compensated by Fabric.com.

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Modern Medley Mini-Quilt Challenge

Mini-Quilt Challenge

Modern Medley

If a quilt is alone in the forest….does it make a sound???

I can’t tell ya, but I’m thinking its possible because I know they have a story to tell for sure!

Happy New Year Quilt peeps!

I hope 2014 was a great year for you and 2015 holds lots of new and exciting things for your future….and of course lots of quilts.

Modern Medley

My local quilt guild recently had Mini-Quilt challenge where the only rules were to use our signature color and keep it 12″ square.

Have you ever tried to decide what your signature color is??? Not as easy as I thought…I love lots of bright and fun colors. I finally decided that the blue family was it for me, but wanted a little splash of pink….because that is very me too! I gathered all my random blue scraps and decided to let loose and just start sewing, pressing and cutting.

You may have noticed I haven’t shared a lot lately…..feeling a little uninspired and overwhelmed by life. I thought this project might be a way to let loose and see what happens. I really wanted to just let this project express what would naturally just come out of me. And that’s just what happened….kind of cool right! I feel a little crazy and blue, lost in the sea of what is happening right now, but I know that in the middle is still me….and it is a bright and happy me!

Modern Medley

I did the same thing with the quilting….just let it out till it told me I was done.

Now before you go thinking I have lost it, don’t worry…I am just fine. I just thought it was an interesting approach to see how a quilt can be more than just a planned project and this is not usually how I approach my quilting for sure!

Modern Medley

These quilts will also be in a quilt show here in February and I think they will make a fun exhibit.  We had to add a 4″ hanging sleeve on the back for the exhibit.

HERE is a tutorial if you ever need to know how to do that.

So tell me what is your signature color for 2015???

Think about it….


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Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt

Well, I finally have made some progress on my latest commissioned Memory Quilt!

I decided to attack this project with simplicity. I think most people that want a quilt made are thinking of a handmade patchwork feel and not a quilt masterpiece….especially if they don’t give you any direction at all in regard to the design…..or at least that’s what I am hoping:) It took me quite a while to decide on this and finally just started cutting! I feel like I have been just holding on to this bag of clothes for months….I don’t know about you guys, but this whole timeline thing is probably the one thing I actually do not love about making quilts for others. I always feel like I keep them waiting SO long! Oh well….that is my process I guess:) I have to really think about it and wait until it speaks to me.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Memory Quilt

In my previous post I talked to you guys about how I just spent some time looking over the clothes, analyzing the fabric and how much useable material I had to work with. These clothes really struck me as so personal and I could feel all the love inside them…..I think that made them harder to cut up!

My next step was to pull a few fabrics that I thought coordinated with the general feel of all the clothes. The person who I am making it for told me her favorite was a country blue. I picked a couple different shades and added a similar style yellow for some extra pop!

Memory Quilt

I pressed all the shirts, cut out all the large flat areas, and then subcut them into 4.5″ x 8″ rectangles. I laid them out on my design wall with staggered rows so that the seams would alternate. After sewing everything together I trimmed the edges so they were square.


I hope they are going to like this quilt!

Memory Quilt

Ahhh……a little summer breeze:) Not great for picture taking, but beautiful none the less!

Now…..should I add a border??? Hmmmm…..what do you think? I have plenty of the blues and yellow left over.

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Last Chance Winner!


The winner of the Last Chance Link-up for the Triangle QAL is……

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs!

Congrats Sarah! Here is her beautiful little doll quilt.

You can check out her blog HERE for a tutorial and to download a free Forest Friends template to applique on a quilt of your own!

Sarah gets a $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop, a pattern from Swirly Girls Design and a thread sampler from Aurifil.

Oh how I wish I could give all you guys a prize! Everyone worked so hard and really pushed to get these quilts finished up. Each and every one is gorgeous…I swear! I’m not just saying that:) I love how creative everyone was and the colors and layouts were all so inspiring. Well done!

Thanks for quilting along!

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Memory Quilts


Memory Quilts

I am working on another memory quilt for a special someone at my church. Her daughter approached me and asked if I could do this project AND keep it a secret.  She handed over a grocery bag full of clothes and to be honest I was a little nervous to peek inside. You never know what you are gonna get!


I was pleasantly surprised! Lots of cotton shirts and after inspecting a little closer I realized they were all handmade. Lots of really unique prints and well made at that(umm, look at these cute hot air balloons!). Wonder how she decided what pattern she would sew? or did she just make up her own?


The details like these handmade button holes give you a look back at the history of sewing and clothes making and a glance into this persons life.


This one has been mended a few times and buttons replaced. It made me think back to a different time when we made due what we had and actually fixed things when they were broken. Things were handmade and appreciated more because of that.  This is one reason I love quilts so much! We take pieces of ourselves and put them into our quilts and give them to others….so personal, our way of showing others that they matter! We might not admit it out loud, but we secretly want our quilts to be loved and appreciated so we too can feel like we matter.  I hope to put all of the memories of the woman who made these shirts into this quilt and show how much she mattered. You can buy a quilt for just $20-$30, but you only are given one if someone loves you!

Quilts matter:)

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Aviatrix Medallion- Center Complete


Aviatrix Medallion

I was so excited this weekend to have some vacation time so I could finish the cutting for my Aviatrix Medallion Quilt! It is a pretty busy pattern so there is plenty of cutting to do and I usually like to do all the cutting first. Then I feel like I’m ready to roll!

Do you do all your cutting first or cut as you go?


I love using these Sterlite containers for keeping my active projects together and they are easy to grab and go if I want to work on it at a friends house or at my guild. You can find these at Dollar General Stores.


They have nice locking handles and stack well….no sliding around. Yeah, I have probably have too many of these!


Look at the back of this thing…..so many seams! The pattern recommended pressing open and it definitely helped to keep everything laying flat. I have never sewn diamonds together before. Let me say pinning was a MUST! The diamonds are small and stretchy from bias edges. Pinning and some starching really made the difference.

My Aviatrix Medallion is part of a quilt along and pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Here is her beautiful quilt.

aviatrix medallion quilt

Aviatrix Medallion Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

See, I told you it was lots of cutting:) I tried to mix it up a bit by switching up my background fabrics. Hope this comes out how I imagined it:) If you want to see lots of different versions coming together, check out #aviatrixmedallion on Instagram.

Now on to Border 1!

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Sassy Update…BOM’s, Scrappy Trips and QuiltCon!

Sassy Update

Well I have been super busy lately…I guess summer is just that way! So what have I been up to???

My Sassy Quilters Guild is doing the Craftsy 2012 BOM. It is a free class you can find HERE if you are interested. I am love, love loving these blocks!!! Probably my most favorite BOM yet. The blocks are not super hard and are fun and modern interpretations of traditional blocks.

Craftsy 2012 BOM May

May was the wonky Log Cabin variations. The fabrics I am using for the entire quilt are Carnaby Street by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery. Love these!

Craftsy 2012 BOM June


June was the Octagon and Greek Cross blocks……I would love to do an entire quilt of these greek crosses!

Scrappy Trip QAL

I signed up to do Julie@627handworks, Scrappy Trip Quilt Along. These are such fun blocks and I am loving the ones I have received so far….seriously, gorgeous! They are from all over the world…and that is just too cool! They are on Round 5 and this is my first round, but I hope to keep collecting enough of these to do an entire quilt. Make sure you head over and follow Julie so you don’t miss the next round if you are interested. It will be in the Fall.

Scrappy Trip QAL

So here are some of my strip sets I have laid out…. The people in my hive have told me some colors they like so I’m picking fabrics with some general guidelines.

I hope they like them! Anybody else feel the pressure when they are sewing for other quilters?

Scrappy Trip QAL

This block is all teal and orange, yummy!

Scrappy Trip QAL

Better get to it! These have to be shipped by July 15th!

Last, but not least….QuiltCon. Oh yes, I am all signed up and so excited I can barely stand it:) I am going to be taking a class on Ombre fabrics with Vanessa Christenson. The rest will be lectures and the quilt show……..and of course SHOPPING! Looking forward to meeting some bloggy friends and checking out Austin, Texas.

  Quilt Con Schedule

Tomorrow is the last day for my Crackerjack GIVEAWAY! So click HERE to enter a 10 FQ bundle and a Crackerjack pattern. I am giving a second one away on Instagram so hop over there for a chance at another.


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Crackerjack Quilt and Giveaway!



Pattern by Swirly Girls Design

This Crackerjack quilt was such a fun and quick quilt to make! It is one of the Swirly Girls Design-Dashing Bobbin Series patterns.

These are made to be quick piece patterns and they don’t break the bank! Best part…..it only takes 10 Fat Quarters and some background fabric….love that.



I am so in love with this black pin dot I used for the background! I could use an entire bolt of this…..the only place I could find it was at a big box store**gasp**, so I am not sure what the name of it was.

The blocks are made from Daydream in Jewel by Swirly Girls Design for Michael Miller Fabrics.


I quilted this in an all over meander or stipple design using a 50wt. Aurifil 100%cotton in white. This actually blended a little too well! I could barely see where I had quilted ….BONUS>>> you can’t see if I made any mistakes, Lol:)

Here is the back…


I decided to use a different color within the blocks. I went with a teal 50wt. Aurifil 100% cotton. I thought the white was just too stark inside the block.


You can see the teal did not have too much contrast on the back so I was happy with it. It can get tricky finding threads that blend on both sides. I’m just now noticing the random thread on the loose…we all have those:)

Wondered how it would look if I did the whole quilt in this color???


I used my handy personal quilt labels that you can have made HERE. These are awesome and cheap!

Don’t ask me why I decided to use the teal thread on the binding, you always want to draw attention to your binding……right! Not.

I used THIS machine binding tutorial.




Because you guys are so awesome….I have an awesome GIVEAWAY for you today!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio    

Fort Worth Fabric Studio has created a lovely bundle for this quilt…

and Swirly Girls Design is throwing in a FREE pattern!


You can purchase this bundle HERE if you just can’t wait!

You can also get the pattern HERE over at FWFS.

If you buy this pattern now and win the giveaway, I can swap out a different one!

To enter the GIVEAWAY:

Leave a comment below telling me how you follow The Sassy Quilter, so that’s up to six chances! Do as many or as few as you like.

(giveaway open thru July 2nd and open internationally)

Thanks you guys for all your support and good luck!


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