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Winner- Millstone Giveaway and a QuiltingTip!

Our final winner of the Millstone Mondays giveaways is…

Cynthia Knapp!

She will be getting a charm pack and Aurifil 10-piece, thread set.


A big thanks to Millstone Quilts for sharing all the quilting goodies! and Aurifil for the thread love! Expect more giveaways here in 2014.

And before you go…a Sassy  Quilting Tip for you today:



For more accurate piecing, use a 1/4″ piecing foot! A lot of machines do not come with this foot and they are pretty inexpensive to add to your quilty tool box. Some have a metal “wall” on one side to keep you from going too far to the right and some just have the accurate 1/4″ width foot. Generic ones are available. You do need to know if your machine has a low shank, high shank or a slant shank. This is the bar where your feet attach. Your manual should let you know which one you have.

More accurate piecing makes your sewing much more enjoyable. Just remember if you are off by only 1/8 of an inch that adds up to an entire 1/2″ (4/8) off every four seams!!!

Here are a couple different links where you can purchase one.

Quarter Inch foot with bar.

Quarter inch foot without bar.

Just a side note, but if you are a magazine junkie like me….this is my latest find and it is one of my new favorites, Love Patchwork & Quilting! It isn’t super cheap, mainly because it comes from the UK, but has such a modern and fun take on quilting and the latest fabrics:) Each magazine comes with a small gift too. My first one had a set of heart shaped pins, that made it feel totally worth it!


patchwork pins

Later this week I will begin my beginner quilting series…So You Wanna Make A Quilt!


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Millstone Mondays – Week 4


~Week 4~

Just a few more days till the New Year begins and I just want to thank everyone who has visited The Sassy Quilter and made my year the best one yet!

I am enjoying some time off between the holidays to wrap up some projects before 2014. Here is whats on my design wall right now…


These were leftover HST’s from a chevron quilt(below) that I made earlier this year. You can see in the pic above I have several quilt tops hanging around my sewing room that seriously need to be quilted…2014 for those. I will be happy if I can at least finish up these quilt tops for now!


Here is another I finished up….my Virtual Quilting Bee quilt top! Finally got those borders on there.


To wrap up the year and the Millstone Mondays giveaway series we have a 50wt., 10 piece set from Aurifil and a charm pack from Millstone Quilts.

Congratualtions to QuiltinGram, last weeks winner!


Lario by 3 Sisters charm pack and Aurifil thread collection Autumn by Sheena Norquay.

How to enter:

Just leave a comment…..tell me something quilty you would like to accomplish in the New Year!

Mine….a serious fabric diet!!! I want to really use up some of this fabric before buying new(yeah, yeah…I know we have all said this one, but I mean it!, for real:) )

Feel free to share this post on Facebook or if you have your own blog using the Millstone Mondays button on the right sidebar. Spread the quilty love!

Contest ends Sunday@12pm and is open internationally.

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You can find and follow TheSassyQuilter here on Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, or by email(form on right sidebar)!


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Handmade Happiness!


 Whew, it has been too long!  My wonderful(not so sassy) quilt weekend turned into being sick and laying on the couch the whole entire time:( But…I am feeling better now and glad to be back. I was able to get a couple things done, made a few HST’s and finally hung up this super cute print for my sewing room. I won a couple of these in July and am just now getting them up! I think happiness really is homemade, you have to create it yourself and not just wait for it to happen to you.


Cutest fabric ever!


I have had my eye on this adorable print and finally took the plunge.

It is Kokka French Bulldog in mint, a Japanese import Oxford Cotton. Kinda pricey…8.00 for a half yard.

And I won one of the 160 giveaways I entered in the Giving Thanks Blog Hop at Quilting Gallery:)

IMG_4147 IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4152 IMG_4154

The cutest FQ prints from Sharon at Fabrics and Flowers. Thanks Sharon!

They are from the Handle with Care by Suzy Ultman. Look at this amazing quilt she is working on! I am in love with these borders.fabricsandflowers.blogspot.com

This really inspires me to not be so lazy when doing my borders:)

Christmas fun coming Soon!


Millstone Quilts, one of my local quilt shops, was generous to donate some charm packs to The Sassy Quilter to share!

So for the rest of December I am hosting a giveaway each Monday. I also have some yummy Aurifil goodness to share! So be sure to check in each Monday to win a little of both.

I will make these giveaways super easy to enter….no hoops:) These treats will definitely bring some holiday cheer!

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