My Quilt Story…

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My Quilt Story

It begins with my beloved grandmother, the original “Sassy”. This was her nickname as she grew up and began her own quilt story. Around the age of 60, she decided she needed a hobby, one that “wouldn’t let people forget about her when she was gone”.  And from there quilts made their way into my life.  At the age of 16, my grandmother and I started my first quilt.  I had basic sewing skills, but knew nothing about quilting.  I picked out the Monkey Wrench or Virginia Reel pattern.  I loved digging through her back room, packed full of fabric and scraps, as she guided me through the design process.  She taught me about light and dark values and contrasting colors to make the pattern come alive.  I plugged my way through piecing the squares and triangles together.  When complete, we sandwiched my project together. I started the quilting on my own and after a couple of squares were quilted…packed away the project, abandoning it for other crafty adventures.  Always treasuring grandma’s priceless quilts, I just couldn’t seem to finish mine!  At the age of 29, the big 3-0 approaching, I decided on a list of things to be done.  Finishing Me and Grandma’s quilt was at the top of the list!  “Sassy” was now 83 and quilting strong, once finishing 17 quilts in a year for all her grandchildren.  Joyful at my new found interest she gladly taught me how to properly hand quilt, my previous stitchery had NO knots buried in the fabric and about 3 stitches per inch.  This time it wasn’t just a project or crafty thing to do. It was a real quilt, a connection with my grandmother. I could feel the love she had for quilting, the heart and creativity she put into making them, and the joy she felt in sharing that with me.  I knew I needed to absorb all the time and knowledge she had to give me.   And, for the next 3 years we quilted together, sharing stories, tears, laughter, sadness and a good bit of me just whining!  She often told me that if she stopped quilting she would probably just die,  so she kept quilting until the very end.  After her passing, me and a cousin co-founded a quilting guild, known as the Sassy Quilters Guild, to share this love and heritage with other granddaughters and friends who wanted to learn.  Some never having threaded a needle!  My love of quilting and sharing it with newbies is my passion.  I love to see the happiness that comes from creating quilts, the heritage shared, the warmth for loved ones and the artful beauty of color, fabric and thread.  My goal is to share my journey as a quilter with others, both old and new to quilting, so that we can learn from each other. Let’s spread some quilting love! So come on… be a sassy quilter with me !

Virginia Reel or Monkey Wrench pattern.

   Virginia Reel or Monkey Wrench pattern.

Look at all those corners, Wonky to the max!

Look at all those corners, Wonky to the max!

I tied those knots right on the back, had no idea what I was doing.LOL.

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  1. What a great story! i love teaching people too. If i was a betting person i would bet you will be teaching your grandaughters!

  2. What a wonderful passion your grandma instilled in you… and her legacy she left behind, Priceless!!
    Love your story, thank you for sharing.

  3. Love all the quilts! Love your story and wished I had paid more attention and was older when my grandmother quilted with her church ladies. Hopefully I can understand your lessons here …I did put a quilt together that my aunt wanted me to do with all the cloth calendars she got from her for Christmas presents every year. It wore me out ….but I enjoyed it and was proud of it! When I finally finished! Do you have a big table to lay your quilt out. I had to use the floor and basting it togeather was the hardest part especially having carpet!
    Glad I found you thanks for sharing, your Very informative!

    • sassyquilter says:

      Thanks! And you are welcome. Hope these posts help you out. I use my floor or my design wall. Under tutorials I have an easy way to make one. So helpful for me. … and basting is the worst part!! Haha. But we gotta do it. Would love to see a pic of your quilt if you have one…


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