Quilting Projects – Progress

~Quilting Progress~


Quilting progress on my quilting projects…

I managed to get all 16 of my Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks in their setting triangles, which is basically a square-in-a-square layout.

Virtual Quilting Bee

**Note** Directions were given to cut 6 1/2″ squares, but then changed to 7″! I had already cut mine, which is okay, but the larger block gives you room to square up if everything wasn’t perfect….like that ever happens;)


The tricky thing about these blocks is that when I was making them I really wasn’t thinking about this layout! The first pic is how it will be in the quilt. The second is how I envisioned it. Some blocks are pretty similar, but some look very different.


“On Point” may be a new quilt word for a beginner. It just means that the block appears to stand on its point or corner, rather than the flat base of the square.

The Square-in-a-square setting puts the block on point…but, lets you sew them together like regular quilt blocks. Without the setting triangles, you would have to sew your quilt top together in diagonal rows. It can definitely give a quilt an entire different look.

Little Miss Shabby has some great pics of how this layout can change a quilt here.

My Memory Quilt that I am working on is also pretty much DONE! I am counting it as a finish because I just have to quilt a little more in the border and that’s it:)


I will get some better pics and share the details on this one.  I had hoped to wrap up my Piper quilt top, but alas my Sunday nap got in the way! All together a successful weekend.

Before I forget…

Nov. 21st I will be participating in Quilting Gallery‘s,  Giving Thanks Blog Hop Party!

There will be lots of giveaways so be sure to put this one on your calendar.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

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  1. Your blocks for the virtual bee are looking really prettty. Will look forward to seeimg the “on point” quilt you make. Are you thinking of a white background?

  2. Your bee blocks are sew cute! Looking forward to seeing the top put together. Great finish on the memory quilt! Those can be a lot of work!

  3. Gorgeous block :). Looking forward to seeing pics of the finished quilt :).

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about the memory quilt. Someone asked me about doing one of those but I’m not sure I’m ready to work with that many variables yet.

  5. swa-wing! Nice work Paula!

  6. I absolutely love the HGL fabrics that you have put together for these blocks. They are so pretty!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. Paula, congrats on such a productive weekend – – and I never judge someone for taking a Sunday nap :-) They definitely rank right up there with quilting as best Sunday activities.

  8. Great job, I love them all.

  9. The VQB blocks look fantastic! I wish I made them all…

  10. i love your memory quilt!! what a great keepsake

  11. Your blocks are just beautiful and love your layout.Happy sewing!!

  12. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Very productive weekends always feel great! Love the way your memory quilt turned out. I need to get back to mine. Keep putting it off to make birthday gifts for the kids and of course the Halloween items for the grandkids. ;) I just hate working with the stretchy fabric.

  13. Your home’s going to be tidy in no time at this rate!!! Really looking forward to seeing the virtual quilting bee one finished up – yours is going to look so fab :) Happy stitching this weekend!


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