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Quilting Thread

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Quilting Thread – My latest discovery!

Not all that long ago I won a spool of Aurifil thread(50wt. cotton), and believe it or not, I had never tried this brand before! I had definitely heard of so many quilters using it, but was already using the more expensive brand at Joann’s and to spend a little more seemed too much. But…..I have to say they have definitely won me over! What I used before was better that the cheap stuff, which broke often and filled my machine with lint, but I have to say I am loving Aurifil!

Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

  • Most shops sell the larger spool for around $9-$10, so it seems like a lot more, but there is 1422 yards on there and mine seemed to last forever! Especially the 50wt., it’s finer thread and P.S. makes your bobbin last a lot longer. I love this for my piecing and quilting. For your quilting this means less bold stitches (blends well), which is good for the beginner who may not want all of their stitches to stand out.
  • I could definitely notice the sheen and color of the thread was richer and brighter than what I was using. Even in just a basic grey, smooth and beautiful stitches.
  • I love that they sell collections of threads that match the designers fabric collections! I know, I know… you are thinking, that is a lot of thread for one designers line of fabric! But don’t forget a lot of designers(MODA) are locked into a color way, so this will go with most all their lines.

Since I am a new Aurifil convert I bought a Mark Lipinski Basics Collection to get me started, this has all your white, black, grey and biege neutrals.


I am drooling over the Simplify collection by Camille Roskelley!

You can find this one over at Cotton Bliss! Small kit, $33.80 and the large kit, $80.00 and that’s 12 spools!

And if you subscribe to her newsletter you will get a follow up coupon:)

Oooh, I just need to touch it! I think my fabric addiction is spreading to thread, yikes!

You can find 3 Things every Quilter should know about Thread here.

I know there are other good ones out there too folks, just sharing my latest quilty experiences her. In case you were wondering no one paid me to say any of this either, but I can be bribed with thread….just kidding….but not really;) I hope someone new will give it a try and let me know what you think!

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What’s going on…

Stamped Thank You_lo

First of all let me say Thank You so much to everyone who helped me out and voted for my quilt over at 13 Spools in the Prism linky contest!!!

I won, yay! So excited. I really do love that quilt. I guess it was my first all solids quilt and my first paper pieced quilt, so it was a big milestone for me. I received a 75.00 gift certificate to FatQuarter Shop….hmmm. What to get??? I was just perusing and am liking these:

  https://i0.wp.com/www.fatquartershop.com/store/stores_app/images/images_499/LittleThings-Bundle-450.jpg?resize=203%2C203Stephanie Alvarez's Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

What do you think?

Got any awesome quilt plans for the weekend?

Well, I am going home tonight to work on a fall/pumpkin-y table runner for a silent auction…and by work on I mean start:) In all fairness I have made a pile of orange fabrics! I have a few ideas and I am hoping they come out as planned…trying to make my pumpkins sassy!

I also got my FQ bundle of Acacia from I don’t do dishes! Ah, so lovely…but I must wait. I need to finish quilting my chevron first! Here are some pics.


Isn’t that raccoon adorable!


Love the more geometric prints.


Is this raccoon making you feel uncomfortable???


And believe it or not I just realized with my bonus points on my credit card I can spend them for double the amount if I shop on Amazon! No problem. I snagged this Basics set of Aurifil thread. I won a spool in a contest a while back and really loved it, so I am a new convert and need to bulk up my thread stash:)


These spools are not cheap but I have to say they last a long time, a lot more on there!

Oh, and before I go…here is a new fabric shop I came across over on Happy Quilting’s blog:

10% off with the code: GOBLISS. Give ’em a try! The prices look very reasonable:)

Feel free to visit on FB here, and give them a like!

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