Winner- Millstone Giveaway and a QuiltingTip!

Our final winner of the Millstone Mondays giveaways is…

Cynthia Knapp!

She will be getting a charm pack and Aurifil 10-piece, thread set.


A big thanks to Millstone Quilts for sharing all the quilting goodies! and Aurifil for the thread love! Expect more giveaways here in 2014.

And before you go…a Sassy  Quilting Tip for you today:



For more accurate piecing, use a 1/4″ piecing foot! A lot of machines do not come with this foot and they are pretty inexpensive to add to your quilty tool box. Some have a metal “wall” on one side to keep you from going too far to the right and some just have the accurate 1/4″ width foot. Generic ones are available. You do need to know if your machine has a low shank, high shank or a slant shank. This is the bar where your feet attach. Your manual should let you know which one you have.

More accurate piecing makes your sewing much more enjoyable. Just remember if you are off by only 1/8 of an inch that adds up to an entire 1/2″ (4/8) off every four seams!!!

Here are a couple different links where you can purchase one.

Quarter Inch foot with bar.

Quarter inch foot without bar.

Just a side note, but if you are a magazine junkie like me….this is my latest find and it is one of my new favorites, Love Patchwork & Quilting! It isn’t super cheap, mainly because it comes from the UK, but has such a modern and fun take on quilting and the latest fabrics:) Each magazine comes with a small gift too. My first one had a set of heart shaped pins, that made it feel totally worth it!


patchwork pins

Later this week I will begin my beginner quilting series…So You Wanna Make A Quilt!


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  1. Oh so close…Congrats to the Other Cynthia!

    Look forward to your new series Paula!

  2. Just caught up on your posts – you had a busy year! Looking forward to see your accomplishments in 2014.

  3. I have a 1/4 foot with side bar, it is really helpful on my travel machine. I would agree with your recommendation. :)

  4. I love my 1/4 foot, having that wall makes things so much easier! That being said, mine doesn’t sew a true 1/4 inch, so make sure to test it! (i learned the hard way after making a whole whack of my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks and finding out that they were all the wrong size finished…doh!)
    When i need to sew a perfect 1/4 inch i always revert back to the stack of washi tape to mark a true 1/4 inch. But most of the time my 1/4 inch foot doesn’t leave my machine :)

  5. Great tip! I own about three 1/4 inch feet in case I lose one. Lol. Love that magazine too. I read it on my kindle but maybe I should start buying it so I get a free gift!

  6. I definitely agree that a 1/4 foot is worth the investment. it. I use the kind without the sidebar mostly, but I just got the one with the sidebar for Christmas,and I think it’s the one I’ll let my quilting student use since she’s not experienced with a sewing machine.

  7. My Baby Lock Symphony came with the 1/4 inch foot with the side bar and at first I loved it but not so much anymore. A few things I’ve learned: You can only use it when you are sewing along the edge of your material. For example, if you’re sewing charm squares into half square triangles, you can’t sew corner to corner with this foot. Also, if you are use a particular fabric that frays easily, the bar tends to catch the open threads and pulls them along fraying them even faster. Something to keep in mind for those who are considering purchasing a 1/4 inch foot.

    • sassyquilter says:

      I have encountered it catching on stray threads, but usually see it when happens and just lift to get over any stops and starts. I think it is useful for beginners to really get a feel for the right measurement. Eventually you can just tell by eye. If I had to pick I would probably get the one without the bar.

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