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Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along

Well, it has been super busy over here guys and I am sorry I dropped off the map for a bit. Unfortunately I had a death in the family this past weekend and just as I was getting ready to post this…..earthquake last night!!! Crazy and needless to say my internet crashed. Now, that is a regular occurrence out in the sticks where I live:) but I am going to blame it on the earthquake since the epicenter was about 10 miles from me. This was my third earthquake and I will be happy to never experience another. No damage or anything, but…..freaks me out for like a month! Every time the heat pump cuts on I think its an aftershock:)

Well, I did it….

aviatrix medallion quilt

Aviatrix Medallion Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

I signed up to participate in the Aviatrix Medallion Quilt Along! Some of my friends from my local MQG lured me in on this one. I just couldn’t resist. You d0 as many borders as you like and if you do them all you have a queen size quilt. I am a little nervous about the center medallion….diamonds! Click on the link or pic to jump over to Oh, Frannson! if you want to join in. You do have to buy the pattern.

Here are my yummy fabrics! I am using the larger pieces for my backgrounds.

aviatrix medallion quilt along fabrics

What else have a been up to?

I am an official MQG member! Yay.


My guild also is doing a block of the month where you use several modern elements to re-create a traditional block. I haven’t ventured to far out of the box yet, but I do love these fabrics. They are Twenty Three by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.

sawtoothstar_rmqg flyinggeese_rmqg greekcross_rmqg



I won an awesome ruler at our recent meeting! This is why you have to join a guild guys…too much fun:)

Don’t think for a minute I forgot about my lucky Bear Creek Quilting Company giveaway winner!

Debbie @ fluffypuppyscarfs.com

I have already notified her, but thanks to everyone who put their name in the hat.

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Triangle Extravaganza!


Triangle Extravaganza!

Today is the Big Day, the Grand Finale for the Triangle Quilt Along. First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in my quilt along! You guys made it so fun and exciting each and every week. When I first started this I was hoping I could find ten people to quilt along with me and ended up having over 115 people sign up!!! Crazy. Even today we have 79 finishes!!! I think that is amazing. Seriously, you guys really put the pedal to the floor and got these quilts done:)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

So what if you didn’t finish???

Well, you were not in the prize drawing for today, but……keep at it. I am going to have a special link up for those of you who needed a little more time in a month or so and maybe even have a fun giveaway:) So please keep sharing your progress in the Flickr group or  by comments or email and I will keep you posted. Also, I promise next time I tackle a quilt along I will give a little more time:)

Alright already….get to the Grand Prize Winners!

The winner of the $75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop is….

Celine @ Espiritpatch


And the winner of the $50 gift certificate to Cotton Bliss is…

Conni @ My Creative Side


Now, here are all the rest of all the beautiful triangle quilts!

Click on each one to see a close up.

[print_gllr id=4269]

Seriously! My mind was blown by all of you guys creativity with fabric selection, layouts and quilting designs!!! I ran out of words to express how cool I thought each one was. I hope everyone enjoyed this journey and learned a little about triangles without wanting to throw your triangle ruler in the trash:) I honestly thought everyone did a great job and am glad I randomly drew for the winners….no way I could have picked one!

You might be wondering where mine is…..Well, it still has to be bound! Yikes. Get it together Paula!!!   I will just have to share that another day:)

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Sugar Block Catch up!


I spent this weekend catching up on some of my Sugar Blocks!

2014 Sugar Block Club

The one above is the Febuary block called Explore. This one really got on my nerves! If I had enough fabric I would probably redo it. You may be able to see some distortion…I was trying to press it into submission:) Well, the block won. It should finish at 12.5″, but it is 12″. I am going to just make do and leave it. I suspect that do to a lot of seams that I slowly ate up a little seam allowance here and there and it caught up to me. If I have to I can border it and then square it up to the proper size.

MercySugarblockThis block is called Mercy.

This one I thought would be harder, but it wasn’t! I think I could have used more contrast in the star points….more red. As I grow as a quilter I am trying not to over analyze everything and just keep moving forward. Less ripping, more stitching. So this one will stay as it is too!

Now to finishing April’s block and I will be back on track.


For all you guys doing the Triangle Quilt Along….

If you opted not to trim the zig zag edges of your quilt, Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts shared a great tutorial on how to bind those and work inside those tricky corners! This is a great tutorial even if you are not using it for this quilt, so check it out and say hello from The Sassy Quilter!

Binding inside corners tutorial at SewFresh Quilts

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Triangle QAL- Cutting Triangles


Week 2

Cutting Your Triangles

Can I just say…Wow! I am overwhelmed at all the wonderful fabric selections you guys have picked out for the Triangle Quilt Along!!! Over 100 beautiful quilts in the making, I ♥ it! All of you beginners at linking up did a great job of linking up their fabrics. If you had any trouble at all please feel free to contact me and we will get you in for this week.

If you haven’t yet, join the Flickr group HERE or follow the Triangle Quilt Along on Instagram and Facebook with #triangleqal.

Congratulations to Paul Burgea and his green fabrics! He is the winner of the $25 gift certificate at Cotton Bliss from last week link up.

So are you ready to get to cutting triangles?

First things first…make sure you have heavily starched your fabrics. I did two rounds with Best Press on all my fabrics before I started cutting. Not everyone loves to starch, but you may want to give it a try for this one.  This makes them nice and stiff and keeps them from getting stretchy on you. Because triangles have a lot of bias it is also a good idea to lightly handle these and store them nice and flat! You will not regret it.


Sunnyside Triangles

This weeks assignment is to get all of your triangles cut out. We are going to focus on two ways to get these equilateral triangles cut.

•using the 60 degree lines on your ruler

•using a specialty 60 degree ruler- ex. Creative Grids Equilateral Triangle Ruler


What you need to cut:

If you are making your triangle quilt like mine you will need a total of 204 triangles…I know that sounds like a lot, but it will go quick I promise. That means 16 triangles from each of the 13 different prints you selected. You will have a few extra triangles.

If you are using different amounts of fabrics or fat quarters, just make sure you end up with 204 and you will be fine.

How to cut:

From each of your 13 fabrics, cut two 6″ x WOF strips.

Subcut each of the two individual strips into 8 triangles, for a total of 16.

Using Fat Quarters??? You will need at least eight from each of your 26 FQ’s. If your FQ’s are the proper 18″ wide you can get 12 from each and you will only need 17 FQ’s, but as we know sometimes after we squared up the edges it may be a bit too small. You will definitely be able to get the 8 from each one. Remember, as long as you have the 204 total you are good.


In order for this post not to be incredibly long I have made some separate links for each method of cutting! Just click on which one you will be using to see step by step pics or feel free to check out both:)

60 degree lines on your ruler method HERE

Specialty 60 degree equilateral triangle ruler method HERE


If you happened to buy the Marti Michell 60 degree ruler, (it was the one on sale at Joann’s), I have discovered that this ruler uses the length of the sides to determine the finished size of the triangle….this is different from all others I have used! Ususally it is by the height of the triangle. No worries, it is actually suppose to be more precise. You will follow the instructions for the Specialty 60 degree ruler HERE and I will go over using this ruler.

This weeks prize is a  $25.00  gift certificate to Fort Worth Fabric Studios! and a Swirly Girls Design Pattern!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio     

I will posting next Friday to show you how to pieces these triangles together…so you are gonna have to wait for those tips and tricks!

So get to cutting! and come back to link up you pics before Thursday April 3rd at midnight, EST.

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Online Quilting Class

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Friday Finish- Tangerine Style!


Tangerine Tango, 50″ x 62″

Two finishes to share on this fabulous Friday:) Tangerine Tango…


Tangerine Squared…


Tangerine Squared, 37″ x 48″

Both of these quilts are made completely of HST’s.  I started making these quilts using Kelly@My Quilt Infatuations tutorial HERE, but got side tracked and just made a bunch of HST’s and went for it! So I ended up with enough for two quilts, bonus:) Tangerine Tango is throw sized and Tangerine Squared is a smaller baby quilt.

Tangerine Tango is a scrappy chevron layout and I am not sure what the Tangerine Squared is….sunshine and shadow? or square in a square?

I tried to take some serene pics …. No, I did not glue this quilt to the fence:) It was so windy! and cold!


Tangerine sunset…


I used Aurifil thread in a teal and orange 50wt. cotton from the Camille Roskelley, Simplify collection. The colors in this collection just seem to match everything I can come up with! The quilting is all straight line designs using a walking foot on my machine.


The fabrics are from a bundle of Fandango by Kate Spain for Moda with a little Fig Tree thrown in there and Denyse Schmidt for the backings.


and the backs…


Sorry these are so wrinkly! Being folded in the car all day…bad idea. I took these on the way home from work:)

Yes, I probably look like a crazy quilt lady taking all these pics at various roadside stops! This was at a local wildlife area so no trespassing:)


the binding…


This fabric bundle had two different stripe prints so I used one on each quilt.


I really love stripes for binding!

I used this machine binding tutorial HERE.


Oh, and I finally got me some official labels for my quilts:) Now I have no excuses to not at least get these on there.

They are from ikaprint. You can find their shop on Etsy HERE.

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So You Wanna Make A Quilt…Part 8- Binding Your Quilt


Part 8- Binding

What is quilt binding anyway???

Well, just like the binding on a book holds the pages together…binding on a quilt holds the raw edges of the quilt together! Not to mention it also adds that final border and pizazz to your quilt:)

The binding or finished edge of a quilt often gets the most wear so it needs to be durable and stronger than the rest of your quilt to keep it from unraveling. You are probably asking your self, how do I get it on there? Don’t stress! I am going to give you some tips and lots of pics to make it super easy.

Binding your quilt

What you need to know to Bind Your Quilt?

There are a couple of things to decide before you actually get to it:) What type of binding do you want to use, what technique to apply it, how much you will need and how to finish it off.

Types of Binding: Bias or Grain

Bias Binding is cut on the diagonal(or bias grain), using the 45 degree line on your ruler.

Grain Binding is cut using either horizontal or vertical lines that follow the straight or crossgrain of your fabric.

Forget what in the world these things are? Remember this diagram:)


The benefits of bias binding is that is stretchy and is great for binding curves. The fabric is also a little stronger when cut like this and will wear less over time. That being said….I always use a straight grain binding unless working with curved edges and so far so good:)

Techniques for Binding: Machine or Hand

When binding your quilt you will attach the binding to one side and the attach it to the other to seal up your quilt. There are lots of techniques for this and you have to find the one that works for you!

Machine binding is done…you guessed it…with your sewing machine!

Hand binding is actually done using your machine on the front of your quilt, but finished off by hand on the back for a seamless look. This is considered the more traditional way to finish your quilt and takes a bit more time to do.

How much do I need?

Binding is typically cut in 2.5″ strips and then joined together to form one unit that will go all the way around your quilt. There is a simple formula to calculate exactly how many strips you will need!

binding formula

If you have a smart phone there is a great app by Robert Kaufman called The Quilter’s Little Helper for calculating all sorts of quilty things! And I love LilyStreetQuilts.com for their border, backing and binding calculator.

Border,binding,backing calculator

Okay, okay…How do I actually do it!!!

I have got two tutorials to help you out.

   make your own binding

and…  How to bind a quilt

I will show you how to make your binding first and then how to attach it to your quilt and finish it by machine! Just click on the tutorial links or pics to get there.

This is the end of our So You Wanna Make A Quilt…Beginner Quilting Series….I know, kind of sad right?  Good luck with all your quilty adventures and feel free to email or comment any questions you may have!

To find Parts 1 through 8…Click HERE!


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Quilt Blocks- January


January, Block 1 – wonky pound

When it came time for come up with a project for my quilt guild for 2014 I decided we should all do the Craftsy 2012 BOM taught by Amy Gibson. Amy’s blog is Stitchery Dickory Dock and she hosts the famous Sugar Block Club. The Craftsy BOM class is free and has great videos and written instructions! This way each member can come to the meeting with their fabric cut and ready to sew. I downloaded this class actually in 2012!!!, but just never had the time to get started. I like the way Amy Gibson teaches it and the quilt itself has been a favorite of mine. The quilt blocks in this sampler are just so fresh and fun!


January, Block 2 – asterisk

Some months, like January have 2 quilt blocks, but only because they use similar techniques.  I am using a bundle of Carnaby Street by Pat Bravo for my fabric selection for this quilt! Leah Day has a FMQ Craftsy class that I took where she teaches you how to quilt this sampler on your home machine…loved that class too!

Quilts on a fence...

My Quilts…

I updated the My Quilts tab this week….so if you haven’t checked it out before you can find it here!

So, if you are not a member(free) of the Craftsy website you should totally sign up and take advantage of all their free classes, you can buy fabric there too. For those of you who have taken classes there, I would love to hear which ones and how you rated them:)

Don’t forget the Kona Solids blog hop is still in progress, here is where you can go today!  My stop will be on Mon. Jan 13th so be sure to come back and see:)

January 10


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2000 and Sassy…


As we turn the page I realize that 2013 has been amazing and definitely Sassy!

On April 1st, I dove head-first into blogland and published my first post here at The Sassy Quilter. I began by paying homage to my Grandmother and teacher(her nickname was “Sassy”, the original) and my very first quilt that I finished with her six years ago. You can read all about it here in My Quilt Story.

Every day since has been packed full of quilty goodness and I am loving every minute of it! My quilty universe is ever expanding with new things to learn, quilts to make, friends to meet, fabric to buy(of course) and the inspiration from my fellow bloggers is never ending.

Here is a 2013 Sassy review:

My top posts were…

My top 5 visitors were….

1 Susan  @ The Bored Zombie

2 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

3 Jennifer Creech

4 Lorna McMahon @ SewFreshQuilts

5 Sarah @ Sarah Quilts

A special thanks to these guys for taking the time to visit and sharing your thoughts with me so often! I love getting to know all my sassy quilt friends and it means the world<3

To all my other subscribers, followers, comment leavers and just plain ol’ visitors…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! xo,xo

So what did The Sassy Quilter actually get done…

Wrote some free quilt patterns…


Baby Charm-Free Beginner pattern for a baby quilt.


Strawberry Jam-Free beginner quilt pattern.

Joined a few quilt alongs…


Prism Quilt-quilt along hosted by 13 Spools, pattern by Fresh Lemon Quilts.


Star Surround quilt-quilt along hosted by Happy Quilting, honorable mention at Va State Fair!


Virtual Quilting Bee quilt-quilt along hosted by Diary of a Quilter

Along the way I finished some quilts and quilty projects…


Sassy Sampler


Winter Seeds Table Topper-3rd place in the Va State Fair, pattern by The Crafty Quilter


Hexagon Pillow

Sunbonnet Sue

Sunbonnet Sue

Wrote a few quilting tutorials…


How to make Binding like a Pro…


How to bind a quilt…


Pumpkin Table Topper Tutorial


Design Wall Tutorial


Easy Ornament Tutorial

Memory Quilt

How to make a Memory Quilt

And last but not least, added a few unquilted tops to my pile…


Double Slice quilt-free pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Co.


Dresden Plate quilt


Chevron quilt

Design Wall for quilting

Triangle quilt


What a fun year! Here’s hoping 2014 is overflowing with lots and lots of quilts:)

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My Quilts…


My Quilts…

Well, I finally added a gallery of some of my own quilts!

Click on the link to Check it out!

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