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Churn Dash

Churn Dash Quilt Block

These Churndash blocks are one of my latest projects that I have started. I love this traditional pattern and it has been on my to do list for a long time!

The Churn Dash block is also known by several other names:

  • Monkey Wrench
  • Hens and Chickens
  • Lincoln’s Platform
  • Shoo Fly
  • Hole in the Barn Door
  • Fisherman’s Reel
  • Broken Plate
  • Love Knot
  • Ludlow’s Favorite
  • Quail’s Nest


My original plan was to make all the blocks the same, that seemed a little boring so I decided to do a reverse block and still keep it a two color quilt.

This is actually a very easy pattern, just some half square triangles and some strips.

I loved this fabric design! It is Add it Up by Cotton and Steel.

I pressed most of the seams to the side, but the two larger seams when finishing the block I pressed open just to reduce some of the bulk. This will help when you get to quilting this quilt. The needle doesn’t love super bulky seams.

CLICK HERE is a link to a FREE Churn Dash pattern.

Keep it Sassy Guys!


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Christmas Lights!

Christmas lights

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is a Christmas project I have been working on…. sort of last minute and will be finished for next Christmas!

I just fell in love with these Christmas light bulbs!

The pattern is by Burlap and Blossom Patterns. She specializes in pieced patterns… no paper piecing!!!

She has lots of cute Christmas blocks!!!

I used my trimmings to make these Sawtooth Stars. I will make those the center.

Then I will add a border… maybe Christmas trees or candy canes…. and then have a large border of these cute Christmas lights. I am sort of making it up as I go. The original pattern in just for the block.

So even though you don’t have time to finish… let Christmas inspire you for next year!

Have a wonderful Christmas Day you guys!

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Layer Cake Quilts- Origami Squares

I have a fabulous finish for you guys today!

This quilt is from a book dedicated to all things layer cake!

Image result for peta peace layer cake

A Piece of Cake

Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares

by Peta Peace

We all know we have at least 10 layer cakes piled up waiting for some inspiration….

pattern: “Origami Squares”

I just loved this pattern because it only required one layer cake.

Now… I made this layer cake myself because I wanted these specific colors.

I’m dying to try it again!


I used an all over stipple pattern for quilting and a zig zag stitch to finish off my binding.

And it wouldn’t be finished unless it has a label!

So I added my pre-made labels from ikaprint.com. Love these!

So if you have some layer cakes you wanna dive into… check out this book:

A Piece of Cake

Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares

by Peta Peace

Leave a comment telling me how many layer cakes you have stored up in your sewing room:)

(I have 20 something! Yikes)


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Quilty Vision Board

Do you have dreams of quilty goodness?

Visions of all the beautiful things you want to make?

Little mementos of quilty happiness?

Well its time for you to make yourself a Quilty Vision Board!


You might also call this an inspiration board…. a collection of all the things that inspire you, excite you and bring a quilty smile to your face.

I have wanted to make one of these for myself forever!!! I was gonna use a cork board… but it was kinda blah. I had some more interesting supplies just laying around and think i came up with a much cuter version.

Supplies Needed:
  • Foam insulation board, however large you wish your Quilty Vision Board to be! If you get a large piece you can also make yourself a movable Design Wall(tutorial for that HERE) and then use the leftovers for this project. That’s what I did.

You can find all different kinds of foam insulation board at your local hardware store.

I bought this at Home Depot for $12. It measures 4′ x 8′ x 1/2″.

It measures about 1/2″ thick. Any similar product that you can stick a pin into will work.

  • Frame… If you want yours to have a frame. You can do this project without it.

I got this one at a thrift store and spray painted it black.

  • Painters tape, wider is better.

I used 2″ painters tape.

  • Stapler, even a mini will do!

Image result for mini stapler

  • Fabric, any kind will do…but a home decor weight fabric is nice.

Home Essentials Print Fabric 45"-Lovely Lattice Raspberry

Home Essentials Print Fabric 45″-Lovely Lattice Raspberry

I used this lovely print found in Joanns Home Decor dept.


Measure the inside of your frame where your foam will set, then cut foam accordingly.

Cut your fabric so that you have an extra 5″ on all sides.  You need enough to fold to the backside.

Fold around all four sides and staple to the foam. Miter the corners to keep things looking smooth.

Use the painters tape to tape down the inner edges. This will keep it secure.

Make sure if your fabric is patterned that you keep things lined up straight when you are wrapping the fabric onto the foam board.

Set the foam into the back of the frame and secure in place with another round of painters tape.

Then flip over your masterpiece and hang in your sewing room!

I absolutely love mine!

My fabric matches my ironing board cover, so It really brings my sewing room together.

Now get to pining all your quilty inspiration! (I just used some cute sewing pins for mine)

I have some patterns up there, my fair ribbons, my quiltcon badges, cute quilty sayings… all kinds of fun stuff. I add to it all the time….can you tell I am short and can’t reach the top, lol!!!

Hope to see some of these you guys make, so please share!


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Planning for quilty success! 2017

Quilt Planning

We have all heard this quote…. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” by Winston Churchill or maybe this one by Benjamin Franklin…”By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”.

This month I’ve been doing a lot of planning for my new year! Focusing on what I need to get done and new challenges I want to embrace.

You may have seen some awesome quilty planners floating around on the the interwebs…..

like this one>>>

The Quilter's PlannerThe Quilter’s Planner by Stephanie Palmer

Can I just say this planner is AWESOME looking! ….. but alas, I am trying to not buy every little thing my quilty heart desires in 2017.  But if you can… get you one HERE

So here is what I came up with for myself…. a little journal I received as a gift! Added my own little quilty quote…. because “Quilty dreams do come true💜.”

Quilt Planning

I’m gonna walk you through my planning process and maybe it will help you too! 

Quilt Planning

•First task…. Assess what is happening! 

Quilt Planning

Woah Paula!!!!

FOURTEEN unquilted tops… gotta look those tops in the face, take some control! 

P.s…. don’t be ashamed of unfinished projects.

We are makers! And makers gonna make quilty peeps:)

Next stop on the unfinished train….

•Quilts or projects that are started but haven’t made it to the finished top phase. 

I call this the To Be Pieced section….

Ok…. so I have a few of these also, no biggie! 

Quilt Planning

A second part of this I call… my In Progress section.

These are quilts that are basted and in the mid-quilting phase.

Hey….. pat on the back! These are almost there.

Quilt Planning

• New Projects.

What do I want to do that is new and exciting in 2017…


You might be thinking….PAULA!

Are any new projects really necessary? 

I  say YES! 

Quilt Planning

We have to keep growing as quilters and letting our creative side have fun!

So I made a list of some projects I want to push myself to squeeze in.

Quilt Planning

Last….but not least….

•Add a page of Goals and Progress for each month! 

This lets me see what I’ve accomplished. It’s easy to get overwhelmed!!!

But we must remember…. Quilting is fun! It’s your world. Do what makes you happy 😊 

My goal is to finish something unfinished each month and enjoy something new! 

January is looking good so far…

•One finished Quilt!

•One finished top!

•And a start on a quilt I’ve dreamed of making as long as I can remember. 

My quilty heart is happy💜

I hope you guys give yourselves a break, BE SASSY and continue you to do what you love!



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Quilted Living…Party Streamers!!!


Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour

Today is my stop on Fat Quarter Shops Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour!

Each blogger got to pick thier favorite pattern in Gerri Robinson, of Planted Seeds Designs, latest book, and show it off.

The book is titled….

Quilted Living- casual style for a comfortable home.
My favorite pattern out of this book was Party Streamers….
Party Streamers
I loved how the name complimented this pattern! So cute.
Party Streamers
The one in the book is a scrappy version….super cute by the way…..
But I decided to mix it up a little and do some vertically running colors…this really reminded me of party streamers!
Party Streamers
Party Streamers
Such a fun pattern and east to put together!
Party StreamersWe have all seen this look….
when your quilt holder upper has had enough!
She was a trooper:)
Would you like to win a copy of this book???


Be sure and enter my giveaway and don’t forget to hop on over to The Jolly Jabber to enter to win one of their fabulous bundles!
How to ENTER the giveaway>>>>>>

Leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to follow Fat Quarter Shop for an entry!

You can Follow the Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog-The Jolly Jabber, Twitter, or subscribe to their You Tube Channel.


Here is where you can find all the other beautiful quilts on the Tour:

Monday 07/13/15
Fat Quarter Shop
Jennifer of Never Just Jennifer
Tuesday 07/14/15
Melissa of Happy Quilting
Wednesday 07/15/15
Chelsea of Patch the GiraffeThursday 07/16/15
Jane of Quilt JaneFriday 07/17/15
Gerri Robinson
Paula of The Sassy Quilter

Fat Quarter Shop

(Giveaway ends Friday, July 24th, midnight/EST. Open Internationally.)

Winner announced the following week!

Giveaway Closed…
Congratulations to Maggie!



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Mini Quilt Mania and a Giveaway!

Mini Quilt Mania

Today I am guest posting over at Fort Worth Fabric Studio…

So head on over and check out how to make this fun little mini quilt HERE!

Mini Quilt Mania

Here is the schedule for all the other mini’s:
April 1st : Lindsey – FWFS
April 2: Melissa – My Fabric Relish
April 6: Nettie – FWFS pattern tester
April 8: Afton  – Quilting Mod
April 13: Amanda – The Cozy Pumpkin
April 14: Trina – Will Cook For Shoes
April 21: Heather – Quilts Actually
April 22: Wendy – Sugarlane Quilts
April 27: Paula – The Sassy Quilter
As a bonus I am giving away all my scraps for this project!
Mini Quilt Mania
I had a little extra fabric just in case I had an oops! moment so I have some generous cuts left over to share….I love my follow Sassies
How to Enter the Giveaway….
Leave a comment on my post over at their blog making sure to use the word “Sassy”
…that way I know you are visiting from here!
(Giveaway runs through Friday May 1st, open internationally!)
Congratulations Jennifer!
You are the winner of my Broken Sunrise scraps! Thanks so much for commenting and following along:)

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Modern Medley Mini-Quilt Challenge

Mini-Quilt Challenge

Modern Medley

If a quilt is alone in the forest….does it make a sound???

I can’t tell ya, but I’m thinking its possible because I know they have a story to tell for sure!

Happy New Year Quilt peeps!

I hope 2014 was a great year for you and 2015 holds lots of new and exciting things for your future….and of course lots of quilts.

Modern Medley

My local quilt guild recently had Mini-Quilt challenge where the only rules were to use our signature color and keep it 12″ square.

Have you ever tried to decide what your signature color is??? Not as easy as I thought…I love lots of bright and fun colors. I finally decided that the blue family was it for me, but wanted a little splash of pink….because that is very me too! I gathered all my random blue scraps and decided to let loose and just start sewing, pressing and cutting.

You may have noticed I haven’t shared a lot lately…..feeling a little uninspired and overwhelmed by life. I thought this project might be a way to let loose and see what happens. I really wanted to just let this project express what would naturally just come out of me. And that’s just what happened….kind of cool right! I feel a little crazy and blue, lost in the sea of what is happening right now, but I know that in the middle is still me….and it is a bright and happy me!

Modern Medley

I did the same thing with the quilting….just let it out till it told me I was done.

Now before you go thinking I have lost it, don’t worry…I am just fine. I just thought it was an interesting approach to see how a quilt can be more than just a planned project and this is not usually how I approach my quilting for sure!

Modern Medley

These quilts will also be in a quilt show here in February and I think they will make a fun exhibit.  We had to add a 4″ hanging sleeve on the back for the exhibit.

HERE is a tutorial if you ever need to know how to do that.

So tell me what is your signature color for 2015???

Think about it….


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Finally a Finish!

Craftsy BOM 2012

Finally a finish…..well, I guess its really a flimsy finish or still a WIP since it’s not a quilt until its quilted!!!!

I am still gonna count it though:) I started this quilt in January with my guild and it has been so much fun. In the end I decided to omit four of the blocks…..hence the four solid color blocks in the corners:) A couple I never got to and a couple I just didn’t like the way they turned out(i.e. drunkard’s path blocks, dang curved seams!).

Craftsy BOM 2012

For my fabrics I used Carnaby Street by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery. I just love the bright colors in this line. I also omitted the sashing in this quilt….not sure if I was being lazy, but I really do like the way they all fit together without it.

Do you want to take this FREE class?

Well, you can! Just click on the link below and head over to Craftsy. It is free and has step by step videos for each block. This is a great quilt for beginners because you will learn so many different techniques and you can do it at your own pace.

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

You can sign up for this free class HERE!  Craftsy has lots of other FREE classes too, so check it out.

Online Quilting Class

Don’t Forget to ENTER this weeks Sassy Saturday Giveaway HERE!

Sassy Saturday

You can win this yummy bundle of Athena by Angela Walters for Art Gallery:)

Gotcha Covered Quilting

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ABC Adventure Blocks Tutorial

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial
ABC Adventure Blocks Tutorial

Todays tutorial is part of the Dream Big with Dr.Seuss Challenge with Fat Quarter Shop.

Fat Quarter Shop challenged a few bloggers to create something fabulous with the newest Dr.Seuss Fat Quarter Bundle by Robert Kaufman.

Dr.Suess FQ Bundle

This FQ Bundle also includes a super cute alphabet panel you can see in Fat Quarter Shop’s, “Big A, Little A Quilt”, FREE Pattern and YouTube Tutorial below!

So here is how to make these quick and easy ABC Adventure blocks!

ABC Adventure Blocks Tutorial


(26) 5″ squares of batting

(26) 6″ squares for backing your blocks

Trim each of your 26 letters from the panel with a 1/2″ border, about 6″ square.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Layer each of the letters with a backing, batting and letter. Center the batting on the back of the letter block.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

On each block, stitch a zig zag stitch along the edge of the colored square surrounding your letter.

Then trim about 1/4″ around each square with some pinking shears to prevent the edges from fraying.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Easy right!?! You could even quilt the centers of these blocks if you like.

Now how about that bag?

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

From two of your remaining FQ’s, cut two pieces measuring 15″ x 17″.

Place them right sides together. Make sure if you are using the ones with words that you have them oriented correctly:)

Luckily I caught my mistake before I sewed it together!

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Sew a 1/2″ seam around three of your sides, leaving the top of your bag open.

You can use a zig zag stitch to serge the edges so your bag doesn’t fray on the inside.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

On one side of the opening of your bag…..

Un-sew about 3″ and fold those edges back, then stitch them down.

This creates a hemmed area where your drawstring comes out of your bag….sorry this pic is not the greatest, but these are hemmed individually and not connected…I can put my finger between those.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Now…. we have to make our string for our drawstring bag!

Cut (2) 2.5″ strips from the long side of one FQ. Connect them together to create one long strip.

Press in half lengthwise.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Press again so that the edges meet in the center.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Fold in half again and use your zig zag stitch to close up your string.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

With your bag still inside out…

Double fold the opening and tuck your string into the fold.

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Stitch down this fold all the way around the opening of your bag…. being careful not to catch the string in your stitches!

ABC Adventure Block Tutorial

Tie the ends of your string together and give them a tug and your ABC Adventure Blocks are all set and now you have a perfect bag to keep them in:)

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and share it with a special little one.

P.S. This would make a great handmade Christmas gift!!!

Get your Dr. Seuss FQ Bundle HERE!

Enter to win a FREE Jelly Roll in this weeks Sassy Saturday Giveaway HERE!

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