So You Wanna Make A Quilt…Part 8- Binding Your Quilt


Part 8- Binding

What is quilt binding anyway???

Well, just like the binding on a book holds the pages together…binding on a quilt holds the raw edges of the quilt together! Not to mention it also adds that final border and pizazz to your quilt:)

The binding or finished edge of a quilt often gets the most wear so it needs to be durable and stronger than the rest of your quilt to keep it from unraveling. You are probably asking your self, how do I get it on there? Don’t stress! I am going to give you some tips and lots of pics to make it super easy.

Binding your quilt

What you need to know to Bind Your Quilt?

There are a couple of things to decide before you actually get to it:) What type of binding do you want to use, what technique to apply it, how much you will need and how to finish it off.

Types of Binding: Bias or Grain

Bias Binding is cut on the diagonal(or bias grain), using the 45 degree line on your ruler.

Grain Binding is cut using either horizontal or vertical lines that follow the straight or crossgrain of your fabric.

Forget what in the world these things are? Remember this diagram:)


The benefits of bias binding is that is stretchy and is great for binding curves. The fabric is also a little stronger when cut like this and will wear less over time. That being said….I always use a straight grain binding unless working with curved edges and so far so good:)

Techniques for Binding: Machine or Hand

When binding your quilt you will attach the binding to one side and the attach it to the other to seal up your quilt. There are lots of techniques for this and you have to find the one that works for you!

Machine binding is done…you guessed it…with your sewing machine!

Hand binding is actually done using your machine on the front of your quilt, but finished off by hand on the back for a seamless look. This is considered the more traditional way to finish your quilt and takes a bit more time to do.

How much do I need?

Binding is typically cut in 2.5″ strips and then joined together to form one unit that will go all the way around your quilt. There is a simple formula to calculate exactly how many strips you will need!

binding formula

If you have a smart phone there is a great app by Robert Kaufman called The Quilter’s Little Helper for calculating all sorts of quilty things! And I love for their border, backing and binding calculator.

Border,binding,backing calculator

Okay, okay…How do I actually do it!!!

I have got two tutorials to help you out.

   make your own binding

and…  How to bind a quilt

I will show you how to make your binding first and then how to attach it to your quilt and finish it by machine! Just click on the tutorial links or pics to get there.

This is the end of our So You Wanna Make A Quilt…Beginner Quilting Series….I know, kind of sad right?  Good luck with all your quilty adventures and feel free to email or comment any questions you may have!

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  1. This is the information I needed the most when I first started quilting. I had so many questions about binding. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Lots of wonderful information in the series. Thanks so much Paula for the time you put into your blog. Your great and very much appreciated.

  3. Your series has been wonderful. Detailed and great instructions. It is always great to have a reminder of techniques. Thank you for sharing Paula. -Shari

  4. Hi stopping by from lets bee social-good tutorial-thanks

  5. Great tutorials! I have to say the thing that I had the most difficulty wrapping my head around was how to sew the ends together – I would have twists, they would be sewn backwards (don’t ask but yes I did!), sometimes it would take me three or four times to get it right! It has only been in my last three finishes that I have not had to rip the seam joining the strips, after sewing it onto the back of the quilt, at least once! I read absolutely ever tutorial and watch every video I can get my hands on about binding!! haha

  6. Thanks for the refresher….tonight I plan to machine bind a quilt for the first time. (I love the look of hand binding…but am short on time right now…) Stop by! I highlighted your triangle quilt along! Val from

  7. Great finish to the series!

  8. Great Tutorial on binding!!

  9. Such a great resource! Thanks for making it. :)

  10. I think I’m finally getting the hang of machine binding….I won’t say how many quilts it’s taken though. Thanks for all the info :)


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