Cutting Triangles using Specialty rulers!



How to Cut Triangles using a Specialty 60 degree ruler!


This is a Creative Grids 60 degree ruler. It is a specialty ruler and is great for cutting equiltateral triangles.  Specialty rulers are rulers designed with a specific type of project or shape in mind. Cutting triangles is easy breezy using a specialty ruler!


We will be cutting our triangles from 6″ x WOF strips for the Triangle Quilt Along.


Leaving the strip folded, Line up the 6″ line on your ruler with the bottom of your fabric strip.


The top of your ruler has a blunted tip. This will be useful for lining up your triangles when piecing them together. Make sure it is also lined up with the edge of the fabric.


Also, make sure you are not too close to the fabric selvage…don’t need that in there:)


Trim along both sides of your ruler. Be careful not to shift the ruler as you cut.


Rotate your ruler upside down for the next and line up again.


Trim along the next edge.


Keep working your way down the strip of fabric.

For the Triangle Quilt Along you will need 8 triangles from each of the two strips for a total of 16 triangles from each of the 13 different fabrics.


If you happened to buy the Marti Michell 60 degree ruler, (it was the one on sale at Joann’s), I have discovered that this ruler uses the length of the sides to determine the finished size of the triangle….this is different from all others I have used! Ususally it is by the height of the triangle. No worries, it is actually suppose to be more precise and is still a good ruler.

For the purposes of the Triangle Quilt Along you will follow the same cutting instructions and line up the 6″ line with the bottom of your strip. The one difference will be the tip will not be flush with the edge. You will just need to cut the sides of your triangles and then trim the tip flush with your ruler. These triangles will be slightly smaller…..BUT the best thing about a triangle quilt is that as long as your triangles are all cut the same…they work perfectly!

Sorry about this little bump in the road! Please let me know if you need any further help or the instructions are not clear to you:)

Now…get to cutting!

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  1. I actually have that Marti Michell ruler, bought quite a while back, and only just realized that the measurements are for the side, so odd. Anyway for those who want to actually cut 6″ tall triangles with that ruler, you can always take a regular ruler, measure 6″ from the top blunt end of the ruler, and mark that spot, then use a piece of masking tape to mark that line straight across, and then when you cut the triangles, you line it up with the masking tape!

    • Or wait, do maybe you need to mark it at 6.5″ or 6.25″ so you have a seam allowance? If this whole thing is nuts you…feel free to delete my comment!

    • sassyquilter says:

      You could do that Marci, but it might be difficult for some to get a perfectly straight line and keep things accurate. Easier to do in the center, but harder near the edges. Lining up with the printed line will be more consistent, but there is definitely more than one way to get there:) Most importantly, just be consistent.

  2. I am cutting 6″ strips, then putting the ruler on the 6.5″ line to cut the triangle – the top is slightly below the top of the ruler when I do this – I don’t see a problem doing it this way as long as I cut all of them this way – any problems you can think of?

    • sassyquilter says:

      Yes, it will be too wide at the tip. Needs to be 1/4″ wide tip. Line up the 6″ line instead, cut both sides and then cut the tip. Should be perfect!

  3. just got to starch the fabric but oh no the 60 degree template I have only goes up to 5″ is it okay if I make mine a bit smaller so will not have to purchase another template? Also cannot work out how to add your button to my blog

    • sassyquilter says:

      Yes:) that s perfectly fine. Quilt will be smaller, but if you have extra fabric…cut more and add.

  4. I am using the “wonder triangle” by Quilt Sense and Marti Mitchell – so as long as I cut all triangles from this I should be all right? Although the very bottom of it says 6″, I just measured from the blunt tip to the bottom and it is actually 6 1/2 inches straight up and down lengthwise.

  5. One advantage to using the Creative ruler is that you always know which sides are bias. When you line up your triangles into rows, you just need to remember to keep the cut-off point either up or down. When you use the Marti Mitchell ruler, I find it is more confusing as all of the points are cut off.

  6. Just to add my two pennith worth, I have 3 x 60degree triangle rulers and they are all different. The Matilda’s Own has no blunt top – just to a point and when measured up against the Creative Grid ruler it is quite different. Also same with Marti Michells ruler.
    This is extremely frustration when doing precision piecing, when sizes DO matter. They are being pieced against larger 60 degree pieces, which when cut using MO they didn’t meet properly in the centre.


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