Prism Reveal


~Prism Revealed~

Tada! Prism is all finished up and photographed. I titled this one Poseidon’s Prism…okay I am not that original, I used a Poseidon FQ Bundle by Robert Kaufman and the pattern name is Prism:) I did this quilt as part of a quilt along over at 13 Spools. The pattern is by Faith@FreshLemonQuilts. It is paper pieced and was super fun and easy to do.

I went with the twin size, so it is 70 x 85. I haven’t made one this big in a while so I had to get my quilt arms back in shape. It’s amazing how much heavier the big ones are when you are pushing and pulling them through your machine. I quilted this one on my domestic machine. All straight lines so I used an even-feed foot(walking foot). I quilted it SITD(stitch-in-the-ditch) style. I think it would look fabulous with a lot of fancy quilting in these prisms, but I was a little crunched for time and to be honest I like that it feels nice and soft.

I had some fun playing around with the photos so here they are:





Since this quilt is for an entry in my State Fair I had to make a hanging sleeve so they can display it. Here is a little tutorial to show you how I did it:)

~How to make a Hanging Sleeve~


Measure across the top of your quilt, minus two inches. Now cut a strip of fabric that width by 14″ long. This is for a sleeve that will finish 6″(required length for this Fair). You can adjust the length to accommodate your own needs. For example, a smaller wall hanging may only have a thin rod to hang on so a 3″ sleeve would be fine. Take your finished size and double it, then add 2″ and you got it.


On the short ends of the strip (14″ends), Press approximately a 1/4″ fold toward the wrong side of fabric.


Do it one more time to get a finished edge on the inside. This also makes sewing a straight line easier.


Sew along the inner edge.


With the wrong side up, fold the strip in half and press.


See the crease running along the center here.


With the crease as your guide, fold the lower and upper halves to meet in the middle along the crease. Now, press/steam these outer edges firmly to leave another set of creases.


Fold the sleeve right sides together and sew your 1/4″ seam along the raw edges. With your sleeve still inside out at this point, finger press open the seam. Finger press here so that you do not disturb the creases we already made. They are our guides for mounting the sleeve to the quilt.


Turn the sleeve right sides out and you should have a D-shaped sleeve. The two strong creases are the top and bottom edge of the sleeve. One side of the sleeve is shorter and will lie flat against the back of the quilt. The other side forms the rounded D-shape and is a little longer to allow room for the rod that the quilt will hang on. You need this extra space so the quilt is not distorted when it hangs.


Now center and pin the top edge of the sleeve across the top of your quilt, about 1/2″ below the binding.


Next, pin the bottom edge of the sleeve along the crease, keeping the bottom of the sleeve flat. There should be a tent/teepee area in the center. Do not stretch it out flat, remember we need this extra space.**After pinning, I like to do a test hang on a broom handle or rod to make sure everything hangs straight, so nothing has to be ripped later.**


Last, but not least….whip stitch along the creases and the sides to attach the sleeve to the quilt.  The stitches should be about 1/4″ apart, making sure to take a bite into the batting, but not through to the other side of your quilt!  The above pic is a demo with white thread just so you can see it, using a matching thread is always best.

That’s it! Pretty simple actually. P.S. If you don’t plan on hanging the quilt permanently…don’t stitch as tightly and you can remove/save it and use it on another quilt later.

Here is my other fair entry…in case you haven’t heard me talk about it 100 times!


Wish me luck



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  1. It’s beautiful Paula! I love the colours. And the quilting is perfect. :-)

  2. my jaw has dropped! totally amazing, paula. really beautiful. and I like the name, original or not. =)

  3. Looks gorgeous! Your photos are a lot of fun – they look like they belong on a pattern cover!

  4. Beautiful Paula. And great photography. You should do very well at the fair.

  5. The quilt is gorgeous. Yes, you could have done all sorts of fancy quilting in the Prisms, but why when SITD makes such a fabulous pattern on the back :-) And, I love how many creative settings you used to photograph it.

  6. Janis Tomasek says:

    Good luck at the fair, Paula. Beautiful quilt and I loved the photography.

  7. I love love this quilt Paula! Good luck at the fair. And your photographs are fabulous.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  8. the grey and turquoise are lovely together, grey is the in colour over here at the moment, so many clothes to choose from, matches the front of my hair well!
    A wonderful tutorial, I will be referring back to this when I have finished my tula pink sampler quilt.
    Best of luck with the fair with your two very nice quilts.

  9. Congrats on beautiful finish, Paula! It’s just gorgeous! Love the quilting, too. Thanks for sharing the hanging sleeve tutorial! Best of luck in the fair.

  10. oi goste as régua de csotura será que aqui no Braasil eu encontro essas reguas

  11. Melissa Greenfield says:

    It looks great and I love the way you displayed it for the pictures. Good luck at the fair!

  12. Beautiful! Great snapshots too! I love the fabric colors and stitch in the ditch is perfect!

  13. Really lovely quilt and great pics!!

  14. Paula ….your Prism quilt is absolutely fantastic. I love it!!!

  15. Love love love!!! so pretty!! and are you taking pictures in your house? love your dresser hutch combo and the fireplace area and the painted table area!! basically loved it all!! lol

  16. barbe price says:

    they are both gorgeous, love the solids. going to check out 13 spools. and the very best of luck to you.

  17. Good luck! I love that quilt. Have you ever played the Sims? It reminds me of their little arrows that show over their heads when they are active. Which means I love it more! :)

  18. So fantastic! I love everything about this one so much!
    Great work and good luck!

  19. That’s a lovely quilt Paula! Minty greens and browns make me think of chocolate – possibly one of my most favourite things in the world, haha! I think you were right to go with intd quilting, it really emphasises the geometry. Wishing you really good luck at the Fair! x

  20. Your Prism quilt turned out beautiful! I love your photography too! You definitely deserve a blue ribbon!

  21. Oh my gosh, Paula! Your prism quilt is absolutely stunning. I love the colors, the quilting, EVERYTHING!!

    I’m so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly

  22. Hey Sassy Quilter, you sweet thing! I know you’ve been over to visit at W&M but I’ve been so out of pocket, I haven’t responded to any comments in ages….so I thought I would just pop over here to visit you and say hey! And of course, I found the most beautiful quilts. My problem is I can’t decide which entry I love more. The prism is gorgeous, such deep, rich colors…but your other entry is just as lovely! Love them both! I wish you the best of luck….how exciting! I can’t wait for the post on the fair results!

  23. Lauren aka giddy99 says:

    It’s beautiful! I hope you win first or Best of Show!

  24. I love both of your entries!

  25. Very pretty Paula Love your work!

  26. I want to know how you get that first (top) picture to look washed out except for the quilt and the flowers! What’s the secret?


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