Cutting Triangles using your ruler!


How to cut 60 degree triangles using the ruler you already own!



The most popular quilting ruler is the 6 x 24 ruler in this picture above. You may have even noticed all these crazy lines before! Well they are perfect for cutting 60 degree triangles.

There are two 60 degree lines that criss cross, you will be using both of these so make sure they are clear to you.

Here is a tutorial to show you how to use them:)


For the Triangle Quilt Along we are cutting from 6″ x WOF strips. Once you get this down you can stack a few strips to cut quickly, but I recommend using one strip at first until you get the hang of it. We will be leaving the strip folded, so you will be cutting two at a time already!


Leaving the strip folded, Line up your 60 degree line along the bottom edge of your strip.


Cut along the left side of the ruler. Always make sure you are not cutting toward yourself, be safe! It helps if you have a table you can walk around.


Using the other 60 degree line, line it up along the bottom also. Make sure to line the left point and the top point of your triangle with the ruler.


Close up of the left point.


Close up of the top point.


Switch back to using the other 60 degree line and keep working your way down the strip. You will keep alternating using the two 60 degree lines.


As you keep moving down the strip, make sure you are lining up those points so that you keep an accurate triangle shape!

If you are participating in the Triangle Quilt Along you will need to cut 8 triangles from each of the 6″ strips for a total of 16 triangles from each of your 13 fabrics.



Using the 1/4″ line on your ruler, trim the tip off of the top your triangle.


This will help you line these up when it comes to piecing your triangles together.

No fancy ruler necessary:)

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  1. Great pictures – I get so confused and always end up trying to flip the fabric around! This will be easy to do with my non-fancy ruler! “)

  2. Should we trim all 3 points of each triangle?

  3. Fabric Euphoric says:

    Love this, thanks! I want to avoid spending money on specialty rulers (and avoid collecting more plastic :( ) where I can.
    Question: Would it be faster, and still accurate, to cut diamonds then turn the ruler and cut the diamonds in half to yield two triangles each? Seems like time saved turning the ruler one way then another then back again. I’m going to play with this and see how it turns out.

  4. I had no idea how to use that ruler! this is great, thank you !


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