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Ask Sassy! Asking Sassy Quilting Questions…

Hey guys! Do you have lots of quilting questions you are dying to know the answers to? But…. are afraid to ask? or don’t know who to ask!

Well Ask Sassy!

You can feel free to ask in the comments or email me if you prefer to be anonymous:)

Todays Question:

Dear Sassy,

“I had fabric of whites, reds and some other colors. Well the starch spilled and now some of the red color is now on my white fabric, it bled together. Is there anything I can do to  get rid of the red stain on my white fabric?”

Why yes there is something you can do!

Fill your tub with hot hot water, add about a half a cup of Dawn dish detergent.

Image result for dawn detergent ultra pureImage result for dawn detergent ultra pure

Using the original Dawn is best, no additives or fragrances.

Image result for tub

Submerge your entire quilt in the water, keep quilt entirely under water. Let soak for about 12 hours, rinse and repeat as often as necessary!

Image result for bam

Bam! There you go. This is a proven technique and works 99.9% of the time.

HERE is a link to the process if you would like to read more.

So there you go! I hope these quilting questions will help beginners and the pros alike. So ask away!


Keep it Sassy♥

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