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Hey guys! Do you have lots of quilty questions you are dying to know the answers to? But…. are afraid to ask? or don’t know who to ask! Feel free to ask Sassy(me,lol) anything you want to know and if I don’t know, then I will do the research to find out!

Leave your question in the comments or email me if you prefer to be anonymous:)

This weeks Quilting Question….

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Why when I’m piecing my blocks why does it never line up right? Everything seems off a little.

This is a great question! There are lots of reasons why things get a little off when doing our piecing. Here are 3 of the big ones:

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Cutting– you really do have to take your time and make sure you are cutting accurately

Seams– The infamous 1/4″ seam, Really practice getting this right, do some test pieces on your machine because each one is a little different. You can also buy a 1/4″ foot for your machine that helps a bunch. Check those out HERE. WHY??? If each seam is 1/8″ off… by the time you finish a row you can be a couple inches off! They add up quick.

Pressing– pressing correctly and not stretching your blocks out helps a lot too.


We all want to be perfect quilters, but their actually is no such thing! The truth is it takes some time and efforts to be a great quilter. I’ve been quilting for 12 years and to this day I still get things “off a little”. It is said that the Amish leave at least one mistake in their quilts to prove that only God is perfect. That makes me chuckle because if I only had one mistake left it would be pretty awesome! Some mistakes I see and choose to fix if I can and some I don’t even see till I’m done, lol…..

But did you have fun????


I base my quilting on a precision to fun ratio! If my attempts at precision are bringing my fun level down too low …. its no bueno! For me, I need to be enjoying what I’m doing and if I’m stressing myself out, then I have lost my enjoyment. Now don’t get me wrong… there are lots of quilters out there that are obsessed with precision and it IS their kind of fun, so let them go get it:) There is no need to compare ourselves, in life or in quilting. So just have fun and what you don’t get right in this quilt, you can try harder in the next one!

So just pick one thing at a time to focus on upping your precision.

And remember, Keep your fun ratio in check!!!

Happy Quilting Sassites!


Keep it Sassy♥

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  1. What’s the best and least expensive quilting and piecing thread that you can recommend? I know there are many brands out there, and Auriful is a biggie…but it’s pricey. How does it compare to say the Connecting Threads ones?

    • sassyquilter says:

      Some machines are picky and do not like certain threads…. a more inexpensive one is gutterman, you can get it at Joanns with a coupon.

      • Monica Miller says:

        I had fabric of whites, reds and some other colors. Well the starch had spilled and now some of the red color is now o n my white fabric. It bleed together. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the red stain off my white fabric?

  2. Hi,
    I have been searching for a paper pieced log cabin template for a 12” block, do you have any reference to help me find a template!

    Thank you in advance for a reply to my search.

  3. I’m making rag quilts…do you recommend warm and natural or a thin bonded batting?

    • sassyquilter says:

      Either is a good option. Both will accomplish the job. Depends on how heavy or thick you want the finished quilt.

  4. I was asked to make a memory quilt with photographs. Does anyone have any advice in what type of printee to buy. I was going to buy the fabric sheet s to print on. I don’t have a fortune. So looking for a reasonably priced printer hut one that does a good job

  5. Eileen Duncan says:

    I have grandsons who love to wear neckties. I would love to piece some for them but can find nothing to give me guidelines for the piecing. Do you have any thoughts on this, please?

  6. Mary Bonnell says:

    First, I’m not a quilter nor do I sew. I have an existing quilt that belonged to my mother and I would like to hand sew special squares over existing for a niece that is battling lung cancer. Thoughts?

  7. On a pieced border of squares ,pieced diagonally, how do you fit the corners? Which goes on first: top or bottom or does it matter?

  8. Mary Baxley says:

    AlI I want is 1 solid piece of fabric for the front and same for the back. I’d like to make a quilt 56 x 72. I know I’ll have to put a border on it to get it to size, as the fabric is 44″ wide and I’ll buy 2 yards so that will l give me length. I would prefer not too have a border, just the fabric and binding. If I omit the border, how would I buy my fabric and piece it together. Can you help me

  9. Hello. I am making a quilt for a California King bed. I would like the quilt to hang over all the edges by 4 feet. How many yards of material would I need. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  10. Carol Kester says:

    I am making a blue jean quilt out of 5×7 pieces, i had 9 rows of 20, 5×7 pieces sewn together, laid them out on my bed they all laid straight, i marked them so i could get them sewn together the same way after i sewed the rows together an laid them on my bed the rows have a curve in them an wont lay straight, how can i fix this

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