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I wanna be where the Quilts are…

Mermaid Quilts

I want to be where the Quilts are…

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Well that’s not quite how the line goes… but we all know that is definitely what she was thinking:)

I have a couple of mermaid finishes for you guys today!

Mermaid Quilts!!!

I so enjoyed making this set of twin mermaid quilts…. well they are not exactly twins, but close.

They are for two sisters that I love dearly and have yet to make them a quilt.

Their names are Zoe and Khloe and they also go by the “Think So Twins”…check out their you tube channel!

One reason I picked this fabric for these little girls is that they are African American and I wanted them to see a beautiful mermaid that looks just like them.

I absolutely loved this fabric line…. The castle blueprints!!!

Mermaids, Unicorns, Norwals, Castles…. the cutest!

This fabric line in Magic by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics.

I uses one layer cake to make both of these quilts. I just divided the pinks and blues and addes some of my own for borders.

My piecing was simple because I really wanted the fabrics to show.

I just loved the sayings tossed in there.

So grab those Layer Cakes and just start cutting them up!

You might just make something extra special:

Quilt on my friends!

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Quilter with no quilts…

So why is it so hard to get a quilt when you make quilts? 

I’ve said it myself to lots of quilters….

if you want a quilt you can make yourself one! Right?

But…. we all know it is so much more than that. Yes, we make ourselves quilts sometimes…. but receiving a quilt from a fellow quilter I believe is one of the greatest treasures! A quilt is never cost effective… costs money, time, frustration, brain power and sometimes injury!

A quilt is a true gift from the heart❤️… You only get one if you are loved!

2016 was a great quilty year for me because I received not one but two! And I want to show them off:) 

My cousin gave me this beauty! Thank you Mags!

This one is from a quilty friend in my local Richmond Modern Quilters Guild. Thank you Betty! 

 I love the colors in both. Matches my home. One I snuggle on the couch with and the other in the bed. Happiness all around! 

I want to challenge everyone in 2017 to show some quilty love to your fellow quilters.
Thank you to Maggie and Betty for blessing me with sassy quilty goodness:)


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