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Winner and a Tip!


And the Winner is…


Congrats Shauna and I hope you will share with us what you make out of this sassy little bundle:)

Now, on to a Sassy Tip;) You may have noticed this hasn’t really been a weekly occurrence…okay, okay not even monthly! *wince* Well, here it is anyway:

If you are having trouble threading a needle try it from the other side. One side of the eye is always a little bigger!

Make sure to check out the Quilt Parade over at Happy Quilting today, so many gorgeous Star Surrounds!

Keep it Sassy

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I quilt for fun…

(pic from www.psiquilt.com)

Well, it’s freak out time as I am trying desperately to finish up two quilts at the same time here! The State Fair is in two weeks and our quilts need to be dropped off this Friday so they can be delivered and judged in time. I had such grand plans for my Fair entries this year, but man does time slip away!!! I needed to finish up my Star Surround quilt this week anyway so I can enter it in the parade over at Happy Quilting. So I figured this was perfect for an entry and I just love the design of this quilt. Then a bug bit me to finish up my Prism quilt that I am doing with Amy@13Spools. Our entry registrations were due last week and I was like… oh yeah, I can definitely finish that one too:) Just a few snips and stitches, right?

So here I am with just a few days left quilting my brains out. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun and I am loving these quilts, but I am having to pry my shoulders out of my ears after these marathon quilting sessions. My SS quilt is all quilted, just your basic stitch-in-the-ditch(or near it anyway).



And how did I not realize what a beastly size this Prism quilt is…


Okay, it’s only a twin…but it’s like an official twin 70 x 85!


Stitch-near-the-ditch on this one too. Face it, I wouldn’t be able to finish it otherwise, but I actually think all the straight lines work well with the design. Tonight I am off to finish up all the little blue prisms in the centers…all one million of them. Just kidding, but not really:)

I quilt for fun, I quilt for fun… As luck would have it I am off tomorrow so I can spend the whole day finishing these up.  I am thanking God for giving me a break on this one so I didn’t have to bind these quilts in my sleep! Does anybody else do this to themselves???  Hope to be showing you some finished up quilts on Friday.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced    

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Prism Progress

I don’t know about you, but I had high hopes for this holiday weekend! All that extra sewing time, right? I planned to quilt my Star Surround quilt, finish my Prism quilt blocks, and finish making the blocks on a commissioned Memory Quilt I have started that is made out of baby clothes. Totally do-able….Okay, maybe I over shot it a little:) Well, here is what I got done.

Prism progress in the Prism Along with Amy@13Spools


Believe it or not this is 99 blocks!

I have spent the entire holiday weekend working on these blocks! They are not complicated blocks and are paper pieced. I did some chain piecing to speed things up, but they seemed to keep regenerating in my pile! Do any of your projects ever do that?  Especially when it comes to trimming and pressing each step…Anywho, finally done:) Now all that is left is to rip off all the paper. While I know that will take a bit, I can easily do it while watching T.V. or maybe even on my lunch break.

Bonus, an entire gallon ziplock bag of some fun, usable(i think) scraps!


Star Surround QAL with Melissa@HappyQuilting…nada!


I did manage to get a good bit of the blocks done for the Memory Quilt made out of baby clothes. These I have to attach them to fusible interfacing and there are some embellishments and backings to the necklines that are added. A little time consuming since you only get one shot with theses and all the fabrics are different. They sure are cute aren’t they?


Well, not too bad I think. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy Design

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Star Surround QAL


Star Surround Quilt-A-Long

Wow, didn’t this go by quick? Feels like I just started this quilt!

 I have to say there was just so much excitement with this project for me. I love the block and really liked the goal oriented tasks each week. It also didn’t hurt that there was a chance at winning a prize each week either!

The last task is to get the blocks and top assembled and link up with Melissa@HappyQuilting.  Melissa has been a fabulous host and has had great tutorials to go along with each step.Thanks a bunch Melissa for all your kind words and encouragement along the way:)

There will be four Grand Prize Winners for some 75.00 gift certificates to either Intrepid Thread or Fat Quarter Shop. I hope I haven’t used up all my winning mojo, because I would love to have a little spending spree:)




What would I do differently???

Well, I like my fabrics okay, but would rather have used something a little more bright and fun. My goal was to use some things I have from my stash(that is overflowing). This was a yellow bundle I bought at a quilt show several years ago. I wasn’t as picky then about fabrics and some of these are sooooo thin(poor quality), but oh well. Still a nice palette and a sweet traditional feel. Since it is a baby quilt I think it will suit nicely.

Secondly, nothing! I really loved the pattern and think I might just make another with a bright yellow/gray palette in the one large block design:)

Wish me luck!

Keep it Sassy


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced    

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Block 12



Block 12 – Charleston Square

This block is from over at the Virtual Quilting Bee(hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter) and is created by Katie Blakesley@Swim,Bike,Quilt. I was glad to have one on the easier side this week. Really simple cutting instructions and easy to piece.

We are pretty much caught up with Amy at this point! She just posted Block 13 if you want to get started. Only 3 more to go:) I just can’t wait to get this top together.

I am also right on track with my Star Surround QAL with Melissa@Happy Quilting. This week we built the parts of the surround, excited to put these blocks together this week.


Check out some other awesome quilts in progress with the same QAL. Just give them a click to see what they are up to on their own blogs.


Star Surround Pieced Oops

Melissa@MyFabricRelish, I just love this grey!

Star Surround Quilt-a-long

I am also loving this blue with the light centers over at Kristel@WIPgirl.

And…I think Sarah@SarahQuilts is sharing her good luck with me! Here is another fabric bundle that I won from Cynthia@CynthiaBrunzDesigns! Thanks for these lovely fabrics:)


Keep it Sassy


stitch by stitch   Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy DesignIMG_6373

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Star Surround- Flying Geese


This weeks homework for the Star Surround Quilt Along, with Melissa@Happy Quilting, was Flying Geese and lots of them. She has a great tutorial for making the flying geese units. There are several ways to make a flying geese unit, three that I know of. I had heard of this method, but had never tried it. I have to say it may be a favorite. Making them seemed to wiz by.


I even got to try out a special tool I bought for squaring up these things. I got it at a quilt show I went to in February. It is called a Bloc-Loc Flying Geese Ruler. There are channels that the quarter-inch seams fit snugly into, this “locks” the unit into the ruler(no slipping at all!) and you can just zip your rotary cutter around it. It eliminates the time spent on each unit lining up the tip of the goose to make sure you have a quarter-inch seam area, making sure all other sides are correct and then doing it again for the opposite sides. I give this product an A+++.

IMG_2780 IMG_2778

Last weeks homework was half square triangles and I also have a Bloc-Loc Ruler for half square triangles. This ruler works well for multiple sized units, so you still have to line up some numbers, but not the center on the diagonal seam. The flying geese ruler is only for units 2 x 4, which is the most used sized unit. They sell all kinds of these, so check them out: www.blocloc.com.



Don’t forget Melissa has a Flickr group for sharing your progress and maybe even winning some prizes if you link up! I also have an open  Flickr group for all my own bloggy friends following along just so I don’t lose track of you:)

Keep it Sassy


Stitch by Stitch    Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy Design



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All Cut Up!


So, I am moving full speed ahead with the Star Surround Quilt-a-Long. Melissa@HappyQuilting is the host and it’s not too late if you wanna join in! This weeks task was to cut up your fabrics. I decided to go with a scrappy yellow. I think I will call this quilt “You are my Sunshine”! I chose the 3 x 3 layout which will only require me to do 9 stars, baby quilt size.

Only 9 FQ’s needed along with a background fabric. I had a yellow bundle that I bought at a quilt show last year so I finally cracked her open. I decided I need to actually use some of the fabric I am buying instead of continuously buying new!!! I am using a basic white on white dot for the background, 1 1/2 yds. for that.

Melissa gave an excellent cutting diagram with some great cutting tips, especially if you are a beginner to the rotary cutter. Don’t you hate when you get the measurements for cutting, but aren’t sure how to cut to get the right amount out of the yardage you have??? When picking a pattern, I always look for a cutting diagram or make sure they spell it out for me. I would definitely recommend saving this pattern, even if you can’t make it right now.

I created a Flickr group just for the quilters I know who are participating, just so we can have a smaller group and not miss out on each others progress. So join in and share your fabrics!

By the way, if you share your progress picks you are eligible for some awesome prizes. This weeks is a gift certificate to ChristaQuilts!

What else is keeping me busy…Christmas in July. Projects are due by Friday and the expected rush is on! Here is the back…


binding it up tonight! Will share on Friday along with Block 10 of the VQB:)

Keep it Sassy


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced     My Quilt Infatuation

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Star Surround Quilt-a-Long

Joining a new QAL(quilt a long). Star Surround Quilt-A-Long! It looks fun and not too complicated.

You get to pick the size you want to do and they have lots of options laid out for you. I am thinking I will do the baby size one. It is a 3 x 3, 16″ block. You can even do just one really large block, so click the button and take a look:

Here are just a few color options available and you can get them at a discount too! That is pretty enticing for me:)

Julie at Intrepid Thread and Christa at Christa’s Quilts are doing kits and 10%off when you place your order. Lots of options to choose and they do custom orders too!

Lots of size options available with easy to read charts for fabric requirements.

So if your interested, check out Melissa at Happy Quilting or just follow along:)

Here is a Sassy Tip of the Week for ya:

Windex those quilt rulers every once in a while, you will feel like they are brand new!

Keep it Sassy


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