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This weeks homework for the Star Surround Quilt Along, with Melissa@Happy Quilting, was Flying Geese and lots of them. She has a great tutorial for making the flying geese units. There are several ways to make a flying geese unit, three that I know of. I had heard of this method, but had never tried it. I have to say it may be a favorite. Making them seemed to wiz by.


I even got to try out a special tool I bought for squaring up these things. I got it at a quilt show I went to in February. It is called a Bloc-Loc Flying Geese Ruler. There are channels that the quarter-inch seams fit snugly into, this “locks” the unit into the ruler(no slipping at all!) and you can just zip your rotary cutter around it. It eliminates the time spent on each unit lining up the tip of the goose to make sure you have a quarter-inch seam area, making sure all other sides are correct and then doing it again for the opposite sides. I give this product an A+++.

IMG_2780 IMG_2778

Last weeks homework was half square triangles and I also have a Bloc-Loc Ruler for half square triangles. This ruler works well for multiple sized units, so you still have to line up some numbers, but not the center on the diagonal seam. The flying geese ruler is only for units 2 x 4, which is the most used sized unit. They sell all kinds of these, so check them out:



Don’t forget Melissa has a Flickr group for sharing your progress and maybe even winning some prizes if you link up! I also have an open  Flickr group for all my own bloggy friends following along just so I don’t lose track of you:)

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  1. Cool rulers! I’ve got a project in the planning stages that is going to require roughly 500 flying geese! Seems like I might need one of the goose cutter things. :)

  2. Hi Paula. Love your colour scheme :) Do you know if these rulers are easy for lefties like me to use? Always loathe to buy these handy tools just in case I cannot use them to their full benefit.

  3. That bloc-loc thing looks pretty neat – I’ve seen people mention them before, but had never seen it in use, so it’s good to finally get what it’s meant to do :D

  4. Oh my goodness I’m so glad you talked about the bloc-loc flying geese ruler! I’ve been eyeing that since I saw Rita review it on It’s rather expensive but if I see it out and about I’ll definitely pick one up now that I know at least 2 ppl like it!

  5. Thanks for the ruler tip! I’m also glad to see that when you make your flying geese you have to square them up a bit. Most of the tutorials I read just show trimming off the tiny “dog ears” at the points of the triangles, so I was a little alarmed at my other trimming until I saw your post. Whew…sigh of relief :-)

  6. Your geese look fantastic. And thanks for showing about the Bloc-Loc. A gal in one of my classes was recently me showing me about them and I think I might have to pick some up. They just seem amazing!!

  7. Love the fabrics and those rulers look interesting!!
    Can’t wait to see what you built with all of these pieces!!

  8. I love your fabric choices for your blocks. Aren’t bloc-locs just great?! I did a tute about using them last year, it’s been really popular on my blog – it’s amazing how many people haven’t heard of them or used them. :)

  9. Isn’t it great having all the little gadgets making our quilty lives a bit easier, i will check it out.. Thanks for linking up to ‘Anything Goes’

  10. I love quilty tools! Nice geese can’t wait to see them come together.

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