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I don’t know about you, but I had high hopes for this holiday weekend! All that extra sewing time, right? I planned to quilt my Star Surround quilt, finish my Prism quilt blocks, and finish making the blocks on a commissioned Memory Quilt I have started that is made out of baby clothes. Totally do-able….Okay, maybe I over shot it a little:) Well, here is what I got done.

Prism progress in the Prism Along with Amy@13Spools


Believe it or not this is 99 blocks!

I have spent the entire holiday weekend working on these blocks! They are not complicated blocks and are paper pieced. I did some chain piecing to speed things up, but they seemed to keep regenerating in my pile! Do any of your projects ever do that?  Especially when it comes to trimming and pressing each step…Anywho, finally done:) Now all that is left is to rip off all the paper. While I know that will take a bit, I can easily do it while watching T.V. or maybe even on my lunch break.

Bonus, an entire gallon ziplock bag of some fun, usable(i think) scraps!


Star Surround QAL with Melissa@HappyQuilting…nada!


I did manage to get a good bit of the blocks done for the Memory Quilt made out of baby clothes. These I have to attach them to fusible interfacing and there are some embellishments and backings to the necklines that are added. A little time consuming since you only get one shot with theses and all the fabrics are different. They sure are cute aren’t they?


Well, not too bad I think. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Scraps from paper piecing are tough! All biasy and odd shaped. But good for you for trying. :)

    Everything looks awesome!

  2. Yes, it all looks easy when you make the list… But when you start to work, it ends up taking time. You have made great progress on your Prism blocks. And those baby clothes blocks are sew sweet. Looking forward to seeing that one! Great stuff, Sassy Quilter!

  3. Your memory quilt is looking adorable! And the trimming step definitely seems to exponentially increase the worktime!

  4. It looks like you got lots done! You must give a tutorial on making memory quilts! I should make some for my girls. Hope you have a productive week!

  5. I had high hopes for my weekend too and *fart noise*. Maybe we should focus on what got done, rather than what didn’t! Best thing I ever did was teach my husband how to rip paper off of foundation-pieced blocks. Give him a beer and some TV and he’ll happily sit and do it with me. Grab a partner and get tearing! :)

  6. I think 99 blocks plus some work on another quilt is great progress. But, I hear you on the disappointment of not reaching all your weekend goals; I overshot mine too…Oh well, then I tell myself, “this is for fun, this is for fun, this is for fun…” and I stop stressing a little about goals :-)

  7. If you use some kind of stabilizer with those bias edged scraps, they’ll be perfectly usable. (I’ve used them without stabilizers and usually they work out okay, you just have to be more careful about stretch than you would be otherwise.) I can’t wait to see how the Prism quilt will look once it’s all put together – I really like the colours you choose.

  8. your prism is going to be so pretty! can’t wait until you show all of the blocks put together!

    :) Kelly

  9. Looks like great progress to me! Nice work. You know me, I’m eyeing those scraps…foundation sew them and make some cool crazy blocks.

    Better get quilting on that star surround if you are gonna make the parade! (Yea, I haven’t started mine either.)

  10. Looking forward to seeing your Prism quilt ….it will be fabulous! Love your Star Surround Quilt it is just gorgeous.

  11. You did get a lot done! Paper piecing can be time consuming! The memory baby blocks are so adorable! It will be interesting to see what you do with all those small scraps. A crumb quilt maybe?

  12. Looks like you got a bit done:) You are reminding me about the huge bin of my daughter’s clothes, and now my son’s clothes that I want to make into quilts. I need a few more hours in the day!

  13. Melissa Greenfield says:

    On your memory quilt made with baby clothes, are you using a fusible featherweight interfacing to stabilize each piece? I have started the cutting and piecing process and its so stretchy I’m wondering what stabilizer will be best.

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