Star Surround Quilt-a-Long

Joining a new QAL(quilt a long). Star Surround Quilt-A-Long! It looks fun and not too complicated.

You get to pick the size you want to do and they have lots of options laid out for you. I am thinking I will do the baby size one. It is a 3 x 3, 16″ block. You can even do just one really large block, so click the button and take a look:

Here are just a few color options available and you can get them at a discount too! That is pretty enticing for me:)

Julie at Intrepid Thread and Christa at Christa’s Quilts are doing kits and 10%off when you place your order. Lots of options to choose and they do custom orders too!

Lots of size options available with easy to read charts for fabric requirements.

So if your interested, check out Melissa at Happy Quilting or just follow along:)

Here is a Sassy Tip of the Week for ya:

Windex those quilt rulers every once in a while, you will feel like they are brand new!

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  1. Why have I never thought to clean my rulers?! I bet it makes a huge difference.

    I am so tempted to do this… I’m going to have to go with the baby one though – babies are being born all over around here!

  2. I’m doing that one! Haven’t decided what size yet though… I’ll have to decide soon and post pictures of the fabric I choose too! Can’t wait to see what you decide. :-)

  3. Very cool! As usual, I can’t commit to any “a-longs” or “xchanges”. I do love to follow along though. I’ll look forward to what everyone does. :)

  4. This one looks like fun Paula, I might just have to join in. It reminds a little of the Swoon, there just something I love about that star and the border around it! Heading over to check it out! Thanks Sassy Quilter! You Rock! XO, Kim :)

  5. Ooh, this is very enticing. I like the scrappy version on the bottom – did that come from one of the sites you mention? I can’t seem to find it.

  6. Can’t wait to see your fabric choices for this Paula! I’m sure they will be awesome as usual.

    :) Kelly

  7. Ill be joining the star surround quilt-a-long too! I’m still trying to decide size but think I’ve picked my fabrics. And who knew about windex. My hubby will really think I’m batty if I start cleaning my rulers instead of the house. Haha!!

  8. I’m in for this QAL too! Just posted my fabrics over on my blog. Be sure and check them out!

  9. Looking forward to seeing your quilty progress on this one, Paula!


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