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Bee Blocks and a Winner!


Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks

I am finally done with all 16 blocks for The Virtual Quilting Bee over at Diary of a Quilter!

Here are the last four I wrapped up this weekend:


Block 13- Designed by Brooke Johnson@PitterPutterStitch. Lots of pieces, but mainly flying geese and HST’s.


Block 14- Designed by Emily Herrick@CrazyOldLadies. Super easy and love the simple design.


Block 15- Designed by Lynne Goldsworthy@Lily’sQuilts. Paper pieced and tricky! Pretty block, but the geometry of it all was killing me.


Block 16-Designed by Cindy Weins@LiveAColorfulLife. Not hard, but took most of my time picking the fabrics. Really liked this one!

All that’s left is to get the top together with the sashing and setting blocks, which I am doing in the aqua dots of this line. I still have tons of Happy Go Lucky fabric left over from the FQ bundle, so I hope to make another quilt from these. I was really surprised how far the bundle went.

Now for what you really want to know…

And the Winner is…

Jessica @juceyj03@gmail.com!

Thanks so much you guys for participating and sharing your quilt and fabric love with our sponsor Cotton Bliss!

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Block 12



Block 12 – Charleston Square

This block is from over at the Virtual Quilting Bee(hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter) and is created by Katie Blakesley@Swim,Bike,Quilt. I was glad to have one on the easier side this week. Really simple cutting instructions and easy to piece.

We are pretty much caught up with Amy at this point! She just posted Block 13 if you want to get started. Only 3 more to go:) I just can’t wait to get this top together.

I am also right on track with my Star Surround QAL with Melissa@Happy Quilting. This week we built the parts of the surround, excited to put these blocks together this week.


Check out some other awesome quilts in progress with the same QAL. Just give them a click to see what they are up to on their own blogs.


Star Surround Pieced Oops

Melissa@MyFabricRelish, I just love this grey!

Star Surround Quilt-a-long

I am also loving this blue with the light centers over at Kristel@WIPgirl.

And…I think Sarah@SarahQuilts is sharing her good luck with me! Here is another fabric bundle that I won from Cynthia@CynthiaBrunzDesigns! Thanks for these lovely fabrics:)


Keep it Sassy


stitch by stitch   Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy DesignIMG_6373

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Block 11



Block 11- Virtual Quilting Bee

This post is a little late because I was out of town this past week, my brother graduated from Navy Boot Camp! We made the long trip to Great Lakes, Illinois and also did a little sight seeing in Chicago. Did the signature hot dog and pizza…of course:) I really wanted to check out some local quilt shops, but figured I wouldn’t torture him on his one day of leave before heading to school in SC. Here is me and my little bro:


Don’t worry, I did find some quilt inspiration at Millennium Park in Chicago. Some cool art work that had me thinking of quilts…

  IMG_2722 IMG_2723   IMG_2727 IMG_2732   IMG_2731 IMG_2729


Oh yeah, back to the quilt block! This weeks block is by AmyEllis@Amy’sCreativeSide. To get all the details on the previous blocks in Amy Smart’s Virtual Quilting Bee, visit Amy@Diary of a Quilter. This block was okay, a little confusing during construction,but that was my fabric choices I believe. I think I would have rather used white in place of the blue check print….and I promise this block is square! Do you notice sometimes printed fabric is printed a little wonky and in smaller straight cuts I think it makes it look crooked. No ripping here though:) It’ll do! I used my previous method of pressing open at four patch center and locking or nesting my abutting seams to make things flatter.



Here is where we are at so far: (please ignore the unstained deck, WIP)


Whew! We finally caught up with Amy and the others. Now back to a new block every other week until done. 16 blocks in total.

Keep it Sassy


Stitch by Stitch WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced   My Quilt Infatuation



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Block 10

block 10

Block 10 ~ Virtual Quilting Bee

One more week and I will actually be caught up with AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter who is hosting a Virtual Quilting Bee. There are 16 blocks in total and she is on Block 11 this week. Block 10 is done by Leigh@Leedle Deedle Quilts and is a Farmer’s Wife block called Mother’s Dream. Cute block for sure, I could see this in all kinds of colors!

Info you need to know: Amy posted an edit to this block altering the size of one of your cuts. The block runs a little smaller than the 8 1/2 inches needed. This edit was suppose to make it big enough, but mine is a little shy of the 8.5″ block size. Amy also lets you know it is not that big of a deal because how we set these blocks in the quilt will give you the opportunity to square everything up perfectly. Hey, I am just gonna go with it. No ripping here:)

This block is sewn together  little differently…on the diagonal. You join all your pieces in each row the same, but are piecing diagonally instead of right to left.


You are joining triangles on all the ends, would you like to know how to line these up perfectly???


 Why of course you would:)

Fold the triangle in half and rub your nail over the fold to make a small crease in the fabric, do the same on the adjoining piece. This marks the center of the piece quick and easy , no measuring required!

                       IMG_2624 IMG_2627

Now line ’em up and stitch away.

                     IMG_2629 IMG_2630

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Keep it Sassy
Check out my Christmas in July Table Topper here. I made a separate post for this one, two in one day….surprising myself:)

    Happy Go Lucky

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Block 9


Block 9- Virtual Quilting Bee

This block is by Colleen Molen@TheBusyBean for the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. It is a fun block…I just love a pinwheel! Lots of little pieces in this one, but nothing too hard. A few HST’s and some little corners to add, but otherwise fun. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be making a whole quilt of these, but the add a lot of pizazz for just one block.  I chose the yellow to add to the fun, happy feeling of this block. Click on the button below to catch up on all the blocks so far. I can’t wait to see what is next!

I finally got my Winter’s Lane fabric:) Can’t wait to get in to sewing some things up with this tonight!


Check out the cool shot of butterflies I got! They are on a butterfly bush that I have.  I can’t believe they let me get so close.



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Happy Quilting and try to stay Sassy in all this heat



Stitch by Stitch  plum and june 


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Block 8

Block 8

Block 8

This block is by Judi Madsen@GreenFairyQuilts, one of my favorite shops to check out precuts! Right now everything is on sale and shipping is free, so check it out. She designed this block as part of the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. It is pretty complicated, but does make an intricate block. I am not 100% on my fabric choices, but it will do! Check out Amy’s blog to catch up on all the happenings with the VQB.  You can find the tutorial to make the block here:

Virtual Quilting Bee

Something new I am working on is Christmas in July! I love all things Christmas and usually like to get started early on my handmade projects.I am joining in with Christen at LoveByHand in a

Christmas in July Sewing Challenge.

I love a good challenge too! To participate you will enter any Christmas sewing projects you have made during the month of July. Entries begin July 26th, so get busy and enter because there are some pretty cool prizes available for the winners. I will share with you guys whatever projects I get done here too. LoveByHand has some tutorials for some great gift ideas that she is sharing this month also, so for details, tutorials and prizes visit: lovebyhand.com.

This is my latest fabric purchase that I am stalking the postman for, Winter’s Lane by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for MODA fabrics! I looooove these and if they don’t hurry up July is going to be over!

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https://i0.wp.com/i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b530/Christen_Barber/NewFabricFriday_zps378d630b.png Stitch by Stitch  plum and june  Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy DesignIMG_6373My Quilt Infatuation



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Block 7


4-Way Stop

by Jennifer Mathis@EllisonLaneQuilts for the Virtual Quilting Bee

Virtual Quilting Bee

If you are just joining in this is Block 7 of a Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by Amy Smart@Diary of a Quilter. It is part of a 16 block quilt along. To get all the info please check out one of the links above and join in the fun or just follow along:)

Block 7….ahhh. Much easier and one of my favorite fabric combos so far. I just love the green and blue:) Nothing too tricky here, just mind your numbers as to what is 1″ and what is 1.5″. I made my green strips 1.5″, but no biggie because I just wacked them down a little and…perfect. As we know, not all miscalculations work out so well:) I tried to fussy cut the center, but was off just a little. No problema! These flowers are free, they do what they wanna, and mine wanna lean to the right a little. I notice when you make only one block you obsess just a little on these odd points that no one else will ever notice…

Having some fun also with the Palette Builder at PlayCrafts. Very easy to use! Upload my pic and Voila! You will see several circle on the pic where they found the colors. If you don’t care for one of the colors just move the circle around to you find one that fits what you are looking for. I tried on some lovely flowers in my garden. All this massive rain had made them very happy:)



Click on Palette Builder to give it a try:

Upload your photo to create an amazing palette! Thanks Play-Crafts.

Upload your photo to create an amazing palette! Thanks Play-Crafts.

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Stitch by Stitch  plum and june 

    Happy Go Lucky


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Block 6

Block 6

Block 6-Virtual Quilting Bee

I am mixing it up on you guys today;) This is a finished block and a WIP. I have a special post for the end of the week so I just wanted to get this block out here so we didn’t get behind… being behind!  This block is by AmandaWoodruff@ACraftyFox as a part of the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. Click here for the step by step tutorial for Block 6 and here for Amy’s different method of construction. They are a little ahead of us so we are doing a block a week until we catch up. Click on the link below to get all the details if you want to join on or just see what’s up!

Virtual Quilting Bee

Let me just start by saying…..Check Amy’s edit for this block!!! The center square should be 3.25″ and not 3.5″. Very important and nice to know before you rip the block out 4 times :|  I seriously thought I was losing my mind. I was checking and double checking, but I just couldn’t get this to add up! Frankly, I still am not sure about the numbers and it didn’t come out perfectly, but it was good enough at that point. I had to fudge a few points and get in where I fit in:)

This block uses a smaller unit referred to as Flying Geese. This is a very traditional quilt pattern. You can make an entire quilt of these or combine them with other blocks or units to make some pretty cool things. I think they look just fabulous as a border myself! That is on my quilting to do list. There are several ways to make a flying geese unit. This is the way the tutorial shows you. MSQC has a great video showing you how to make four at a time using one of Eleanor Burns specialty rulers.

Also, the technique used to construct this block is one that some beginners may never have heard of…partial or inset seams. Don’t panic! It only means that you partially sew part of your seam so that you can fit it into the rest of the block. You then finish sewing it from a different angle to close up the stitches. Amy’s method is a whole lot simpler so check it out here, but look at both because maybe you will like the other method and it is good to know all ways to get things finished.

  • First, you will mark a diagonal line on your smaller squares(on the wrong side of the fabric). Sew this on to the larger rectangle. It works best if you sew just along the outside of your marked line! (toward the outer corner). You lose a little fabric when you press this open, so this helps make things a little toward the extra rather than short. We can always square up our block, but if you find a way to square it larger…let me know:)


  • Trim your 1/4″ seam.


  • Then, press open. Notice that I am doing some chain piecing her to speed things up.


  • Now, do the exact same thing on the other side and square up your final unit to 3.25″ x 6″.


Lastly, I will tell you again to read over the tutorial closely! And I would follow Amy’s tutorial on sewing partial seams, especially if you are a little nervous about it.



I have the privilege of being a featured blogger in Plum and June’s 2013, New Blogger Blog Hop!

Check back later this week, I have a special post for old and new followers alike:)

See ya soon


Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy DesignIMG_6373WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced  

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Block 5

Block 5-Virtual Quilting Bee

Block 5- Virtual Quilting Bee

Zipping right along with Block 5…part of the Virtual Quilting Bee with AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. This block was created by CalliTaylor@MakeItDo. Visit here to get all the info and join me while we catch up. They are only on Block 8 so we are hot on their heels!

I pretty much followed suit with the fabrics on this one because….well, I really liked them! This block was simple enough. It only has two different piecing techniques, four patch and corner patch(aka-snowballin). Check out my block 4 post for more info on the snowballin’ technique. And well, the four-patch is pretty simple too. The only thing I really wanted to share for this block is a technique used on the back of a four-patch to reduce bulk in the middle of your block.

This is the back of your basic four-patch block. There is one spot in the middle where all the seams are and it kind of makes a hard lump in the center that you can feel through the block and it is especially hard to quilt through. Also, take note that all the seams are going clockwise except one.



If you take that one seam and flip it over you will see the center unfold a little. Some times you have to gently unpick those last two little stitches, but usually they just unravel themselves. Now, take your finger and give it a good smush! Teach that fabric a lesson:)


Guess what? It leaves you a nice flat center and the cutest little four-patch you ever did see! Do it again when you join your four mini blocks and everything will be smooth and sassy.



Don’t mind those crazy looking seams there folks;)

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Friday, June 21
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    Happy Go Lucky Crazy Mom Quilts

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Block 4

Block 4

 Block 4- The Virtual Quilting Bee

This block is Going Dutch by Melissa Cory@Happy Quilting. For more info about the Virtual Quilting Bee visit Amy@Diary of a Quilter. She also has links to all the tutorials for each block.

This is another one of those blocks that looks harder than it really is…seriously! I’ve started to notice the blocks that look a little tricky often are using a piecing/designing method I call snowballin’:). It is not that difficult, but when combined with other blocks or a pieced foundation square can create the look of an intricate design.

Have you ever heard of the traditional block called a Snowball? Here is is:


It is created by sewing smaller square blocks to the foundation/original solid square. It is often combined with other blocks to create a secondary design.

The resulting block reveals a somewhat round ball that, you guessed it…..looks like a snowball:) I used a large snowball block in my Cardinal Stars quilt. Can you see it?

Cardinal Stars, my design

Here is a quick how to…


Mark a diagonal line on your corner squares.


IMG_2050  IMG_2051

Stitch on the marked line.


Trim 1/4″ from the seam line to remove excess.


Press those little corners open and your done! Pretty cute, huh? Don’t you just want to make a whole quilt full of snowballs!

Adapting the snowball technique is a great way to avoid some tricky calculations and having to cut triangles and octagons…ain’t nobody got time for that!

This block is using that technique on opposite ends of a rectangle. Throw in a couple HST’s and some solid squares and you’ll be Going Dutch in no time! Wait a minute…is that a good thing? Anywho, your block will be done and you can figure out who is paying for dinner later.


Don’t forget when you trim those little snowball corners to sew them together and make some mini HST’s, these are really tiny. Okay, this is getting obsessive I know. You can toss ’em if you must!



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Be sure to leave a comment and share some quilty love!

You will see me on this list June 28th!!!

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