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Well, it’s freak out time as I am trying desperately to finish up two quilts at the same time here! The State Fair is in two weeks and our quilts need to be dropped off this Friday so they can be delivered and judged in time. I had such grand plans for my Fair entries this year, but man does time slip away!!! I needed to finish up my Star Surround quilt this week anyway so I can enter it in the parade over at Happy Quilting. So I figured this was perfect for an entry and I just love the design of this quilt. Then a bug bit me to finish up my Prism quilt that I am doing with Amy@13Spools. Our entry registrations were due last week and I was like… oh yeah, I can definitely finish that one too:) Just a few snips and stitches, right?

So here I am with just a few days left quilting my brains out. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun and I am loving these quilts, but I am having to pry my shoulders out of my ears after these marathon quilting sessions. My SS quilt is all quilted, just your basic stitch-in-the-ditch(or near it anyway).



And how did I not realize what a beastly size this Prism quilt is…


Okay, it’s only a twin…but it’s like an official twin 70 x 85!


Stitch-near-the-ditch on this one too. Face it, I wouldn’t be able to finish it otherwise, but I actually think all the straight lines work well with the design. Tonight I am off to finish up all the little blue prisms in the centers…all one million of them. Just kidding, but not really:)

I quilt for fun, I quilt for fun… As luck would have it I am off tomorrow so I can spend the whole day finishing these up.  I am thanking God for giving me a break on this one so I didn’t have to bind these quilts in my sleep! Does anybody else do this to themselves???  Hope to be showing you some finished up quilts on Friday.

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  1. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Love the colors on the prism. Glad to see someone else does the stitch in the ditch method. What kind of machine is that? Its so roomy to roll the larger quilts through. I struggle with my very basic singer.

  2. I love Prism!

  3. Sending some smooth finish vibes your way! Good luck!!

  4. I usually do this to myself too. Last weekend I slaved over a guild challenge project I thought was due at the first meeting yesterday. Turns out its due in November! Fancy that! There will be no procrastinating on that one! Good luck at the fair!

  5. Looks like a lot of work! But you can do it! I love those quilts :) And twin is big! That’s a lot of quilt to maneuver around- I feel your shoulder pain!

  6. Going to make my first fair entry this weekend also. Just a throw (my hexie one) and some crocheted booties, and a purse. I’m actually still working on the purse (and the purse will be for my mom’s bday and will be released from the fair just in the nick of time!)

    Love that prism quilt!

  7. I just love your Prism quilt! Those colors are great together.

  8. Yay for a day off, so you can spend it getting those quilts finished and bound. I hope you got up to at least half a million prisms by now :-)

    And, yes, I do this to myself too. I’m racing to get my Star Surround quilt done too.Plus, I had this “brilliant” idea that for the Sunday Funday giveaway, I wanted to make a quilt out of the same fabrics that I’m giving away, but that idea only made it as far as the design wall. By the 19th, I have to have the quilting done for a charity quilt. I forgot that I have to work Saturday. That’s what is really throwing a monkey wrench in things around here.

    While you sew around prisms, I’ll be with you in spirit sewing some echo quilting around and around the center star of my quilt.

  9. both of your quilts look great, I really like your star one!! Good luck with your entries at the fair!!

  10. Paula, both of these quilts are just beautiful. Big quilts always take me longer than I expect too- every single step of the way.

    :) Kelly

  11. Looks amazing :)

  12. They’re both so pretty! I hope you still like them after ;)

  13. Janis Tomasek says:

    Paula you are doing such a nice job of quilting in the ditch. Whenever I have to do something for a deadline, my quilting suffers a lot. Can’t wait to see your 2 blue ribbons!

  14. Brenda Niedermayer says:

    These entries are beautiful! Take time to breathe!! When you get a chance let me know what you recommend for quilting when using a pre-printed panel with a large expanse of a natural color with writing on it. Don’t want to take away from the writing, but know I need to do SOME quilting in the expanse where there is no writing!!
    Thanks for any advice!

  15. Keep breathing! That sounds exactly like something I would do! Beautiful quilts by the way.

  16. I love the look of your prism quilt!

  17. I love both of those so much, hope you’re making progress!

  18. You have your hands full for sure! They are so lovely and should be fantastic when they are all finished up!

  19. Those both look great! Hope you had a productive sewing day!

  20. You can do it sister! Sparkle on!

  21. Beautiful!

  22. Love them both, but that prism… perfect colours and all around gorgeous!

  23. I love your prism! Just haven’t gotten going on mine, partly because my whites/off whites supply sucks. But yours is very fresh in those colors. Good call stitching in the ditch for it too.

  24. Paula I love bothof these. The Star Surround is just gorgeous.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

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