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Wee Stash Building

I have been doing a little stash building lately….wanna see?

Like how I refer to it like its an actual exercise:)

Wee Wander Fabrics

I finally had to get me some of this beautiful line! Wee Wander by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics. I ordered these at Fat Quarter Shop.

Folklore Fabrics

I got these when I ventured out to Kelly Ann’s Quilting in Warrenton, Va to hear Alex Veronelli give a lecture on Aurifil thread, so fun!!!….don’t ask me why I didn’t take any pics of this actual event, why?!? These are Folktale by Cinderberry Stitches for Lecien. In the background are some basics for my stash by Swirly Girls Designs.

Penelope by Camelot Fabrics

I don’t think I ever shared here that I won this AMAZING fat quarter bundle and a 12 spool set of Aurifil thread from Camelot Fabrics!!! Love this line, Penelope by Camelot Fabrics. I just love this color palette and these geometric prints.

Fat Quarter Shop Tee

Sew What? I will never live long enough to use all these fabrics.

Sew What? I don’t actually need it.

Sew What? I LOVE it and I’m enjoying it all over again just writing about it:)

I also snagged this super cute t-shirt from Fat Quarter Shop!  You can get one HERE.

Wanna get your stash building exercises in for this week?

Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop is having a sale with 25% off all MODA fabrics! Use coupon code: MODA.

Ends July 18th.

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Sunday Stash and Oblongagons!


So happy to say I have finally got my Oblongagon quilt top done! This one is packed full of Y seams and took me a minute.

This is part of the Oblongagonalong over at Sew Fresh Quilts. I changed my original plan from the chevron layout to the flower design. When I saw how Lorna’s was coming together I just had to try it. I haven’t actually done a lot of Y seams…just a few here and there, but not an entire quilt!

It is only a baby sized quilt but I do love it. A little creative piecing required here and there:) Fabrics are from the Cuzco line by Kate Spain.

Sunday Stash…

Here is my latest stash report! All the goodies I binged on during my recent trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.


Thought the Keep Calm print would be nice to recover a sewing room chair??? I recently saw a FB post that said, Keep Calm and overuse a slogan…haha! I might be a little late on this trend but I like it anyway:) Loved these blueprints!




These are some 30’s I matched up for some unknown project…you know I had to have those umbrellas!


Stocked up on some Swirly Girls Poppy Love:)


Trying to add to my low volume and text prints….love the linen texture!


Never too much gray and black.


These were just the cutest earrings…all made from antique buttons. These were from around 1900 and 1920. Those mini cameos are so teeny. I love teeny jewelry!

Last chance to enter the FWFS giveaway! Click HERE to enter:) Ends Sunday at midnight, open internationally.

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

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So You Wanna Make A Quilt… Part 2 – Fabric


Part 2- Fabric


So what do you need to know about fabric as a beginner??? Who, What When, Where, How?
Let’s start with a How! How do you understand what these people are talking about?…….Terminology: In quilting there are A LOT of wierd words like fat quarter(not body part), WOF(barking dog?-no), and UFO(no aliens required)!  I have made a Sassy Dictionary for beginners HERE. Check it out to get familiar with the terminology used.


 What is fabric?

Basically fibers woven together to form a cloth. Fibers run up and down and side to side. The way these fibers run make up the grain. There are straight grains(lengthwise and crosswise grain) and a bias grain(diagonal). The straight grains run with the direction the fibers and the bias grain is at a 45degree diagonal, cutting across all of them. Why does this matter? The bias is stretchy and the straight is not. The more you learn about quilting, the more you will care about this. I made several quilts before I even knew what this was, so don’t stress if this is confusing.


Notice how I threw another word in that pic? Selvedge. This is a big one! If you are in the US, you might say Selvage or if British, Selvedge(both acceptable). I am in the US, but for some reason I use the word Selvedge…I think its because I associate it with the “edge” of the fabric. The selvedges are the finished edges of the fabric and they keep the fabric from unraveling. They are thicker and tightly woven and should be removed before sewing.

A few things to note about selvedges: info printed on there includes designer, manufacturer and dots of the colors used in printing.


selvedge or selvage edge of fabric

Where do I go to get my fabric?

Three possibilites here….except if you have a loom and well, you can make your own:)

Big Box Store(oooh, quilt snobs wincing everywhere!)- These are your Joann’s, Hobby Lobby’s, Hancocks, etc. Let’s face it, these places are cheaper and often have some great coupons. This is where I get most of my notions and supplies(can’t beat 40%off!). The longer I quilt…the pickier I am with my fabric choices(only slightly snobby), but these stores now carry some pretty nice lines and the quality is good. As a rule if it feels like sandpaper or you can see through it…keep searching!

Local Quilt Shop– These are the smaller stores that you may or may not have near where you live. I strongly reccommend supporting these guys! If we don’t, they shortly disappear. The prices here are usually higher, but all a great quality product and the customer service is priceless. I can’t promise you this in every shop, but for the most part I think it is true. If not, let them know so they can fix it….a good anonymous email might just help. They usually provide classes for learning and the best part is if you run out of something you are already at the store! These guys cannot possibly carry every line available, so find a store that suits your tastes or let the owner know what interests you.

Online Quilt Shops– There are millions of great online shops out there! These shops are where you can find just about anything and shipping these days is not bad at all. I look for shops that have a flat rate shipping policy…especially if you spend a certain amount. My top tip for these is to pay close attention to their cutting policies. Pricing is per unit, which may be by the half yard or whole yard. If it seems SUPER cheap, it is probably a half yard only:) Most shops are eager to please and are willing to have an online conversation about what you want. So don’t be shy! Since I can’t see the fabric in person, I have often messaged the shop owner to look over my order and let me know if one of the shades of a color that I have picked it out of place.

How do I buy it?

Two ways: off the bolt or precut.

  • A bolt of fabric is the large flat cardboard tubes you see lining the shops shelves….ahh, a beautiful sight:) The fabric is actually folded in half before it is wound onto the bolt. If you opened up the fold it would measure about 44-45″, this is referred to as WOF, or Width Of Fabric. One end of the cardboard bolt will have the manufacturers information, designer and pricing details. You take the bolts and have the shop/store cut off just the amount you need. Fabric is measured for purchase by the yard(US) and some shops may have a minimum yardage requirement, just ask.
  • Pre-cuts are pre-packaged fabrics that have already been cut into a specific size. The great thing about pre-cuts is that they are already coordinated together, have lots of variety and you are ready to jump into your project.  The most common pre-cuts: Layer Cake: 10″ squares, Jelly Roll: 2.5″ strips, Charms: 5″ squares, etc. Be careful…these things are like candy, hence the names:)

Pre-cuts: Layer Cake, Dessert Roll, FQ Bundle, Charm Pack

Another form of a precut is a Fat Quarter(FQ) or Fat Eighth(FE). FQ’s are not a quarter of a yard! Now we are just really trying to confuse you right?

A quarter of a yard is 9″ and when it comes off the bolt that makes a long skinny piece of fabric…not always a useable width. A FQ is still a quarter of a yard, but think of laying out a yard of fabric, opening it up and then cutting it into quarters. You then get a piece that is 18″ x 22″. Cut that in half and you get a Fat Eighth, 9″ x 22″.


 How do I know what fabrics to pick?

Most quilters use 100% cotton for general quilting. After that it is all up to you! Scary….right?

Here are some general tips about fabric to help you out:

Start with a fabric you really are drawn too, this is called a focus fabric, and add coordinating fabrics.

When picking out fabrics notice Value and Scale. To keep it simple…Value is divided into light, medium and dark values. Here is an example below. Taking a black and white photo can let you know if you are on track.

          Value ValueBW

Scale is divided into small, medium and large. A variety of both adds interest and contrast to your quilt. A fabric with a large scale print may look different once you cut it into pieces…”hey, what happened to those butterflies? none on this piece”.  Too many small prints or the same size prints can make your quilt look busy or too “blendy”.


What about color??? Do you want a bold and vibrant quilt or soft and sweet?

HERE is a post I did on color for quilters. It is a basic lesson on picking colors, but in reality I think you could study color forever! Look for inspiration everywhere. Take pictures and use them as references. Avoid over matching everything….my grandmother said that makes it look store-bought(boooo….handmade rules!), but if you like it- go for it. This is where someone who works in the shop can really help or you may like starting with some pre-cuts to make it simpler.


Click here for post on Color for Quilters!

How much do I get?

Your pattern should tell you how much…that’s next weeks lesson! When beginning, I recommend getting a little extra! If you cut something wrong, you can just re-cut and won’t have to run back to the shop or search online for more.  If you don’t use it…just add it to your growing stash:)  Remember, whoever dies with the most fabric wins!!!….not really, so take it easy tiger, I know it’s just all soooo beautiful:)


Is your head spinning in circles? Yes, learning to quilt seems like a lot to take in, but all you really need to do is get started! It will all fall in to place and you will be a pro in no time. Next week we learn how to pick out and read a pattern so you can get started:)

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Handmade Happiness!


 Whew, it has been too long!  My wonderful(not so sassy) quilt weekend turned into being sick and laying on the couch the whole entire time:( But…I am feeling better now and glad to be back. I was able to get a couple things done, made a few HST’s and finally hung up this super cute print for my sewing room. I won a couple of these in July and am just now getting them up! I think happiness really is homemade, you have to create it yourself and not just wait for it to happen to you.


Cutest fabric ever!


I have had my eye on this adorable print and finally took the plunge.

It is Kokka French Bulldog in mint, a Japanese import Oxford Cotton. Kinda pricey…8.00 for a half yard.

And I won one of the 160 giveaways I entered in the Giving Thanks Blog Hop at Quilting Gallery:)

IMG_4147 IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4152 IMG_4154

The cutest FQ prints from Sharon at Fabrics and Flowers. Thanks Sharon!

They are from the Handle with Care by Suzy Ultman. Look at this amazing quilt she is working on! I am in love with these borders.fabricsandflowers.blogspot.com

This really inspires me to not be so lazy when doing my borders:)

Christmas fun coming Soon!


Millstone Quilts, one of my local quilt shops, was generous to donate some charm packs to The Sassy Quilter to share!

So for the rest of December I am hosting a giveaway each Monday. I also have some yummy Aurifil goodness to share! So be sure to check in each Monday to win a little of both.

I will make these giveaways super easy to enter….no hoops:) These treats will definitely bring some holiday cheer!

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Design Wall in action!

Design Wall in action

Finished up my Triangle quilt top this weekend and put my new design wall into action. This thing was a life saver and I have no idea why I waited so long to make one! Here is the tutorial on how to make your own Design Wall that I shared earlier. Easy and cheap people:)

The fabrics are Simply Style by V&Co. just the blue and green shades though. Can’t wait to get this sandwiched and quilted. If you know me, it may take a while to get that done:) I like to save up a few and have a sandwiching party.

Design Wall for quilting

What to know about these triangles….wayyyy  stretchy. I wish I had starched my fabric before I cut it instead of after cutting the triangle. A little over anxious to get started on this one. Better late than never!


I have already started my next project which was inspired by Kelly@MyQuiltInfatuation. She used a double slice quilt pattern and said it was quick and I was looking for just that. Here are the gorgeous fabrics I ordered from Moona Fabrics on Etsy. Piper by Dear Stella is the fabric line. Love, love , love these and they weren’t easy to find(been out a while). Sue@Moona Fabrics was so quick to answer my questions and help me get the bundle I was looking for… and they arrived lickety-split! You guys should definitely go and check them out here. Lots of yummy fabrics over there and Sue is kind enough to offer us a coupon code for free shipping on domestic orders over $30! Expires 11/1/13 so you better snap it up quick!

Design Wall in action

Design Wall in action

Moona Fabrics has more of this line(Piper by Dear Stella), Lucky Girl by Jennifer Paganelli, Lottie Da by Heather Bailey,  and many others . . .


so visit Sue at her online shop here!

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