Modern Medley Mini-Quilt Challenge

Mini-Quilt Challenge

Modern Medley

If a quilt is alone in the forest….does it make a sound???

I can’t tell ya, but I’m thinking its possible because I know they have a story to tell for sure!

Happy New Year Quilt peeps!

I hope 2014 was a great year for you and 2015 holds lots of new and exciting things for your future….and of course lots of quilts.

Modern Medley

My local quilt guild recently had Mini-Quilt challenge where the only rules were to use our signature color and keep it 12″ square.

Have you ever tried to decide what your signature color is??? Not as easy as I thought…I love lots of bright and fun colors. I finally decided that the blue family was it for me, but wanted a little splash of pink….because that is very me too! I gathered all my random blue scraps and decided to let loose and just start sewing, pressing and cutting.

You may have noticed I haven’t shared a lot lately…..feeling a little uninspired and overwhelmed by life. I thought this project might be a way to let loose and see what happens. I really wanted to just let this project express what would naturally just come out of me. And that’s just what happened….kind of cool right! I feel a little crazy and blue, lost in the sea of what is happening right now, but I know that in the middle is still me….and it is a bright and happy me!

Modern Medley

I did the same thing with the quilting….just let it out till it told me I was done.

Now before you go thinking I have lost it, don’t worry…I am just fine. I just thought it was an interesting approach to see how a quilt can be more than just a planned project and this is not usually how I approach my quilting for sure!

Modern Medley

These quilts will also be in a quilt show here in February and I think they will make a fun exhibit.  We had to add a 4″ hanging sleeve on the back for the exhibit.

HERE is a tutorial if you ever need to know how to do that.

So tell me what is your signature color for 2015???

Think about it….


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  1. Bell Moore says:

    I love your quilt, it speaks to me as I have lots or shall I say loads of blue scraps and even more pink,since I am a breast cancer survivor!

  2. This mini is adorable. It is definitely very you. I really need to get back to sewing. I’ve been working some, but not the way I used to. I think it must be the winter blahs. I always feel like I’d rather take a nap than sew. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Hey Paula, New day, New Year and new beginnings, so get your Sassy on. Ok on to your mini quilt. First thing that jumped out at me was how neat and precise it is, then all that blue. Then I saw all that freedom. So I would take it that blue is you main signature color. I kinda like the way that sounds, better than favorite color. Why not three colors, mine would be pink, black and white or yellow , black and white or maybe red, black and white. Oh, wait a minute maybe I should say two colors, black and white. That can’t be right either, their not colors. I guess the best thing to do would be not to ask me that question. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you this year. And next time I comment, I’ll only drink one cup of coffee.

  4. cdahlgren2013 says:

    Loving your mini. Sorry about 2014 being a tough year, but that should mean 2015 should be better! I’ve had two tough years and I’ve decided that 2015 is going to be fantastic! After I finish my son’s quilts, I am going to sew fun thi
    this year. Table runners, wall hangings, the guild challenge for our show in October, which is a quilt I’ve wanted to do, and some quilt alongs online that I want to do. It sounds like I’ve already overbooked myself already. Lol. Oh well, keeping busy keeps the crappies away! Hoping to see more from you too. CDahlgren at live dot com

  5. What a neat quilt. Picking your signature colors though, that sounds like the absolute hardest part of the challenge. Sounds like this was a wonderfully freeing project for you. Just had one of those recently myself :)

  6. Found your blog today! How awesome it is. Happy, inspiring and encouraging for a new quilter like me! Will follow along for sure

  7. I absolutely love your mini! Love love love! I really admire your will to just go with measured that inspiration for me for sure. I intend to do just that someday soon, thank you.

  8. your mini quilt is eye catching very nice, hope you are feeling more at peace with yourself now Paula

  9. I love your mini quilt! Colors, style, pattern, quilting…all of it just lovely! I’m excited to see what you have in store for your readers for 2015. Happy happy new year! May 2015 be filled with much love, joy, quilt inspiration and success!

  10. I love your little mini taking shelter from the big tree. I see lots of balance around that beautiful pink center! Happy New Year!

  11. Wow! Your mini quilt is beautiful! Nice job as always! Happy New Year!

  12. Happy new year Paula! Great job on the mini. I, myself, really struggle to just let it go and see where a quilt takes me. Nice job. As for a signature color, I just don’t know. My favorite color is orange but I don’t typically quilt with it. I tend to use a lot of blues and greens.

  13. My thoughts are the same with life right now, a swirling sea of endless health trouble for me…Hope things improve for you and your quilt is wonderful!

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