Quilty Vision Board

Do you have dreams of quilty goodness?

Visions of all the beautiful things you want to make?

Little mementos of quilty happiness?

Well its time for you to make yourself a Quilty Vision Board!


You might also call this an inspiration board…. a collection of all the things that inspire you, excite you and bring a quilty smile to your face.

I have wanted to make one of these for myself forever!!! I was gonna use a cork board… but it was kinda blah. I had some more interesting supplies just laying around and think i came up with a much cuter version.

Supplies Needed:
  • Foam insulation board, however large you wish your Quilty Vision Board to be! If you get a large piece you can also make yourself a movable Design Wall(tutorial for that HERE) and then use the leftovers for this project. That’s what I did.

You can find all different kinds of foam insulation board at your local hardware store.

I bought this at Home Depot for $12. It measures 4′ x 8′ x 1/2″.

It measures about 1/2″ thick. Any similar product that you can stick a pin into will work.

  • Frame… If you want yours to have a frame. You can do this project without it.

I got this one at a thrift store and spray painted it black.

  • Painters tape, wider is better.

I used 2″ painters tape.

  • Stapler, even a mini will do!

Image result for mini stapler

  • Fabric, any kind will do…but a home decor weight fabric is nice.

Home Essentials Print Fabric 45"-Lovely Lattice Raspberry

Home Essentials Print Fabric 45″-Lovely Lattice Raspberry

I used this lovely print found in Joanns Home Decor dept.


Measure the inside of your frame where your foam will set, then cut foam accordingly.

Cut your fabric so that you have an extra 5″ on all sides.  You need enough to fold to the backside.

Fold around all four sides and staple to the foam. Miter the corners to keep things looking smooth.

Use the painters tape to tape down the inner edges. This will keep it secure.

Make sure if your fabric is patterned that you keep things lined up straight when you are wrapping the fabric onto the foam board.

Set the foam into the back of the frame and secure in place with another round of painters tape.

Then flip over your masterpiece and hang in your sewing room!

I absolutely love mine!

My fabric matches my ironing board cover, so It really brings my sewing room together.

Now get to pining all your quilty inspiration! (I just used some cute sewing pins for mine)

I have some patterns up there, my fair ribbons, my quiltcon badges, cute quilty sayings… all kinds of fun stuff. I add to it all the time….can you tell I am short and can’t reach the top, lol!!!

Hope to see some of these you guys make, so please share!


Keep it Sassy♥

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  1. Jennifer Creech says:

    Paula, I love this! Great find on that frame. I’ll be looking for one now.

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