Block 9


Block 9- Virtual Quilting Bee

This block is by Colleen Molen@TheBusyBean for the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. It is a fun block…I just love a pinwheel! Lots of little pieces in this one, but nothing too hard. A few HST’s and some little corners to add, but otherwise fun. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be making a whole quilt of these, but the add a lot of pizazz for just one block.  I chose the yellow to add to the fun, happy feeling of this block. Click on the button below to catch up on all the blocks so far. I can’t wait to see what is next!

I finally got my Winter’s Lane fabric:) Can’t wait to get in to sewing some things up with this tonight!


Check out the cool shot of butterflies I got! They are on a butterfly bush that I have.  I can’t believe they let me get so close.



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Happy Quilting and try to stay Sassy in all this heat



Stitch by Stitch  plum and june 


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  1. That is one pretty block. I made a farmer’s wife block today using the yellow floral and blue print. Pretty.

  2. You’re right, all those pinwheels pack a punch for a single block. It looks great! And lucky you to get such a great pic of a butterfly. I love butterfly bushes!

    :) Kelly

  3. Oh oh! I love the photos! The second one is really something! Do you use photoshop? The lighting is working pretty well for you. With just a few gradient adjustments you could really pop that butterfly!

  4. I, too, am a pinwheel fan. Love your block, Paula! Those fabric choices are sew-weet!
    And thanks for reminding everyone about this week’s featured bloggers in the hop.


  5. That’s a beautiful block! The pin wheels are really fun :)

  6. Nope, still not sick of the cute plate.

  7. OMG Paula, you’re racing ahead with these VQB blocks!! This one looks fab – I really need to follow your example and pull my finger out!

    Your butterfly photos are wonderful, so full of detail. What sort of butterfly is it, not seen anything like it here :)


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