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Block 7


4-Way Stop

by Jennifer Mathis@EllisonLaneQuilts for the Virtual Quilting Bee

Virtual Quilting Bee

If you are just joining in this is Block 7 of a Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by Amy Smart@Diary of a Quilter. It is part of a 16 block quilt along. To get all the info please check out one of the links above and join in the fun or just follow along:)

Block 7….ahhh. Much easier and one of my favorite fabric combos so far. I just love the green and blue:) Nothing too tricky here, just mind your numbers as to what is 1″ and what is 1.5″. I made my green strips 1.5″, but no biggie because I just wacked them down a little and…perfect. As we know, not all miscalculations work out so well:) I tried to fussy cut the center, but was off just a little. No problema! These flowers are free, they do what they wanna, and mine wanna lean to the right a little. I notice when you make only one block you obsess just a little on these odd points that no one else will ever notice…

Having some fun also with the Palette Builder at PlayCrafts. Very easy to use! Upload my pic and Voila! You will see several circle on the pic where they found the colors. If you don’t care for one of the colors just move the circle around to you find one that fits what you are looking for. I tried on some lovely flowers in my garden. All this massive rain had made them very happy:)



Click on Palette Builder to give it a try:

Upload your photo to create an amazing palette! Thanks Play-Crafts.

Upload your photo to create an amazing palette! Thanks Play-Crafts.

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