Block 5

Block 5-Virtual Quilting Bee

Block 5- Virtual Quilting Bee

Zipping right along with Block 5…part of the Virtual Quilting Bee with AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. This block was created by CalliTaylor@MakeItDo. Visit here to get all the info and join me while we catch up. They are only on Block 8 so we are hot on their heels!

I pretty much followed suit with the fabrics on this one because….well, I really liked them! This block was simple enough. It only has two different piecing techniques, four patch and corner patch(aka-snowballin). Check out my block 4 post for more info on the snowballin’ technique. And well, the four-patch is pretty simple too. The only thing I really wanted to share for this block is a technique used on the back of a four-patch to reduce bulk in the middle of your block.

This is the back of your basic four-patch block. There is one spot in the middle where all the seams are and it kind of makes a hard lump in the center that you can feel through the block and it is especially hard to quilt through. Also, take note that all the seams are going clockwise except one.



If you take that one seam and flip it over you will see the center unfold a little. Some times you have to gently unpick those last two little stitches, but usually they just unravel themselves. Now, take your finger and give it a good smush! Teach that fabric a lesson:)


Guess what? It leaves you a nice flat center and the cutest little four-patch you ever did see! Do it again when you join your four mini blocks and everything will be smooth and sassy.



Don’t mind those crazy looking seams there folks;)

And don’t forget about this weeks New Blogger Blog Hop!  These guys have some cool posts for you today so click on their link or visit Plum and June for the complete list for June and July.


Friday, June 21
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  1. “A good smush” – love it!

  2. I’m pretty sure you wrote this post for me! I saw someone do this at a sewing group and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why you’d purposely, WANT to unpick your seam, and leave it that way?!?!? Crazy! However, many moons later and trying to sew over the hump, I get it now!! And your pictures and directions made it clear that those teensy undone stitches, will really be ok. ;). Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! I’ve seen this done for paper-piecing (especially with all those seams that come into the middle) but it was kind of hard for me to figure out what they were doing. This is much clearer, thank you! :D

  4. What a neat trick!

  5. ah, paula! thank for the tip. your blog is just full of them – you should definitely add this to your tips page. you are my go to for all questions! i just love your block, too, by the way :)
    have a great weekend!

  6. goodness, thanks for the tip on the center seams! your blocks are looking lovely.

  7. I am posting some of my favorite quilty finds from this weeks link ups. I pinned your block, but I would love to post a picture of your block, and link to your blog on Windsor and Main tomorrow, but don’t want to without your permission….
    I love your block and style and would love to share it with my small band of readers! Kim :)

  8. I love that i learn so much every blog i read, thank you! And thx for linking up :o)


  1. […] ladies the more excited I get!  This next sweet block is by Paula @ The Sassy Quilter.  This is Block 5 for the Virtual Quilting Bee and I was drawn to it for the color and fabric selection.  The floral […]

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