Block 6

Block 6

Block 6-Virtual Quilting Bee

I am mixing it up on you guys today;) This is a finished block and a WIP. I have a special post for the end of the week so I just wanted to get this block out here so we didn’t get behind… being behind!  This block is by AmandaWoodruff@ACraftyFox as a part of the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by AmySmart@Diary of a Quilter. Click here for the step by step tutorial for Block 6 and here for Amy’s different method of construction. They are a little ahead of us so we are doing a block a week until we catch up. Click on the link below to get all the details if you want to join on or just see what’s up!

Virtual Quilting Bee

Let me just start by saying…..Check Amy’s edit for this block!!! The center square should be 3.25″ and not 3.5″. Very important and nice to know before you rip the block out 4 times :|  I seriously thought I was losing my mind. I was checking and double checking, but I just couldn’t get this to add up! Frankly, I still am not sure about the numbers and it didn’t come out perfectly, but it was good enough at that point. I had to fudge a few points and get in where I fit in:)

This block uses a smaller unit referred to as Flying Geese. This is a very traditional quilt pattern. You can make an entire quilt of these or combine them with other blocks or units to make some pretty cool things. I think they look just fabulous as a border myself! That is on my quilting to do list. There are several ways to make a flying geese unit. This is the way the tutorial shows you. MSQC has a great video showing you how to make four at a time using one of Eleanor Burns specialty rulers.

Also, the technique used to construct this block is one that some beginners may never have heard of…partial or inset seams. Don’t panic! It only means that you partially sew part of your seam so that you can fit it into the rest of the block. You then finish sewing it from a different angle to close up the stitches. Amy’s method is a whole lot simpler so check it out here, but look at both because maybe you will like the other method and it is good to know all ways to get things finished.

  • First, you will mark a diagonal line on your smaller squares(on the wrong side of the fabric). Sew this on to the larger rectangle. It works best if you sew just along the outside of your marked line! (toward the outer corner). You lose a little fabric when you press this open, so this helps make things a little toward the extra rather than short. We can always square up our block, but if you find a way to square it larger…let me know:)


  • Trim your 1/4″ seam.


  • Then, press open. Notice that I am doing some chain piecing her to speed things up.


  • Now, do the exact same thing on the other side and square up your final unit to 3.25″ x 6″.


Lastly, I will tell you again to read over the tutorial closely! And I would follow Amy’s tutorial on sewing partial seams, especially if you are a little nervous about it.



I have the privilege of being a featured blogger in Plum and June’s 2013, New Blogger Blog Hop!

Check back later this week, I have a special post for old and new followers alike:)

See ya soon


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  1. Thanks for the “heads-up” on the center block! Glad you jumped ahead and struggled through it first so I didn’t totally lose my sanity! I’ll be glad when we catch up to the Virtual Quilting Bee originals, although actually my schedule is tight because I have too many projects “almost” assembled. I jump from one block to another right now, plus making some little outfits for grand daughters!
    Have a good day! Looking forward to your special post!

  2. Very nice! You’re rocking right along with these. Love the commitment! :)

  3. great block, and great little tutorial on flying geese!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Love your blog. It seems no matter how accurately I cut my fabric pieces and sew them, they always are either too big or too small. I measure right and everything! I just don’t know where I go wrong. I can get my points right on spot but I don’t know what happens everywhere else. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Love that block, as well as your fabric choices! Looks great!

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