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Triangle Guest Post- Erica Jackman

Quilts by Erica Jackman@KitchenTableQuilting

Popping in today is Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting. The Triangle Quilt Along started last week and I thought we could use a little triangle inspiration along the way with a few tips and tricks from a pro!

What first drew me to Erica’s blog was the name…Kitchen Table Quilting! This is where almost all of my quilting takes place and I think most of us can relate:)

The name may have drew me in but, the fabulous quilts and her fun and modern sense of color and style kept me there! You can see some of her amazing work in the collage above.

Sundown - 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge

When I came across Erica’s recent finish for the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge , I knew I had to ask her to give us a visit! Erica was kind enough to let me share her photos with you and came up with these tips for you guys…

Erica’s Triangle Tips!


Hi guys! Erica here.

I love working with triangles, and even though they take a little more practice than squares, they are really not all that scary. I do not like to use starch or glue, I just keep things simple and have never had a problem with sewing on the bias.

•Cut accurately – I use the 12.5″ Creative Grids 60 degree triangle ruler. It’s not a cheap ruler, but it makes cutting triangles easy and quick and it really helps me with making sure my triangles are the same size.  If your triangles aren’t cut accurately it is likely that your fabric will stretch when you are piecing and the quilt won’t lay flat.

•Pin thoroughly – I am a dedicated pinner, I almost never skip this step, but I think it is particularly important with triangles. Make sure not to stretch the fabric as you pin. I like to place a pin at the top and bottom of the seam and then 1-2 pins in the middle depending on the size of the triangles.

•Press carefully – I like to gently press the seam open and then use a little puff of steam. Make sure not to move the iron around, just press it down.


Sundown Quilt with backing
Erica has a couple of free triangle tutorials too!
Erica even has some triangle goodness to be published here soon…

Briar Patch Quilt

This quilt is included in the upcoming Summer 2014 of Easy Quilts which should be available in stores soon.
Thanks Erica for sharing your work and top tips with us!
Be sure to go visit Erica at Kitchen Table Quilting and say hello:)

See you guys on Friday for the Triangle Quilt Along and the cutting instructions for those fabulous triangles. If you haven’t joined in yet…It’s not too late!!! You have until Thurday at midnight to link up your fabric selection pic HERE for the weekly prize drawing!

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How to link up my picture..


If you already have mastered Flickr and linking-up….you probably want to skip this post:)


If this is your first time using Flickr or linking up a picture, take a deep breath and I will show you some basic steps and you will have it down in no time:)

Here is a how to:

The link up area will be at the end of the post. Click on the blue button that says “Add your link”


Click this to add your link!

The next screen will be….

Inlinkz screenshot

This is what your screen will look like after you click “Add your link”

•A box will pop up and the first line will be asking for your: Link or “the URL of the link you are adding”. This is the web address at the top of your screen that shows where exactly you are in the world wide web:) Starts with http:// or www. You can copy this from where you have your image at and just paste it in this first line.

•Click in the next line titled: Link Title or “The name that will be visible under your thumbnail”. The program should automatically search for the image and fill in this line for you. If you have entered an incorrect link it will give you an error and you can go back and fix it now. If using Flickr…you have to have your pictures set to a Public setting for Inlinkz to access them. I keep my entire Flickr account set to Public, no secret info there, just quilt pics:)

•You can leave the link title or name as it is or change it to whatever you like. I usually change mine to Paula@TheSassyQuilter so people can easily see whose picture it is. It will help us get to know each other a bit too!

•The next line will be asking for your Email address. Type that in.

•Below this will be an area titled Image Source. Here will be a grid of all the pictures they found on the webpage you entered. Click on the one you want to use or use the option tabs to add another. I never have to use the other tabs. If you don’t see the one you want make sure you have scrolled down through the options.

Now Click done!  The next screen will give you the option to share on other social media sites. You can do that or just click “Take me back to the Link Up”.


How to use Flickr!

Flickr is a great way to share your work and interact with other quilters!

You will have to join Flickr and create a yahoo id and a username/password….same as all the other social media. Below is a pic of my personal photostream or homepage on Flickr. You can personalize it by adding a profile pic and cover photo. Make sure you are set to Public for sharing your photos or we won’t be able to see them:)


Joining the group…

Once you are set up you need to join the Triangle Quilt Along Flickr Group, click this link to get there.


It should take you to the page above. In the blue circle is out logo button. Where the red button says “leave group” will say “join group” if you haven’t joined yet.You can add photos to the group by clicking the add photos button inside to logo, this is if they are in your photos already. Keep reading to see how to get them in there.



Above that is a discussion area, check here for ongoing discussions with your fellow quilt along members:) The first is one for introductions so we get to know each other.

Uploading your photos…


When on your personal page, click the Upload button to add your photos. It will then prompt you to get them off your computer.


Once you pick your photo there is an area below it to title and add a description if you chose.


You can add directly to the group at this time also! Just click “Add to groups” and pick which group you want to add too.


Once you are all set…click “Upload” in the corner and you are set!

Flickr Mobile!

If you have a smart phone you can get the free app and upload pics from your phone. It will be the app by yahoo.


Once you open the app, click on the camera and choose from the pics on your phone or ipad.


Click on the “Advanced” option and you will be able to add to the group at the same time!


Click group and find the Triangle Quilt Along Group. It will only be there if you have joined the group already.

Then just hit the Upload button in the upper right corner and you are done!

Hope this helps you guys! Please email me or comment if you have any questions:)

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Triangle QAL- Sign-ups and Fabric Selection!


Week 1

Fabric Selection and Official Sign-up!

Here we are! The Triangle Quilt Along has officially begun. I am excited to get my triangle mojo going again and quilt along with you guys.

First things first! Let’s review how this QAL(quilt-a-long) will work.

Each week(on Friday) I will post the weeks assignment, this week: fabric selections and sign-up. The post will go up on Friday and you will then have until the following Thurday at midnight EST to link up a pic of your progress for the week. A winner for each weeks prize will be drawn randomly and shared in the following weeks post. Keep the time zone in mind for link-up deadlines:)

Worried or nervous about linking up your pic? Please email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to walk you through it. Come back tomorrow for a post on how to link up your picture for those who need it:) I will show you how to navigate from Flickr too. I know some are using it for the first time.

So do you wanna see what fabrics I am using?

Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda!


I actually had a layer cake I wanted to use for this one. So I am just cutting as many as I can out of it(3 per 10″square) and filling in with some matching solids. Our total amount of triangles will be 204 if you are trying to make something like this work too.

If you have forgotten the fabric requirements…visit the Triangle Quilt Along homepage HERE or on the menu bar for all the info you need to quilt along.

Just for fun I want to review some things I have shared earlier that you just might need to know about triangles…

There are two types of triangles you see when quilting- Equilateral and Isosceles.

Equilateral triangles byAmanda@MaterialGirlQuilts

Bermuda triangle quilt

Isosceles Triangle Quilt by Ashley@MommybyDayCrafterbyNight.

Now you got to go back to your math/geometry vault on this one. Equilateral triangles have equal sides and are called 60 degree triangles in the quilt world…well, in all the worlds actually. Isosceles triangles have to have two equal sides and are more like 45 degree triangles to quilters. Think short and stumpy(equilateral) and long and lean(isosceles).

What makes people think twice about making a triangle quilt?

A. They are pointy…and we all know it can be tricky keeping all those in our quilt projects:)

B. When cutting out triangles, because of the diagonal lines, you now have the issue of bias to deal with.

Bias is not so bad, it just makes the fabric stretchy and as long as you know that and handle it a little more gently, you will do just fine! Hey, sometimes bias works in our favor. It lets us fudge those points a little if we need to and is great when working with all things curvy.

Want to go ahead and start getting your fabric ready?

Press and Starch all your fabrics. To help with bias I recommend a heavy starch. This will keep things stiff and not so stretchy!


I like to use Best Press! If you are not a starch lover…that is okay too:)

Official Sign-up!

All you have to do to sign up is comment and tell me you are in! No fee or anything special you have to do. Just join in the triangle fun:)

Don’t think you have enough time?

Make a smaller quilt if you like, even make a mini!

If you already commented and told me you will be participating then I have got your name on the list, but feel free to say hello!

This weeks Prize and Sponsor!

$25.00 gift certificate to Cotton Bliss!

Stefanie has some amazing new lines in…so go check them out so you know what to buy when you win! Through today she is having a great sale up to 30% off on all fabrics and precuts.


A Swirly Girls Design pattern!


Now for the link-up!

 Loading InLinkz ...


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Online Quilting Class

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Triangles, Triangles, Triangles


This Friday is the big launch of my first Quilt Along and I am so excited!!! A big thanks to everyone who has already thrown their name in the hat for this one(air hugs coming your way!). I can’t wait to quilt along with this fantastic group of quilters:)

Is it just me or have you guys noticed triangles everywhere! This may be like when you get a car and you all of a sudden notice the same one everywhere:) Ever since I made my triangle quilt I have been obsessed with all things triangle. Seeing them around every corner and loving all the triangle projects I spot, even adding them to my Pinterest board> Triangles, Triangles, Triangles. I started this board before my project so I could work up the nerve to make one myself. Something about those pointy little things is scary to quilters who haven’t yet taken the plunge:)

Check out all the places these gorgeous triangles are showing up….

Tiny Triangle Lariat Necklace - Dainty Little Triangle Shape Charm, gold jewelry, lariat necklace, gift for, wedding jewelry, bridal

Tiny Triangle Lariat necklace @ The Lovely Raindrop on Etsy

 Click on the pictures if you want more info on these cool finds!

Vintage Diamond Unique Triangle Engagement Ring 14kt Yellow Gold

Vintage Diamond Unique Triangle Engagement Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold @ baffy21 on Etsy


Triangle Pattern Nails @ Chalkboardnails.com

 I pinned a tutorial on how to do these if anyone dares….HERE.

Pastel Triangles Watch

Pastel Triangles Watch by Leif @ leifshop.com


Triangle geometric wall clock home decor ornament decoration housewares hipster modern triangle design arrows  black white pink pillow quote

Triangle Geometric Wall Clock @ MonochromeStudio on Etsy

Yep! They are everywhere:)

Triangles and all things geometric seem to be popular right now so for all of you joining in the Triangle Quilt Along…who knew we were so trendy!

See you guys on Friday! If you haven’t yet…please join the Flickr group to share your pics and progress. You can link to these pictures for the prizes each week or if you are not a Flickr fan…you can link along the way to a blog post, FB, or any other website/social media where you can share your pic! I have created a Triangle Quilt Along, Pinterest board too HERE if you want to follow.

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Triangle QAL Prizes!


Triangle Quilt Along Prizes!

Three weeks until the Triangle Quilt Along kicks off! Yay! I have been so thrilled by how many of you guys are willing to quilt along with me:) Seriously….love you guys!

I thought you might like to know these prizes you will be working for:) So here they are!

Prizes from Our Sponsors!

Week 1, Fabric Selection and sign ups- $25.00 gift certificate to Cotton Bliss!

Week 2, Cutting Triangles- $25.00  gift certificate to Fort Worth Fabric Studios!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Week 3, Piecing Rows- $25.00 gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics!

Week 4, Joining Rows- $25.00 gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics!

One week break:) then….

Week 5, Triangle Extravaganza!(Finished Quilts)- Two Grand Prizes- $75.00 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop and $50.00 gift certificate to Cotton Bliss!!!


Swirly Girls Design will be donating some patterns along the way!

Thought I might let you guys know what cool things and deals our sponsors have going on right now.

Cotton Bliss is moving locations and is having an awesome moving sale!!! 30% off their already reduced prices:) Click HERE to check those out.

Photo: We're moving next week, you can lend us a hand by shopping our Big Moving Sale! 30% off lots of beautiful fabrics.www.shopcottonbliss.com

Pink Chalk shared their top 10 downloadable patterns HERE! Number 1 is this Noodlehead divided basket, cute♥ I still have not tried one of these!

Fort Worth Fabric Studios shared this super cute 8 piece bundle HERE! I love the way she bundles her fabrics:) and she is giving away a mini Hex N More ruler HERE!

Fat Quarter Shop recently released their latest free pattern, Charm Pack Cherry! Oh, it is sooo cute. A great way to use up some of these charm packs we are collecting:) They have a YouTube video so you can watch Kimberly make the whole top HERE!

Layer Cake Lemonade

Swirly Girls Design newest pattern is Overnight Sensation. This is Susan’s latest in her Dashing Bobbin series! These are great patterns that are quick to piece…you know we love that:) Ask for it at your local quilt shop or buy online HERE!

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Triangle Quilt Along!


I am so excited to launch my first Quilt Along here at The Sassy Quilter!

Do you remember this quilt…

Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt Along

Lots of you said you really wanted to make a triangle quilt, but just haven’t yet…so, here is your chance:) I’m calling it the Triangle Quilt Along and I have rounded up some awesome sponsors and prizes!

Our Sponsors!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

It will be a five week process with weekly link ups to share your pics for a chance at prizes, with an awesome Grand Prize at the end with our Triangle Extravaganza!

I want to encourage everyone to join in because you are going to be surprised how easy this quilt is and it not too big so you will have no problem keeping up!!! Remember there are no blocks in a triangle quilt so once you cut them out….you just piece your rows and join them…Easy!

Here is a coloring sheet you can print to help you visualize your quilt.


Finished size = 49.5″ x 65″

The winners will be drawn randomly so don’t panic thinking you will never get those points to line up just right. Participation is all that’s required. I will be starting a Flickr group to share your pic and progress and you can link to those. Flickr is free so sign up! If you can’t do that, then email me here: thesassyquilter@gmail.com and I will help you figure it out or even link it up for you:)

When do we start?

Not until March 21st! So you have got plenty of time to get your thoughts and fabrics together.


Triangle Quilt Along Announcement and Fabric Requirements- February 14

Official Sign-up and Share Fabric Selection- Week 1, March 21

Cutting- Week 2, March 28

Piecing Rows- Week 3, April 4

Joining Rows- Week 4, April 11

Break week! Giving you some quilting time here:) April 18

Triangle Extravaganza! Week 5, April 25

How much fabric will you need?(go ahead and get these picked out)

Triangles = 1/3 yd cuts of 13 different fabrics. I used 10 prints and 3 solids. You can use as much or as little variety as you like. Just get larger cuts of the same fabric if you want less fabrics in your quilt. For example: You may get 2/3 yds of a particular fabric you want more of and then get only 12 different fabrics. I will warn you that you need exactly 1/3 yd of each, so if you want to be on the safe side you can get 1/2 yd and you will have some extra to add to your scrap bins! As long as your cuts of fabric are generous and give you room to square up the edge, you will be fine. If you want to use Fat Quarters, that would be two of each of the 13 fabrics, 26 in total!

Binding = 1/2 yd

Backing = 3 yds

Do I need a special ruler?

It will be super easy if you use a 60 degree equilateral triangle ruler! It will need to cut a 6″ triangle and that little blunt tip is a life saver. You can find one from Creative Grids HERE, but I will show you how to cut one with your regular rulers too.

Please ask if you have any questions about picking your fabrics!!! I can help with calculations if this is confusing to any beginners…or anyone else:) This is a throw size quilt, if you want to go smaller or larger…we can figure out that too!

Let’s make this fun and get inspired by each other! I would LOVE your support:) Leave a comment letting me know if you are joining in!


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