Triangle Guest Post- Erica Jackman

Quilts by Erica Jackman@KitchenTableQuilting

Popping in today is Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting. The Triangle Quilt Along started last week and I thought we could use a little triangle inspiration along the way with a few tips and tricks from a pro!

What first drew me to Erica’s blog was the name…Kitchen Table Quilting! This is where almost all of my quilting takes place and I think most of us can relate:)

The name may have drew me in but, the fabulous quilts and her fun and modern sense of color and style kept me there! You can see some of her amazing work in the collage above.

Sundown - 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge

When I came across Erica’s recent finish for the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge , I knew I had to ask her to give us a visit! Erica was kind enough to let me share her photos with you and came up with these tips for you guys…

Erica’s Triangle Tips!


Hi guys! Erica here.

I love working with triangles, and even though they take a little more practice than squares, they are really not all that scary. I do not like to use starch or glue, I just keep things simple and have never had a problem with sewing on the bias.

•Cut accurately – I use the 12.5″ Creative Grids 60 degree triangle ruler. It’s not a cheap ruler, but it makes cutting triangles easy and quick and it really helps me with making sure my triangles are the same size.  If your triangles aren’t cut accurately it is likely that your fabric will stretch when you are piecing and the quilt won’t lay flat.

•Pin thoroughly – I am a dedicated pinner, I almost never skip this step, but I think it is particularly important with triangles. Make sure not to stretch the fabric as you pin. I like to place a pin at the top and bottom of the seam and then 1-2 pins in the middle depending on the size of the triangles.

•Press carefully – I like to gently press the seam open and then use a little puff of steam. Make sure not to move the iron around, just press it down.


Sundown Quilt with backing
Erica has a couple of free triangle tutorials too!
Erica even has some triangle goodness to be published here soon…

Briar Patch Quilt

This quilt is included in the upcoming Summer 2014 of Easy Quilts which should be available in stores soon.
Thanks Erica for sharing your work and top tips with us!
Be sure to go visit Erica at Kitchen Table Quilting and say hello:)

See you guys on Friday for the Triangle Quilt Along and the cutting instructions for those fabulous triangles. If you haven’t joined in yet…It’s not too late!!! You have until Thurday at midnight to link up your fabric selection pic HERE for the weekly prize drawing!

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  1. I’m going to have to be extra on guard not to iron the pieces — just press! I know that’s a quilting rule, but I have the bad habit of doing it :-( Good tips to remember and a beautiful color scheme for a triangle quilt!

  2. yes think I will have to join this challenge, maybe I can find enough fabric in my stash but maybe it is a good excuse for another spend!

  3. Thanks for the great tips Erica! I’m usually not a pinner but will definitely be on this quilt. Thanks for sharing another great blog Paula!

  4. I’d like to know about how to line up the triangles when sewing. With some rulers, like the creative grids 60 degree ruler, the top point is blunt, which makes lining that 1 point up easier when sewing. Do you go and blunt the other 2 points on the triangle? Or is this something you are going to cover in the cutting post coming up shortly? If so, sorry for wanting to jump ahead.

    • You can trim the other points, but I just feel through the fabric and line the seams up that way. It works pretty well; they aren’t all perfect, but close enough!

  5. I’m so glad to get those instructions from Erica and see her lovely quilted triangles!! I’m so looking forward to the cutting instructions tomorrow and I just put my link up of my fabric selection so hope to win!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Erica! You have some lovely quilts. I’m using the 60 degree angle on my ruler this time, but I may just have to buy that 12.5″ triangle ruler from creative grids next time I buy templates.

  7. Starch and pins are going to be my best friend – thanks for the advice, Erica!

  8. Nice work Erica and thanks for all the tips. I am a pinner, so I will be pinning along; and Thank you Paula for hosting. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post:)

  9. oh, oh I hardly use pins :-) I love her Pantone triangle quilt.

  10. ___123___Triangle Guest Post- Erica Jackman – The Sassy Quilter___123___

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