Triangles, Triangles, Triangles


This Friday is the big launch of my first Quilt Along and I am so excited!!! A big thanks to everyone who has already thrown their name in the hat for this one(air hugs coming your way!). I can’t wait to quilt along with this fantastic group of quilters:)

Is it just me or have you guys noticed triangles everywhere! This may be like when you get a car and you all of a sudden notice the same one everywhere:) Ever since I made my triangle quilt I have been obsessed with all things triangle. Seeing them around every corner and loving all the triangle projects I spot, even adding them to my Pinterest board> Triangles, Triangles, Triangles. I started this board before my project so I could work up the nerve to make one myself. Something about those pointy little things is scary to quilters who haven’t yet taken the plunge:)

Check out all the places these gorgeous triangles are showing up….

Tiny Triangle Lariat Necklace - Dainty Little Triangle Shape Charm, gold jewelry, lariat necklace, gift for, wedding jewelry, bridal

Tiny Triangle Lariat necklace @ The Lovely Raindrop on Etsy

 Click on the pictures if you want more info on these cool finds!

Vintage Diamond Unique Triangle Engagement Ring 14kt Yellow Gold

Vintage Diamond Unique Triangle Engagement Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold @ baffy21 on Etsy


Triangle Pattern Nails @

 I pinned a tutorial on how to do these if anyone dares….HERE.

Pastel Triangles Watch

Pastel Triangles Watch by Leif @


Triangle geometric wall clock home decor ornament decoration housewares hipster modern triangle design arrows  black white pink pillow quote

Triangle Geometric Wall Clock @ MonochromeStudio on Etsy

Yep! They are everywhere:)

Triangles and all things geometric seem to be popular right now so for all of you joining in the Triangle Quilt Along…who knew we were so trendy!

See you guys on Friday! If you haven’t yet…please join the Flickr group to share your pics and progress. You can link to these pictures for the prizes each week or if you are not a Flickr fan…you can link along the way to a blog post, FB, or any other website/social media where you can share your pic! I have created a Triangle Quilt Along, Pinterest board too HERE if you want to follow.

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about the triangles everywhere.
    Bunnie at

  2. I can’t wait for Fiday. I’m on vacation and Baby Lizzie (sewing machine) made the trip with us so I don’t get behind on the QAL.

  3. Being new to Flickr, I couldn’t figure out how to follow the group. Finally I signed in, and then I eventually saw “Follow this group” or something next to “Triangle Quilt Along”. But I didn’t know that, as I have another flickr group (for hexagons) that I have yet to figure out how to follow, but I think now I know. So I think it would help to give us Flickr newbies a little tutorial on using Flickr with the triangle Quilt A Long.

    Thanks for hosting this quilt-a-long. This is my first time in a quilt-a-long. I hope I can keep up with the work!

  4. HI!!!! I am excited to get started!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  5. Yay! I’ll get my fabric pics posted this week! I’ll be out of town next week, but I’ll hopefully do a little this weekend, then play catch up as soon as I get back. I’m really excited for this!

  6. I have been wavering whether or not to follow along since I’m so new to quilting and just finished the other QAL, wondering if I needed a break, but as I tend to bend to the whims of The Universe, the decision was made for me. I was at my local quilt shop yesterday, and as I was having some yardage cut, I noticed the rulers for sale hanging on the wall, so I asked if they had the equilateral triangle ruler since I couldn’t see one. There was instantly a frenzy of activity as 4 employees dashed about the shop trying to locate one, and alas, someone found a spare ruler tucked away in a drawer. The little ruler, lost and forgotten in a storeroom drawer, came home with me, and we’re ready to quilt along! I should probably get some fabric now! ;)

  7. I’m in. woo hoo!

  8. Oh girl, I cannot resist. I have a project in my head, and fabric on the shelf, which is calling out…

  9. Triangles are much more fun than squares! I’m getting my fabrics together :-)

  10. Just want to double check… is all I need to do to sign up for the QAL joining the Flickr group?

  11. I really want to join you guys on this – loving all the triangle quilts I’m seeing everywhere! Super busy, though, and not sure I can fit in a big one – can I join in even if I just make something small with my triangles?

  12. Can’t wait to get started! I need to pull fabric :)

  13. I’m still in chaos with our recent move. Hope I can get my sewing studio up and running and can get started on this.

  14. Hoping to May be join in as well Paula. I just won a most beautiful variety of aqua fabrics and I think this just may be the project for them :)

  15. oh, yeah. they are the new “it” shape. we are definitely on trend with this one! =) you stylish thang, you. lol. (did I mention your new profile pic is really nice?)

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