Triangle Quilt Along!


I am so excited to launch my first Quilt Along here at The Sassy Quilter!

Do you remember this quilt…

Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt Along

Lots of you said you really wanted to make a triangle quilt, but just haven’t yet…so, here is your chance:) I’m calling it the Triangle Quilt Along and I have rounded up some awesome sponsors and prizes!

Our Sponsors!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

It will be a five week process with weekly link ups to share your pics for a chance at prizes, with an awesome Grand Prize at the end with our Triangle Extravaganza!

I want to encourage everyone to join in because you are going to be surprised how easy this quilt is and it not too big so you will have no problem keeping up!!! Remember there are no blocks in a triangle quilt so once you cut them out….you just piece your rows and join them…Easy!

Here is a coloring sheet you can print to help you visualize your quilt.


Finished size = 49.5″ x 65″

The winners will be drawn randomly so don’t panic thinking you will never get those points to line up just right. Participation is all that’s required. I will be starting a Flickr group to share your pic and progress and you can link to those. Flickr is free so sign up! If you can’t do that, then email me here: and I will help you figure it out or even link it up for you:)

When do we start?

Not until March 21st! So you have got plenty of time to get your thoughts and fabrics together.


Triangle Quilt Along Announcement and Fabric Requirements- February 14

Official Sign-up and Share Fabric Selection- Week 1, March 21

Cutting- Week 2, March 28

Piecing Rows- Week 3, April 4

Joining Rows- Week 4, April 11

Break week! Giving you some quilting time here:) April 18

Triangle Extravaganza! Week 5, April 25

How much fabric will you need?(go ahead and get these picked out)

Triangles = 1/3 yd cuts of 13 different fabrics. I used 10 prints and 3 solids. You can use as much or as little variety as you like. Just get larger cuts of the same fabric if you want less fabrics in your quilt. For example: You may get 2/3 yds of a particular fabric you want more of and then get only 12 different fabrics. I will warn you that you need exactly 1/3 yd of each, so if you want to be on the safe side you can get 1/2 yd and you will have some extra to add to your scrap bins! As long as your cuts of fabric are generous and give you room to square up the edge, you will be fine. If you want to use Fat Quarters, that would be two of each of the 13 fabrics, 26 in total!

Binding = 1/2 yd

Backing = 3 yds

Do I need a special ruler?

It will be super easy if you use a 60 degree equilateral triangle ruler! It will need to cut a 6″ triangle and that little blunt tip is a life saver. You can find one from Creative Grids HERE, but I will show you how to cut one with your regular rulers too.

Please ask if you have any questions about picking your fabrics!!! I can help with calculations if this is confusing to any beginners…or anyone else:) This is a throw size quilt, if you want to go smaller or larger…we can figure out that too!

Let’s make this fun and get inspired by each other! I would LOVE your support:) Leave a comment letting me know if you are joining in!


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  1. Bev Brewer says:

    What size is the triangle template?

  2. I’ve got a triangle quilt on my list and the timing feels right so I do believe I will join in :)

  3. Sounds like fun!! Is there a ruler to buy?.

  4. I have been wanting to make this quilt so count me in. I have a 6″ 60 degree ruler. Will this work?

  5. Sounds like fun. I’m definitely participating!

  6. I wanna play!!!

  7. I cannot wait for this quilt along. Thank you so much for hosting this QAL. I am going to begin selecting (playing) with fabric choices. I could be a big girl and call it auditioning, but I’m really just going to play!

  8. Susan in OK says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be joining in the fun. I have two quilts I need to bind (and scallop one) for a quilt show in June. So, I should be able to finish them before that.

  9. I’m in!! A little nervous but I’ve always thought your tutorials were good and easy to follow, so I’m counting on that:) Can I use 26 different fat quarters for a scrappy look? Or would that not work well for this pattern?

  10. I love your blogs and new at sewing and I will be following along on quilt so excited to start

  11. Going to try, triangles make me nervous. Have only made a strip quilt..

  12. YAY!! I’m in, been wanting to make a triangle quilt for a while now.

  13. I would love to join, a triangle quilt sounds wonderful…….

  14. Love this! I want to join in all the fun! Thanks for hosting this!

  15. Tempting … I really want to do this! Just need to decide which fabrics to gather up!!

  16. Very tempting! I have a triangle ruler just waiting to be used!

  17. tempting.

    I do not have that ruler.

    I have a mystery quilt im working on too. hummm
    guess we will see where things stand in march :)

  18. Jessie Lou Who says:

    I’m in! Already have plenty of eligible fabric!! Yay! Your tutorials are easy to follow so I am confident it will be awesome !!

  19. Yay! How exciting! That is right around our closing date so I might not get to play along but I’ll cheer everyone on!!!

  20. I am sew in!!! Looking forward to it!

  21. Hmmm…I’m currently doing a quilt along at Happy Quilting, however it kinda ends on March 12. I’ve never sewn triangles before. I’ll think about it. :)

  22. Can’t wait!

  23. So tempted….oh to fit it in….hmmm. I will be back need to think through a gap in my schedule

  24. Oh, I am so tempted… I’ll have to see where I’m at on March 21.

  25. I’m in!

  26. This looks like fun Paula! I might have to join in. I have made a couple of smaller triangle quilts and I love them. I like the look of the bigger block. I am thinking I might have to go scrappy to use more of what I have in my stash.

  27. Love the blues and greens in your quilt.

  28. Kristine Evans says:

    I will join your Triangle Quilt Along. This sounds like a lot of fun and might keep me on tract. Looking forward to the start date.

  29. This sounds like a good challenge – follow a schedule and make a beautiful quilt! I’m thinking I’m itching to use my new triangle ruler. I’m in.

  30. This looks like fun! I am going to try to keep up with you. I am excited to search thru my stash to see what I can find. Probably will make my quilt a little smaller so it is more like 40 X 50, or somewhere close. I like to use that size for baby quilts. Have a great weekend.

  31. I’m interested! I love your triangle quilt.

  32. Marti Morgan says:

    I’m interested also and would love to have a triangle quilt. How wide is each row? Thank you for taking this on.

  33. I’m in, This is my first full size quilt. I’m eager to start. You may have to help with flicker. Thanks for taking this on. May it be a success for you too. T.

  34. Count me in! I’m hoping to be able to keep up with the schedule since we’ll be in the middle of a move. Now to decide on size and fabrics. Thinking this might be my solid color quilt that I’ve been thinking about.

  35. I am in! Would love to make this quilt for my son. Do you think you could help me figure yardage for a queen size?

  36. How exciting!!!

  37. It is on my list for ages so I would like to give a go as SAL. Thanks!

  38. I like to Join as well, is there any Chance of giving me the measurements in cm as well please? This would bei my First quilt ever.
    Vielen Grüße Sylvia

  39. Nadine Stu[elli says:

    I’d love to join. Not sure what in the heck Flicker is- but if I can’t figure it out- I’ll send you an email. Thank you. :-)

  40. Kathy DeFlorville says:

    Please count me in!!! Sounds like fun!!!

  41. I love that quilt! Congrats on the QAL should be fun to watch!

  42. Oh, I’m loving the timing of this. Since you’re waiting until March, there is a much better chance I can jump in. The piecing is actually the weekend of my quilting retreat, and I’ve been wondering what to work on there. This could be the answer!

  43. Love triangle quilts! I have wanted to make one for a while now! :) I will definitely have to think about this–it is so tempting!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  44. cdahlgren2013 says:

    So why did I think I needed a layer cake to make this quilt? I must be losing my mind? I’m going to check my stash, and i’m pretty positive i want to join you.

  45. It’s so pretty I just love those fabrics!

  46. You can count me in! I’ve already made one triangle quilt and have pieces cut out for a second one. I’d love to follow along and hear what tricks you have to make it easier and share pics. (You can see my previous triangle quilt here

  47. Joanne Williams says:

    I am new to quilting but I bought the material today and will be joining.

  48. Are we all making the same size triangles? I’m wondering if the triangles are big enough to show off a big print, or if we should stick to smaller scale prints?

    I’ve never done a Quilt-a-long, so this will be my first attempt. I hope I don’t miss the sign up window!

    • sassyquilter says:

      Yes, we are all making a 6″ triangle. I bet it would look okay.

      • I too would like to join and am wondering if I can use the triangles that I have already cut from layer cakes? I cut 4 from each cake or would that size not work for this quilt?

  49. Susan Saily says:

    Just heard about it,sounds like it will be lots of fun. Count me in!! Susan S.

  50. I am so tempted to join you with this quilt along. I have so many other things going on, I shouldn’t add another project. I will be following, though. I may change my mind yet!

  51. I would love to be in. I just need to finish the moving and get my big box full of fabric to choose my colours. Thanks

  52. I just found your blog thru a comment you left on the Happy Quilting blog. I’m a sucker for a quilt along….lol….probably will shoot for something smaller than a throw….maybe baby quilt….

  53. cdahlgren2013 says:

    I am definitely joining you for the quilt along! JoAnnes has an awesome fabric sale going on, but they didn’t have a ruler. I may either go to my lqs, or online.

  54. I was looking for some quilt inspiration for a graduation quilt for a guy who likes lime green and blue.. Saw this today and have ordered fabric like your sample quilt and purchased the ruler at Joann’ Yay!

  55. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    Oh that looks like such fun! I think I may have too much on my plate at the moment but will definitely bookmark in case I can shift some things. Great idea!

  56. Love that quilt! I will try to add this QAL to my schedule.

  57. This is my second time back….I’m seriously thinking about joining in…with smiles! Val:)

  58. Whohoo!!! I’m so happy I saw this today. I’m total in!

  59. I will be doing one and my kid will be doing one also.

  60. I’m joining in Sassy! I can’t wait! I’m so glad you’re having a QAL, it’s going to be fantastic….I started pulling fabric and I’m trying to wait patiently to get started! I know I’m using some Moda Sphere for Zen Chic with some Chantilly by Lauren and Jessi Jung for sure and of course some of my stash, I’m just really excited to be using that color scheme and making it all triangley! Yippee!

  61. I have always wanted to add a triangle quilt too the list of completes so I plan to join up.

  62. okay, girl. I’m in on this one! I’ve never actually joined a QAL, because of all of the stuff I have going on with my own to-do list, but I’ve been meaning to make a triangle quilt, and this is just the kick in the behind I need to actually do it!

    I’m so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  63. Super cute! I am going to bust some red, black and black and white scraps for this one!

  64. Count me in. It sounds great, and I’m looking forward to it.

  65. This sounds like a perfect inspiration. I’m in. But I’ve never used flickr (or instagram), guess I’m old.
    First quilt a long too.

    • Me either (have never used fickr and am old ;) and me too (first quilt along and am in :)
      Cant wait to get started.

    • sassyquilter says:

      You don’t have to use Flickr if you have a blog. Just include it in a post and you’re good!

  66. I want to do a Lap Quilt for a Man……. so How many Triangles.. say a 50×50?

  67. I’m in! I have that ruler and am on my way to get fabric. I would like to make it a little larger. Can u email me the requirements for a double bed size? Thanks!

  68. just chose my 13 fabrics and ordered my rule!

  69. will be posting updates on

  70. Oh sweet,a triangle quilt! Count me in!

  71. Shelley Martin says:

    I think I’m in. I WANT to be in. I noticed in the schedule it says ‘official sign up’. Does that mean there’s a fee or cost to do this? I’m a relatively new quilter so wasn’t sure how all this works. Thanks!

  72. I think I am in too!!!!! I saw this on 2/14 and almost forgot!!!! Glad I remembered in time!!!! I might do baby quilt size…because I have a new grand daughter!!!!

  73. Well I guess you twisted my arm, and I am in. Never made a triangle quilt, and this sounds like a lot of fun. Now do I use some stash, or buy totally new fabric, no I will do a mix of both, I think.
    So glad I found your site :)

  74. I really want to because I have some fantastic fabric and I’ve been itching to do a triangle quilt, BUT, I’m going to be out of the country for 8 days and I worry I’ll start and not finish with the group – which is part of the fun! Decisions, Decisions….

    • Glad someone else will be away for part of the time. I am flying to Brisbane tomorrow and I will be away until late on 28 March. May just have to buy more fabric so I can be with everyone else.

  75. A triangle quilt just happened to be next on my list of quilts for 2014. Count me in.

  76. Robyn Barbaris says:

    I would like to join the Triangle Quilt group too. It looks fun!

  77. I will just have to participate!!
    Mine may be scrappy from all the other triangle projects that I have taught and done.

  78. Terri van Gulik says:

    Hi, I am participating too! Gotta get my fabrics picked out.

  79. i don’t need another project but i have a Kaffe design roll in red that i’ve been wanting to do in a triangle so bucket list quilt this is, lol i love doing the quilt alongs because it encourages me to finish and not have another i’m in.

  80. I’m in! Triangles have been on my list for a while! Can you please post requirements for a larger size? Is there a 60 degree ruler larger than 6″? And would it mess things up if I used a larger ruler? Can’t wait to start!

  81. I’d love to sew along with you … I have a random kid themed charm pack that I picked up recently. Do you think I could just use that? It means my triangles will be smaller though, so I would either need more triangles or end up with a smaller quilt? Thought it would be good fabric to practise my first triangle quilt with … what do you think?

    • sassyquilter says:

      Yes, smaller would be okay. Can add a border if you want it bigger or let it just be a smaller quilt. Love to have you join in:)

  82. I have just found your blog and can’t believe my eyes. A Triangle Quilt Along. A triangle quilt is on my to do list. So I am going to join you with a selection of batik fabrics to create this project. The other thing on my list to do is learn how to post on Flickr. So this is going to be interesting adventure I hope I can do it.

  83. Would this look ok using scraps?

  84. kiersten says:

    I am joining I would love to make a smaller lap quilt for my daughter when we are in the stroller. I have a bunch of scraps I am excited.

  85. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I’m in! Ordered a cutting die today! Mine will probably be scrappy.

  86. Would like to give this a go also ..

  87. mego98125 says:

    I’m thinking this is a YES! I have stash AND a 60 degree ruler…why NOT???

  88. How big will it be when it’s finished

  89. I’m thinking yes, but I want it to be a baby quilt. Will that be okay?
    I have a 60 degree template. Bought it last year : )

  90. I’m in too! Starting a bit later than most, but I’ll get there! :) I am excited to join!

  91. Okay, I’m in. I’ve never worked with triangles like this before. Just need to finish out my fabric selection.

  92. Ok I’m in! Looking forward to my first triangle quilt

  93. I’m in! I pulled my fabrics and posted over on Flickr. My Flickr name is Carlannie. My real name is Barb. My quilty name is Mountain Quiltworks. My kids call me Mom. My husband calls me Honey. Hopefully the bill collector doesn’t call me at all! Gets real confusing, eh? (Oh, my! I think I’ve had too much coffee this morning….)

  94. I think I will join in! I already have my fabrics so I just need to photograph them and was planning on doing another triangle quilt anyway…so it is always more fun to do them QAL style!

  95. Sounds like fun! I’m in!

  96. I am definitely in and looking forward to starting in a couple of days

  97. I hope I’m not too late, would love to join. Already have the ruler, just need to get my fabric. Sounds like a good excuse to go to the quilt show (Decatur, IL) tomorrow!

  98. Sue Stultz says:

    Is it too late to join? By coincidence, I had just finished cutting triangles last week and then I stumbled on the Triangle Quilt Along on 627handworks blog.

  99. Woohoo!!! I’d love to join in! Triangles are my arch-nemesis!!

  100. I am in! I’m excited to start – I haven’t tried to quilt in years. :)

  101. Jennifer Price says:

    I’d like to participate.

  102. Kathy Harris says:

    Sounds fun to me. Count me in.

  103. I wonder if it is too late to join this quilt along?

  104. I just saw this quilt along on CeLynn’s blog. I’ll join up!

  105. I would like to join in :)

  106. If I have fabric already in my stash that I can use, I’m in. I’m also doing another QAL right and I have a newborn, so hopefully I can get caught up.

  107. Linda Bott says:

    Is it too late to join?

  108. I’m joining too. Hope it’s not too late

  109. Tiffanie says:

    I am thrilled to have found this quilt along! Can you tell me how much fabric to buy for a full/double size quilt? I will only be using 6 different fabrics. Thank you!!

  110. Hi, I’m a beginner when it comes to quilting. I struggle with patterns and I prefer to make the quilt as I go. This one that I am asking about looks like alot of fun but I’m stuck. The finished quilt size that I want to make is 63 & 1/2 inches width x 78 1/2 inches drop. I thought it might be fun to use my 90 degree patchwork triangle but then I discovered this pattern using the 60 degree equilateral triangle. What I cant fathom is how many 60 degree triangles I will need to cut out. Help. Kind regards Lorraine

  111. I would like to join your quilt a long. I am thinking of making a full size instead of a throw. Do you have fabric requirements for that size. This looks fun and thank you for prompting me to do it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. I’m going to try to get my 2 daughters to do it with me.

    • sassyquilter says:

      Hey there! Actually this quilt along is from previous years, but feel free to follow the posts and get the quilt made. It is a fun one!

  112. Betty Amnah says:

    I am making one of your Triangle Quilt Alongs from a few years back. I want to make it for a twin bed. Planning on 70” x90”. Would you think 18 rows of 25 triangles? Or is that too many?

  113. Mary anne Hoff says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this quilt.

    • Betty Amnah says:

      I’m just finishing mine! I’m not an experienced quilter, though! I had a great deal of trouble getting the points all to be in a line! This cause me trouble putting the rows together. I made a toddler quilt – 27 triangles per row- 17 rows. Tough quilt. Take your time- be as exact as you can. Good luck!

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