Scrumptious Charm Quilt Finish!

Scrumptious Charm Quilt

Scrumptious Charm Quilt

Finished up my Scrumptious Charm Quilt this weekend! (I know…my names for quilts are lame!) This quilt used a Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille charm pack and a white Kona snow charm pack. I added some yardage for borders and that’s it! I wanted a really simple quilt that was easy to put together AND actually let me use up some of this fabric that is in my sewing room just staring at me:) This is a great quilt for a beginner. I will share some more details on this pattern soon. I know for beginners the specifics for those borders, backing and binding really help.

scrumptious_ quilt

I totally got busted taking pics on my neighbors fence!!! Which is electric…yikes, only one buzz so that was a success(take note of the white rope). I gave her a quilted table topper as a peace offering so she is not pressing charges, ha ha! She was really just worried I would get electrocuted. If you grew up in the country you have most likely touched one of these bad boys…you won’t forget it, but not so bad. Does this make me seem crazy???

Scrumptious Quilt

For the quilting I used Aurifil 100% cotton, 50wt. in white. I started by quilting the center panel with some basic straight lines and then moved to the 2nd border and quilted more straight lines. I wanted to break up the lines so I did a simple loop de loop in the inner border. This wasn’t too bad because you have a defined space. You are doing just a simple row of loops. Now what for the outer border????

Scrumptious Quilt

The outer border was pretty wide, about 5″. I was feeling pretty brave after the inner border….okay, let’s do a feather! I had been practicing those a while back and was improving. I marked a blue chalk line along the center of the border to help( you can still see some of those)… where are those feathers??? Well, let’s just say it was like starting all over! It has been many months since my previous adventures and a lesson was learned. Use it or lose it!  I opted for lots more loop de loops. They came out okay, but I definitely got a little lost sometimes.

Now, I am just analyzing this to explain my process, but in reality I think it is just fine and when washed up will be perfect:)

Scrumptious Quilt Binding

I used a machine binding technique to finish my quilt. You can find the tutorial HERE. In my tutorial I tell you to stitch in the ditch along the binding, but as of late I really am liking to stitch just on top of the binding for a top-stitched look. It also makes it less noticeable if you veer off a bit.

Scrumptious Quilt Binding

Here is the back…..P.S. don’t you love the Scrumptious paisley backing! I really loved working with this line of fabric.

Scrumptious Quilt Binding

side note….Isn’t it funny how the white thread looks teal on the binding?


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  1. I think this quilt looks beautiful! Nice job!

  2. I remember I went to a school camp when I was young (maybe 11 or 12) and it was in some country area. There was a trail behind our cabin that led down to some paddocks with a bull and there was an electric fence around the paddock area things for the cows. We snuck (sneaked?!) down there to take turns touching it haha! It wasn’t very strong, I just remember a little buzz like a strong vibration.

    What a Scrumptious quilt! I love the loopies in your border.

  3. farmquilter says:

    Love this quilt!!! It looks so crisp and fresh!!! You did a great job on it!!!!!

  4. love this one, what are the finished dimensions??

  5. That quilt is super charming! The loopies in your border are so cute as someone who is dying to try form FMQ I like the idea of doing just the borders, makes me less nervous about messing it up!

  6. great name as it is truly scrumptious.

  7. Lovely quilt!!! It says happiness to me. The backing fabric is gorgeous!!!

  8. Really pretty. Scrumptious is one of my favourite fabric ranges, and I love the simplicity of the pattern. Te tread really as taken on a different colour on the binding!

  9. A simply beautiful finish! I’m going to need one of those after I finish the triangle quilt for your QAL ;)

    I grew up in the country and have been buzzed by more than one electric fence. . . and I still remember it haha Nah, that doesn’t make you crazy at all – the pictures are awesome!!

  10. Very the colors :)

  11. Shelley Martin says:

    So pretty! Bonnie and Camille fabrics are just so fresh. You inspire me to try new things – i.e. a triangle quilt! :) I love your combination of straight line and loopy quilting. As someone else already said, seems less intimidating to try it on a border. Beautiful Paula!

  12. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    I love that collection too! I just saw a really nice quilt pattern done up with those fabrics this weekend at Peaks. Will have to try and find a photo. Love the simplicity of yours. Well done, as always! :-)

  13. Looking great and those fabrics are scrummy :D

  14. It’s always so fun to see a simple pattern looking so fine-one doesn’t need an intricate pattern to make a wonderful quilt!

  15. Delicious! You have done those Scrumptious fabrics justice with this sweet little number, Paula! Love the quilting and the close up pics are great! Fantastic finish, girlfriend!

  16. The name is not lame and your quilt came out lovely.

  17. I really love simple. (Not to take away from the gorgeously quilted, teeny pieced, intricate patterns, but seriously, quite often, less really is more). As for naming quilts, I got so desperate I finally just named my third quilt “Number 3”!
    I’ve tried that binding technique. Sometimes I can make it work perfectly and sometimes I end up hand stitching the back. I’ll get better with practice I guess. :-)

  18. oh I do love that fabric. Totally in love with aqua and red these days! Your QAL is going very well my friend!! Lots of finishes on link parties today! Congrats you. Try not to get fried by a fence, what a way to go
    Not Afraid of Color!

  19. I love the quilt

  20. I don’t know if I remember the incident or just remember hearing the story, but when we were really young, my mom heard us giggling in the other room and came to investigate. We were sticking bobby pins into the electrical outlet and laughing because it “tickled.”

  21. Your quilt looks beautiful! I’m glad you didn’t get electrocuted :)

  22. gorgeous! And I love that it only took a couple charm packs!

  23. Such cute fabric, a really pretty quilt! Love your quilting too. x

  24. It’s beautiful, I love everything about it, the stitching looks perfect to me. I’m a novice at FMQ and am slowly getting more confidence with the help of some Craftsy classes. Well done.

    Peg xx

  25. Paula, what a pretty quilt! It’s cheerful, light, airy and summery. What a quilter won’t do for a good photo. :) I bet you’re neighbor loves her table topper. It is interesting how the white thread looks teal on the binding. When I machine stitch a binding I make mine the same way.

  26. Liz Rehrauer says:

    I love your “charming” quilt. I’ll probably make one, too. I just wanted to thank you for the triangle quilt along. I would NEVER have made that quilt without you. Looking at all the gorgeous finished quilts, I’d say lots of quilters enjoyed it. I learned a lot, number one being how to cut triangles with my straight ruler. I was going to make just a mini or table runner. Then I realized I had enough fabric and enough time so I made the regular size. I know a few quilters went crazy and made large quilts they couldn’t finish, but that’s another story. I loved this and now I have a beautiful quilt for my living room sofa. I’m even going to make a pillow or two with leftovers. Thank you again. This was a very successful QAL.

  27. The quilt is just beautiful!! Thanks for explaining your process — helps me learn!

  28. this is like a bigger version of that marmalade charm quilt I just did. we both used loops, too! I’m totally laughing about your feathers gone loopy because I’ve done something similar before. don’t worry, the loops look great! and I like the combo of the loops and lines. i’ll have to remember this formula next time I need a quick charm quilt: 1 patterned charm + 1 white charm = cute and done. very nice, paula!

  29. It’s pretty. It’s nice to see a simple classic pretty quilt :)

  30. Amazing quilt and perfect binding. binding is still the pain of my life. Why can there not be a foolproof way? the binding foot gives great results but only for single binding. I am going to read your tutorial with great interest.

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