Making Quilt Binding

Making Quilt Binding

Adventures in Quilt Binding…


Scrumptious Charm Quilt

When recently finishing my Scrumptious Charm quilt I tried a little something new with my quilt binding!

I love using my Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator app on my phone to start my binding process. Just plug in your measurements and binding width and then it tells you how much yardage you need and how many strips to cut…genius!

Making Quilt Binding

 Now normally I cut my binding strips, usually 2.5″, and then join the strips on the diagonal(less bulk). I overlap them like this using pins to hold everything in place.

Making Quilt Binding

Then I stitch a diagonal line from corner to corner where they overlap. I like to overlap a bit so I know exactly where to stop and start my stitches.

Making Quilt Binding

This time I tried using a glue stick! Super quick and easy.

Making Quilt Binding

I just put a dab of glue in the upper right corner…you will trim this part off anyway.

Making Quilt Binding

With my needle in the down position I line it up in the corner where they overlap and stitch directly across to the opposite corner where the strips overlap. You can draw a line with a pencil or just eyeball it if your good:)

One of the awesome features on my machine, a Baby Lock Crescendo, is this laser line that shoots out straight ahead. It is great for short straight stitching and you can move it to the right or left!

Making Quilt Binding

Trim your 1/4″ seam.

Making Quilt Binding

Press open the seam to reduce bulk in your binding.

Making Quilt Binding

Trim off any corners if they are poking out.

Making Quilt Binding

Press your binding in half lengthwise….P.S. Why does my ironing board look twice as disgusting in this pic!

Making Quilt Binding

There you go! Beautiful binding that is quite Sassy:)

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  1. I just discovered Robert Kaufman binding app yesterday and am excited to try it. Your quilt is adorable Paula! -Shari

  2. I just blogged about other features I use on that app. Thanks for sharing another use.

  3. Holy cow! I knew that circular saws had lasers, but I did not know that sewing machines had one. That is going on the list of future features for a new machine — right next to a knee lift and more throat space. Jaw dropped. I need to get on this glue bandwagon too…

  4. Love this Paula. Some great tips there. I now have laser envy :)

  5. Thanks Paula for the tip, but I don’t think I’ll be using glue as I save the corners I cut off; they’re a bonus.
    Thanks for the app tip. That’s great. I didn’t find a binding calculator alone, but an app called “The Quilter’s Little Helper” which calculates backing and wadding yardage, and even the size of corner triangles for economy blocks. I have it on my iPad now, and am going to try installing it on my iPhone as well. Wonderful!

  6. Oh I love your laser line feature! How cool!

    And lovely quilt, I love scrumptious.

  7. WHHHAAAT??! Why do I not have that app, or that laser, or both combined?? ;) You own that binding, girl! It looks great! XX!

  8. Yay, a laser line! I haven’t seen such thing yet. Pretty cool!

  9. Like Jess, I had heard of lasers used for home renovation type work, but someone was a genius when they chose it as a feature for sewing! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

  10. I love the glue stick tip Paula thank you!

  11. Do you want to make my binding for me? I’m much to lazy to iron mine. Half the time, I don’t even bother with the bias seams. It usually turns out alright anyway, though I’m sure it would be better, if I did it “right.”

  12. Love the glue stick idea! They have used the laser light on Fonz and Porter, so I was aware of that. But I agree, I do have laser envy too. I admit, I never cut off the little ears left sticking up. It has to hear, doesn’t it?

  13. I’m SO jealous of that lazer light! If I had one, I would use it ALL. THE. TIME.

  14. LASER! So cool! Thanks for sharing your post for the Aussie WIP Wednesday link up.

  15. Wow!! Pretty fabric for the binding! I’m now going to go hunt for that app!

  16. Great tips. That laser is AMAZING, how cool is that ?!!

  17. not sure how I missed this but so good to have found it as I am abpout to bind a small quilt. Envious of your laser beam

  18. Really nice information that you provided in this short article.


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