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Quilting Projects – Throwback Thursday


Welcome to Throwback Thursday!

It’s been a little quite this week because frankly I am being over run by my own quilting projects! Too many starts and no finishes going on over here. Just take a look at the craziness happening in my living room/ kitchen area….

Quilting Projects - Throwback ThursdayIMG_3963

Kitchen table: haven’t seen it…

Quilting Projects - Throwback Thursday

Project table in living room: piled high…


Sofa table: where is the home decor that used to hang out here…


Counter top: If you look close you can see my lunch bag and the small area for food prep…


Oh, little phone table: a little quilty goodness for you too…


So here is the Throwback part of Thursday….a fall wall hanging I made a couple years ago that we can flash back to:) I used a panel and just added some simple borders to it. Easy and quick, so if you have a panel you don’t know what to do with…remember it doesn’t have to be too complicated!

Oh yeah…some selvedges I’m saving and a bin for my cutting scraps made it over there too:)

And here is another throwback project I have recently dragged out to finish up…


    IMG_3947 IMG_3948

These are panels for making a sewing tote! and little zipper pouches(yikes, first zipper!). Finished the applique like a year ago, just need to quilt the panels here and make the bag/pouches. I think know I am procrastinating on this one!

So….people, this is what a single person with no children’s house looks like when left to their own quilt madness, mine anyway! I am locking myself in this weekend and not coming out until I have some serious finishes and can see at least three of these surfaces again:)

Thanks for looking at my awful, beautiful, quilt mess…

Keeping it Sassy and loving every minute of it, you do the same






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