Aviatrix Medallion- Center Complete


Aviatrix Medallion

I was so excited this weekend to have some vacation time so I could finish the cutting for my Aviatrix Medallion Quilt! It is a pretty busy pattern so there is plenty of cutting to do and I usually like to do all the cutting first. Then I feel like I’m ready to roll!

Do you do all your cutting first or cut as you go?


I love using these Sterlite containers for keeping my active projects together and they are easy to grab and go if I want to work on it at a friends house or at my guild. You can find these at Dollar General Stores.


They have nice locking handles and stack well….no sliding around. Yeah, I have probably have too many of these!


Look at the back of this thing…..so many seams! The pattern recommended pressing open and it definitely helped to keep everything laying flat. I have never sewn diamonds together before. Let me say pinning was a MUST! The diamonds are small and stretchy from bias edges. Pinning and some starching really made the difference.

My Aviatrix Medallion is part of a quilt along and pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Here is her beautiful quilt.

aviatrix medallion quilt

Aviatrix Medallion Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

See, I told you it was lots of cutting:) I tried to mix it up a bit by switching up my background fabrics. Hope this comes out how I imagined it:) If you want to see lots of different versions coming together, check out #aviatrixmedallion on Instagram.

Now on to Border 1!

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  1. Beautiful! I hope that someday, I will be as talented as you are!

  2. rfnancy says:

    This is Beautiful!! the Borders don’t look as hard as the medallion. But I think this is one pattern way down the Line for me~

    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Lori Morton says:

    Beautiful!!!! You did an AWESOME job!!

  4. i use those same containers, love them! This medallion quilt is just stunning! I really like the use of the grey dot as the background with the rainbow inserts. Cant wait to see more!!

  5. Absolutely fabulous! Love the colors. And the back looks as nice as the front.

  6. love your block have fun making your quilt

  7. It’s beautiful. Cutting is my least favorite part, so sometimes I try to get it out of the way at the beginning, and other times I spread it out over the project so I can get to the fun part faster. I’m impressed you did all the cutting for this up-front!

  8. Love it to bits. First of all thought the centre may have been paper pieced, your work is very neat and tidy.
    Yes, i intend to cut out quilts in the beginning and keep them label in boxes, allocated to each one, that way I can grab a project when I want.

  9. I just love this quilt! It’s definitely on my to do list. You and I must have very similar tastes! :) Your center star is amazing! I love having everything cut at the beginning, but I’m afraid to do it in this one with all the pieces, details and colors. I’d worry I would miss cut something or lose the order of things. I can’t wait to see yours.

  10. Gorgeous! Doves at the window is one of my favorite blocks and looks awesome as the medallion. The gray is really nice.

  11. The medallion looks like a flock of birds!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh so pretty! Love it! Well done!

  13. margiestitcher says:

    Such a complicated block , it really is a lovely quilt you are making. Like you8 I like to get the cutting out of the way, that is the drawback with BOM`s , never know what is coming next.

  14. That medallion is a beautiful start! Well done on those points, Paula. Looks like a fun project!

  15. Wow! That’s really fantastic. The back is so pretty! Mine are usually a mess. One day, I’ll be methodical too! :)

  16. Beautiful! This will be a fun one to watch your progress. I give you extra kudos for your beautiful back. In my opinion, if you take the time to press your seams beautifully, the front of the quilt will reflect better. Keep up the great work Paula! ~Shari

  17. so amazing! I love looking at the back when there are lots of seams…so much work, but looks beautiful!

  18. Jennifer Creech says:

    Even the back looks great, can’t wait to see this one finished!

  19. I think your center looks great. As far as my cutting goes, it really depends on the project. But more often than not, I cut in sections. I hate cutting everything at once because things get misplaced, so I try to cut what I need for a section of the quilt and then cut more as needed. Since I make a lot of scrappy quilts, this keeps me from cutting out too much fabric and having lots of left overs.

  20. stephanieboon says:

    Looking fab Paual! I prefer to cut different sections as I go along – I’d get bored with doing all that cutting first!

  21. oh wow, that’s beautiful! Your seams are so neat! So those boxes are only a dollar?? They are so expensive in England, we don’t have that kind, but locking handle boxes of that size are easily $10 or more.

  22. Kathleen says:

    Such precise work! Beautiful!

  23. Liz Rehrauer says:

    I thought for sure, that was paper pieced. I am impressed. Beautiful medallion. Nice work.

  24. Wow I love your center star block! I could see it as a pillow too. So just how many pieces are in that block? I know a lot right? I see all the seams on the back, yikes…. was it difficult to sew together? Any way nice job, I love it. thanks for sharing

  25. Stunning. I so want to join this QAL,but am trying hard to just sew from my stash. Will be looking forward to seeing your progress on this one Paula!

  26. It’s beautiful! And yes, I like to do all my cutting first too. It makes me feel better knowing for sure that I have all the fabric I need from the start.

  27. Connie Cain says:

    So pretty!! What an undertaking! Looking forward to following your progress. :) Love the quilt, one of these days….

  28. Oh, Paula! That center medallion looks awesome! I bought this pattern. . . I have been contemplating fabric. . . seeing the back of your medallion just scared the bejeebers out of me!! I’m not sure I have it in me! As for cut all or as I go, it totally depends on the project. On something like this, I would probably cut everything – that way I am COMMITTED! lol I find I can be more accurate if I cut as I go though.

  29. great colors — I cut as I go . . . just in case I need to adjust for my personal results?!?

  30. looking great! I haven’t started mine. have cut all the pieces. look at that seams! gorgeous! great work.

  31. That’s beautiful!

  32. gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you use!

  33. Oh my, you weren’t kidding when you said there were a lot of seams! Not sure I’d have the patience for that but it sure is stunning.

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