Sunnyside Triangle Quilt Finish!



Sunnyside Triangle Quilt by The Sassy Quilter, measures 50 x 64.

Were you wondering why you never got to see my finished triangles from the Triangle Quilt Along???

Well, it got a little crazy sorting through all the final entries that I got a little behind! I also got a new camera and am trying to figure out how to get decent pics….so easy on my trusty iphone.


This quilt finishes at 50″ x 64″. I just loved working with these fun prints in Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda. I used a layer cake to cut mine and then added some solids to fill in the gaps.


I quilted along each side of the diagonal seams in a 50wt, 100% cotton Aurifil thread. The color is a light gray that blended perfectly with all these different colors.


For the backing I used a print from the same line.


The back….


I used a Zig Zag stitch for my machine binding technique just to spice things up a bit! I think it is fitting for the triangles.

Actually, the stitch I used is a little more than just a zig zag, this is called an Elastic Stitch on your machine. It takes three stitches in each direction….a little prettier I think.

Keep the seam line in the center of the stitch and you are bound to catch your binding edge on the back of your quilt! This method can be a little more forgiving if you have a hard time keeping it in the ditch.


Here is the backside of the binding.

These labels are by ikaprint and can be designed in a ton of different styles! They really make it simple to get my quilts labeled, especially since I tend to forget that step…..I know, bad quilter!

These adorable labels can be purchased from ikaprint HERE!

ikaprint let me create my own online store with them so the labels are at a discounted price, yay! So click on the link above and have a look around.


Last Chance Link Up!

Now! Who out there missed the date to finish up there Triangle Quilt???

Well, just for fun…

I will be posting a Last Chance Link Up on June 1st and I am going to give you until August 1st to link up your finished quilt for a secret prize…..ooooh, the mystery:)

So keep at it guys and gals! It is not too late to be inspired and get those Triangle Masterpieces finished up! You can do it!


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  1. Donna Phelps says:

    Paula, I love the way your Sunnyside Triangle quilt turned out (love that binding stitch) and thank you so much for the information on Ikaprint. I used your link and it saved me $4.00.I think I will really like those labels. With 100 ordered, I wish I had them years ago.

  2. Looks great! I love that line. Also, those labels are adorable!

  3. Oh your finished quilt looks fabulous! I’m working on the binding of mine still, but glad I’ll be able to link up soon!

  4. Pretty quilt, beautiful labels, fresh now blog look — you’re on a roll! Glad to hear you’re keeping the last chance link up open for a while. Still need to finish mine!

  5. Nice finish and did your header get a facelift or something? :-) Looking good!

  6. Lori M. says:

    Love the way you stitched your binding.. And thank you for letting those of us who are still working on out triangle quilts to show it off later….

  7. That’s bindalicious!!!!!

  8. Nice!!

  9. well worth the wait for us it is lovely, must pop over and see if more have been added since I looked last week

  10. I love the Kate Spain Sunnyside collection. Mine is still ongoing but have had to order more material. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Love the zigzag stitching on the binding!

  12. Very very nice quilt and thanks for the label info!

  13. I adore Kate Spain and this quilt is so fun! I like the solids that you pared with it. I always do zig zag on my binding. It looks cool and it’s so sturdy!

  14. Great finish, I’ll be joining in with the better-late-than-never group!

  15. I have never tried the zig zag to finish the binding, must try after seeing your quilt.

  16. August 1st, eh? I just might be finally able to get mine done by then, Paula! lol I love the labels – mine are from Ikaprint, too – so easy to design with them. (And I really really love your zigzag binding stitch – I think I might just have to copy you ; )

  17. I’ve used my regular zigzag on bindings but never that one — thanks for the idea!

  18. Love how your final quilt turned out Paula! I pretty much adore that fabric line! :) I just wanted to let you know I featured your quilt over at the FWFS blog! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!



  19. Love how yours turned out Paula. Gorgeous work as always. That zig zag on the binding looks fabulous. Very fitting with the triangles. I just finished mine last night and am eagerly awaiting the last chance link up ;)

  20. Great to have found you! Love your triangle quilt. So bright and cheery. Discovered you by way of Karin and Anything Goes Monday. I just ordered labels and will see you in Austin–I have the count on too! What allot of inform. in a comment–sorry!

  21. I love triangle quilts…definitely on my To Do List. Yours turned out great and I like how you attached your binding…very neat.

  22. This is lovely. I’m glad you got a chance to get it finished. I still haven’t started on my next triangle top, but I have template now, which will make the next time around much more precise. :)

  23. Paula, your triangle quilt is awesome! I really, really like that stitch you used for your binding! Do you use your walking foot when doing that stitch?

  24. I love triangles and this quilt is fabulous! Love the colors very much!

  25. Fabulous quilt! And elastic stitch for the binding…brilliant. Just did my first machine bind and it was not so brilliant, so I really appreciate this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful quilt :) colours are really lovely

  27. Oh, I’m dying to try a triangle quilt, and to have one in Kate Spain who is my design crush, well I’m just loving your quilt!! Thanks for the link to the quilt labels, I’ve been meaning to get some made for months!!

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