Triangle check in!


Just a quick hello and how ya doing!

Hope everyone is coming along with getting their triangle rows pieced together. Be sure to link up by tonight at midnight/EST!


I also wanted to let you know you can link up any rows you have complete! So don’t panic if you haven’t gotten to those last few:)

Tomorrow’s post will be on how to finally get those rows joined together and trimming those edges….can’t wait!

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  1. I’m here! Hoping to get my 2nd set of FQs cut so I can make this fun quilt a whole lot bigger.

  2. I’m halfway through with mine, but apparently I wasn’t paying attention to the instructions (what? me? not follow directions? LOL) and yesterday I was excited to realize that there is a week for piecing the rows, and a week for putting the rows together. That is GREAT news to me because I have been joining each row as I get it done (because I just HAD to see how it was going to look!) and now I know I have another week to get done with it. Yippee! I’ve also found a great backing fabric I need to order this week. :-)

  3. I got all of my rows done last night — YEAH!! I’m so excited to get those rows together!

  4. I am loving my quilt top, even if it did take me 5 hours to lay out the triangles!! lol

  5. All my rows are pieced, and I just had to join the first two rows because…well, ya know…

  6. guess I didn’t read the instructions as well either – I have pieced together my entire quilt top….the bane of having too much time on my hands I guess.

  7. Hahaha! well so much for the rush to get the rows all pieced together yesterday ;) It’s just possible that I also cannot real rules, but far more likely that I couldnt wait to see how it would look when put together! I have lumps where all of my triangles intersect. Looking forward to tomorrow’s tutorial as I am sure you address this ‘problem’. I tried three different pressing techniques, all to one side, pressed open and a combo of the two. All pressed open was a lumpy disaster?

  8. Margaret says:

    enjoying this challenge, have my fingers and toes crossed that the rows will join okay and not be too out of plumb


  1. […] Now that I look at it again, I didn’t have three yellows bunched together that way, either….sigh.  Well, if I don’t like it, it can always be the back of something else!  Check out the rest of the triangles over at the Sassy Quilter Link  Up. […]

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