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Stash Confessions…


So here it is…my stash unveiled. I am linking in with Sarah@SarahQuilts in with her You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine stash sharing party. Just for curiosity to see what you quilters out there are hoarding:) This white china cabinet? I got at a yard sale…already painted and everything! I feel like you ruin antique furniture when you paint it, but it looks so fresh and fun, so I am glad someone did the painful part for me:) I need to replace the string they were using for knobs though.


^This is my assortment of precuts and bundles^


I also have converted a couple shelves in this secretary to house fabric also. This room is suppose to be an office/sewing room, but I am slowly filling up all the office furniture with fabric! Yes, I still have a few priceless VHS I am holding onto:)


This is my wonderful sewing table I got from someone for $25, it’s from ikea and the legs are adjustable so you can change the height and is actually an L-shape! Yes, I realize it is hard to see amidst the clutter, but I am keeping it real here. I actually like to sew on the kitchen table, haven’t eaten on that thing in quite a while….but I could, so this is perfectly normal….right?

There are a few other areas in this room I couldn’t share for fear of an intervention(a few more shelves and a some tubs). I did decide a few weeks ago that I should actually use some of this fabric before continuing to buy more, but where is the fun in that:)  This is what happens when you buy fabric because it is pretty and you have no idea what you are going to make with it, and in my defense some were large yard sale deals that couldn’t be passed up(Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset…$1-3 bucks a yard!!!) and some was donated from a deceased quilter(she would be happy it was being loved). So once again I would like to state that I am perfectly fine….

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