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So here it is…my stash unveiled. I am linking in with Sarah@SarahQuilts in with her You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine stash sharing party. Just for curiosity to see what you quilters out there are hoarding:) This white china cabinet? I got at a yard sale…already painted and everything! I feel like you ruin antique furniture when you paint it, but it looks so fresh and fun, so I am glad someone did the painful part for me:) I need to replace the string they were using for knobs though.


^This is my assortment of precuts and bundles^


I also have converted a couple shelves in this secretary to house fabric also. This room is suppose to be an office/sewing room, but I am slowly filling up all the office furniture with fabric! Yes, I still have a few priceless VHS I am holding onto:)


This is my wonderful sewing table I got from someone for $25, it’s from ikea and the legs are adjustable so you can change the height and is actually an L-shape! Yes, I realize it is hard to see amidst the clutter, but I am keeping it real here. I actually like to sew on the kitchen table, haven’t eaten on that thing in quite a while….but I could, so this is perfectly normal….right?

There are a few other areas in this room I couldn’t share for fear of an intervention(a few more shelves and a some tubs). I did decide a few weeks ago that I should actually use some of this fabric before continuing to buy more, but where is the fun in that:)  This is what happens when you buy fabric because it is pretty and you have no idea what you are going to make with it, and in my defense some were large yard sale deals that couldn’t be passed up(Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset…$1-3 bucks a yard!!!) and some was donated from a deceased quilter(she would be happy it was being loved). So once again I would like to state that I am perfectly fine….

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  1. I agree! You are perfectly fine. And sew is your stash. Thanks for giving us a little peek into your sewing, er, I mean, stash room, Paula! Lots of inspiring, lovely fabric!

  2. Nice stash!

  3. Oh my goodness. Compared to you I have nothing! I do want one of those thread spool holder thingies though.

  4. Whew. I am working on my post now and am feeling a little hoarderish, but maybe this whole link up will make me feel better instead of worse. You have a lovely, appropriately-sized stash, and it is stored very nicely. You ARE perfectly fine. :) Now, sew it up, dear!

  5. You really do have a stash! What a great use of your pieces of furniture!
    I saw many ideas on Pinterest for a old TV cabinet, but as yet, no one seems to want to buy mine and remove it from my house!
    I went through my piles several months ago and now I have everything stored in 2 gal Zip-lock bags in line with themes or color schemes. Several have a project in mind, so those bags have a pattern and photo of a finished item. Finally, I put all my bags in containers and store them in one closet! I also have some charms packs and some fat quarters that have no home yet.
    I agree with you about shopping though! It is my biggest challenge! I really want to finish what’s in my closet before I buy more, but I love fabric!
    In order to discipline my habit, I made a “shopping notebook” that goes everywhere with me. Each page is dedicated to what I want to make and what I have on hand to accomplish the project. This way, it helps me shop for pieces I still need, beat the whims and also know (without guessing) how much I need of a certain piece!
    You have years ahead of you for some beautiful projects! I’ll be following!

    • sassyquilter says:

      What a great idea on the notebook! I need to do that. Often I can’t remember what I actually have or how much needed. Thanks Deb:)

  6. wow Paula! That’s some stash. awesome!

    :) Kelly

  7. I’m liking that white hutch for stash storage. The colorful fabrics are so fun against the white.

  8. It’s just not fair how much easier it is to find/buy new fabric than it is to find time to use it all :D Looks like you’ve got a great variety of options, anyway.

  9. Oooooh it’s soooo pretty! The white cabinet is lovely. I like how you seem to have good amounts of things instead of fat quarters or 1/2 yards.
    Thanks so much for participating. I feel like I just got to visit with you at your house!

  10. Wow! you do have a nice collection of stash! I am a bit envious! I noticed some ribbons on your wall. You must have been awarded them for making great quilts!

  11. Nice stash! I totally would have bought designer fabric at a yardsale for $1-3 per yard too!

  12. Wow! What a great STASH!

  13. Love the china cabinet storage idea! Way cuter than my shelves and plastic bins.

  14. want. want the fabric, want the cabinets. love. great stash!

  15. Wowzas!!! What a stash. You need to get to work! I love the cabinet, the glass door is really nice. :)

  16. Holy wow! Awesome stash! I may need to attempt to herd mine into a photo session.
    Wish i had room in my sewing space for a cabinet like your white one, definitely holds a lot! And i love that you can still see everything. (and i also have some vhs tapes that i’m hanging onto!)

  17. wow $1-3 yard sales are incredibly cheap. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stash this week too.

  18. I love how you used the China cabinet, it makes your fabric look like art. Thanks for sharing!

  19. This looks like a perfectly reasonable amount of fabric (although to be honest as long as you aren’t being buried alive I’d always say that!). It looks like you have a really broad range of fabrics, which is really nice. I would have been unable to resist yard sale bargains like that too!

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