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Margaret’s Hope Chest


Charity Quilt Blocks!

This weekend me and my fellow Sassy Quilter’s (from my quilt guild) made blocks to donate to Margaret’s Hope Chest.  Margaret’s Hope Chest is a non-profit organization that was born out of tragedy, the senseless death of 80 year old Margaret Herrema. Her granddaughter started it as a blend of two passions in her life – quilting and helping spread God’s hope in a broken world. They use quilts to reach out and help others. There are several way you can help here if you are interested. Just recently they were asking for donated log cabin quilt blocks which they will make into quilts. My guild has lots of beginners, so this seemed like a great project that wasn’t too overwhelming.

Crazy Mom Quilts  made a scrappy log cabin tutorial to use for the donated blocks here. Fun and easy!


We made 21 in all! I got to use up some of my Fandango scraps and many of the girls got to learn how to make a new block! These are going towards “A Mothers Hope”, a program for mothers with post-partum depression.

If you think you would like to help,follow their blog here. We are looking forward to helping again. And a big thanks to a wonderful follower, Lea, for letting me know about this great opportunity:)

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Quilts, quilts, quilts…


This weekend was just jam packed with fall quilt fun!

I went to a Quilt Harvest(doesn’t that just sound fun!), had a sew day with friends, went to the state fair to check out my entries and finished up my Chevron quilt top! Whew, I am tired just thinking about it all.

Let’s start with the Quilt Harvest! It was held at Millstone Quilts, a local quilt shop in Mechanicsville, VA. They had a great display of antique quilts outside in the perfect fall weather, free brunswick stew and apple cider, a huge storewide discount inside the shop, free goodies when you checked out and an entry for a doorprize….which I won!!!! I have to go back to pick it up and will definitely share some pics. I don’t even know what all is in it yet! Here are some of the antique quilts:








These quilts were from the 1800’s-early 1900’s. Notice how “modern” some of these look:)

Next we made it to the State Fair to check out the winners(night pics so not the greatest). I got an Honorable Mention on my Star Surround:) and a 3rd place on my Christmas table topper. Nothing on the Prism, but there were some pretty amazing quilts there. I won’t ramble on and on about how I feel about some of the quilts chosen, but this one had no ribbon and it was mind blowing.


Can you imagine all these tiny blocks and this is still square?



These house blocks are about 3″square and each one is pieced and the window is fussy cut!!! The quilt was huge! They were definitely wronged! No ribbon at all! I don’t care if you like this style of quilt or not, the workmanship was amazing. There, I’m done, lol. Here are some others and Best of Show.






Best of Show, hand quilted. You can never out do amazing hand quilters at a show. That’s another thing…long arm doesn’t have a category, I hate when I see a computerized design(or someone who uses panels) beat someone who did their own, sorry doing it again. Everyone has their own opinion I guess, just my two cents.


Here is my Chevron quilt top, Tangerine Tango! I followed Kelly@MyQuiltInfatuation’s tutorial here and whipped it up pretty quick. Instead of using a different fabric for each row I just alternated teal and oranges for a scrappy look. Not only do I love the look, I also used up a bundle of Fandango fabrics that were getting pretty dusty on the shelf!


Whoa! Now that was a lot of pics! Thanks for hanging in there, if you made it this far:)

Oh and before I forget! I would love any votes I can get for my Prism quilt here:


To vote just click on the heart in the corner of my quilt pic, thanks guys!!!

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Memories and a Chevron…


So I have finally finished up all the blocks for a Memory Quilt I am working on(another persons memories, not mine). These blocks have definitely been a trial for me. Lots of different fabrics…fleece, denim, cotton, lycra! And with necklines and legs some needs some serious piecing to get into block formation. I had to teach those baby clothes a lesson, haha. They do look pretty cute though:) I hope the mom is going to be happy with them.


These little cherries are just too cute!


Tricky little arm…


My next project is a Chevron quilt! This one has been on my to do list forever. I am using a tutorial by Kelly@MyQuiltInfatuation. Thanks Kelly for doing all the calculating for me:) I am sticking to my “use my stash” promise and have cracked into a big ol’ bundle of Fandango that I just had to have and now am not even sure I like any more…I waited a too long, tragic! I am using it anyway. I’m sure the love will return, it is fabric and I do love the teal/orange combo.  So far I have all my squares cut out and will get to making the HST’s tonight.

On a super exciting note…a local quilt shop(Sew Refreshing) is having Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co. come and speak/demo! I have got my ticket and can’t wait to meet her. Will share pics for sure:)

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