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WIP Wednesday


Dresden Plate…

Well, I have got my Dresden Plate top together! I thought appliqueing the Dresdens to the block would be tricky, but I used a little adhesive spray and it worked great.

First, I folded the background square into quarters and pressed it so it would leave some creases. I used these as guidelines to center the Dresdens. Just a light press was all I needed because you want to be able to iron them out afterwards. Then I used little bursts of spray adhesive(so I didn’t get the sticky stuff everywhere) and got to sewing these down.

Once the plate part of the Dresden was on I appliqued the center medallion. Pretty simple! My grey blocks are about 21″. This is going to need a whole lot of quilting. Where I got off easy during the piecing, I am going to have a lot to make up for with the quilting. Gotta sandwich first….then to the sketchbook!

I did finish up my Strawberry Jam though! Here it is:



I tried a new technique on the binding. I used a zigzag stitch to do my final seam.

IMG_2086 IMG_2083

For the most part is came out great. Definitely easier to catch the edge(at least at some point)! I did go off the rails in this corner, but easy enough to fix.


I am still not completely happy with the quilting and may go back and add some more, but I am pretty sure I am over thinking it and should just move on:)

See you guys on Friday!

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