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Quilt Backing… 

Quilt Backing…

Raise your hand if you hate basting a quilt? ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

The work of basting is hard enough, but getting the backing pieced and measured properly can be a pain too. My favorite thing to use is wide quilt backing fabric made just for this purpose…… soooooo much simpler! But here lies a problem….UGLY BACKING! 

Now I’m not saying all quilt backing is ugly… obviously, but most that I come across are pretty old school.

For example…..

108" Wide Quilt Backing Prairie Vine Tan Essentials 108" Wide Back Flannel Filigree Dark Blue

Climbing Vine 108" Wide Back Red  110" Wide Flannel Quilt Back Willow Royal

Vines, flowers…vines, flowers and blobs….

(no offense meant to the vine, flower and blob lovers)

 If your like me then you’re kinda tired of that and looking for something new, funky, fresh…SASSY!

So I set out on a search…

I went a little crazy on my shopping spree after my last basting/backing attempt… and I want to share with my quilty friends in case you are looking for something similar.

Here is some up close pics of goodies I found at Fabric.com

Kaufman Fractals 108″ Wide Geo Trellis Grey

Item # 0455271

Kaufman Fractals 108″ Wide Geo Grey

Item # 0455276

Michael Miller Whisper 108 In. Wide Miriam Mud

Item # 0397233


Kaufman Rhoda Ruth 108″ Wide Celestial Valentine

Item # 0455260

Kaufman Rhoda Ruth 108″ Wide Celestial Smoke

Item # 0455258

Michael Miller Luxe 108″ Wide Back Vine Maze Luna

Item # 0449197

Tula Pink Free Fall 108″ Wide Quilt Back Battle

Item # 0422988

My only surprise with my order was the scale of the Tula Pink Free Fall…. wayyyyy bigger, but still gorgous! You can see by the size of my hand compared to the dots. They are big folks.  

 I was thouroghly surprised by what I could find!

So folks….there is some cute wide backing fabric out there to be found!

You just have to look for it:)

No more excuses for me and all these unfinished top I have. The number is scary…

2017, Here I come.



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