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Did anybody celebrate the second annual Local Quilt Shop Day?

Well, I definitely did! Fabric diet…what fabric diet? What can I say, I’m addicted and I have got to keep my suppliers happy:) I am unloading my guilt here on today’s Sunday Stash!

Me and a couple of my fellow Sassy Quilters hit the streets yesterday and did our own little shop hop. What a fun day! Everyone should do this some time…just map out a few shops within a two hour radius and keep hopping till the sun goes down, and why not wrap it up with a fun dinner out. Call the shops ahead of time and let them know your coming and maybe they will do a little sale or treats for your guild group.

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

We only made it to three and one wasn’t even on the list!

Couldn’t get to JoJo’s Quilt Shop due to time…and they were giving away freebies too…bummer) Sorry JoJo’s, maybe next time….

First stop was KellyAnn’s Quilting in Warrenton, Va. This was a two hour drive, but worth it! They had a great shop with lots of selection and a guest demo by Susan of Swirly Girls Design. We got to preview the Michael Miller Clubhouse and see some of her brand new designs and fabrics! Fun, fun, fun:) Here’s what I got there:


KellyAnn added our next stop for us by sending us over to The Crazy Cousin. They had some awesome deals on a couple of older lines of fabric…some 6.99/yd! I stocked up on some Winters Lane, Avalon and Cuzco to go with some I already have…..and some Kona Snow and Scrumptious stripes!(I know I am using a lot of exclamations!!!)


Next, we booked it back to Quilters Corner in Richmond, Va, keeping it a little more local! Quilters Corner greeted us with cookies, muffins and something to drink:) And some free fabric as a gift! Here I snagged some new fabrics by Riley Blake, Country Girls. I had resisted this earlier in the day, but face it…this was a sign, I had to get it:) I added the pink from a 30’s collection.


I also got some of these adorable Ghastlies! I know a lot of people hate this fabric(including those who were with me…Jennifer and Nikki!), but I just love it! Reminds me of my family, lol.


I love when the back of a quilt is a little crazy so it is a backing for a jelly roll quilt I want to make with this…


Yes, I told you I got a little out of control….We met in a Joann’s parking lot to leave, so why not go in there too!


I got these Denyse Schmidt prints for two backings that I need. 40% off….deal!

Lesson learned: Fabric diets are like food diets, go too long and then you binge! Guess I better get to quilting:)

See you Wednesday for the next part of my Beginner Quilting Series, part 3-Cutting

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  1. [raises hand] I hit four of the ones around here. I’ll blog about it in my fabric confession next Friday. I did get those same two Country Girls prints plus one more. The last two DS prints you bought I used in my granny square quilt. Fabric is like candy. It’s so hard to resist. It just costs more.

  2. Great finds Sassy! I love the ghastlies! I have been hoarding my fabric just waiting for the perfect project. Can’t wait to see yours.

  3. Sadly, I only went to one quilt shop. I stopped in at Sew & Vac in Ellicott City. I needed backing for my Riley Blake Challenge quilt. Besides, I had to pick up the sewing machine extension table I’d ordered with them the first week of January. My diet is going well. I just wish it would help with my actual waistline.

  4. How fun!

  5. Great stash additions! I managed to score some Ghastlies recently too. They are awesome aren’t they! Nice to find a fellow fan.

  6. Great fabrics you bought. Unfortunately my LQS burned down just before Christmas so I’m on the hunt for a new one close to home xxx

  7. I just shopped in a not so local quilt shop, but hey, it was still in the same continent! That counts, a little, right? ;-) my LQS does not have the modern lines, so I just had to find me a one not so local that did. All right??? :-)
    And you know, binging on fabric does not make us loose or waistline. It may improve it…. Slimming that wallet down, must make us look thinner.

  8. Wow, I missed the day! I didn’t even know it was coming up. None of the stores that I frequent and that I am on their email list even sent me a reminder!

    Just as well, January has been a binge month for me, with all the sales people have been having! Looks like you got some great stuff. Can’t wait to see what sassy quilts you make with them!

  9. Wow! You scored big time! I wish there was a choice of quilt shops within a two hour radius of my place…. Ha, ha! Sounds like a good time was had by all you gals. That Ghastlie stuff is not what I may have chosen either, but it sure goes great with your jelly roll. Perfect match!

  10. Love the fabrics. The Ghastlie material will be perfect for that jelly roll.

  11. lucky you to have shops so near, a great variety of fabrics, the jelly roll and the dark blue with the white ducks are the ones that spoke to me.

  12. Now THAT is my kind of day. Sounds like such a fun time!!! Love the DS for your backings – so pretty.

  13. You had quite the day! Great finds and fun awaits!

  14. Awesome haul! I personally love that ghastlies print, i think it’s hilarious!
    And i love the country girls line, those duckies are adorable!

  15. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun! The Ghastlies will make a wonderful back for the jelly roll you have pick out. Cant wait to see it.

  16. There are certainly some yummy fabrics in there. I love that your haul is so eclectic.

  17. ooh! yummy fabric goodness! sounds like it was a blast!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  18. That duck fabric is awesome. Looks like you got a ton of fun things (and no guilt allowed — as long as no one is hurt in some way by your fabric shopping, then there’s nothing to feel guilty about!) (says the girl who is in part fabric fasting because she feels guilty about having too much unused stuff).

  19. At least I’m not the only one who fell of the fabric diet wagon haha. Those little chicks are too cute!

  20. What! How’d I miss such a celebration…though I enjoyed your purchases!!!

  21. Nice pieces and you have excellent taste in fabrics. I missed the celebration. My husband is thrilled. :)

  22. Oh my. Sounds like the best day ever! I love the Country Girls fabrics, I definitely need a few of those (especially the greens). And I agree with you, Ghastlies is actually pretty cute.

  23. Love those grey trees on the black, with the swirls! And the orange flowers–so pretty!

  24. I love what you got at KellyAnn’s quilting. They are so pretty. I’m trying to trim my purchases a little, but I learned last year that any month I said I wasn’t going to buy any fabric was a month that I was guaranteed to obliterate my budget. Kind of like the old “never say never” thing. :P

  25. What a fun time you must have had and such lovely fabrics too. I follow the motto that one never has enough fabric

  26. Jessica P. says:

    Oh my goodness. You picked up some really pretty fabrics. I LOVE the little white ducks on the blue fabric. So cute.

  27. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    Oh what fun! We only have two shops within a couple of hours of home & neither of them is open on a Sunday. One is even closed on Saturday while the other closes at 1pm. :-( Means I shop online instead! :-)

  28. What a great collection of new fabrics. I’ve never seen a jelly roll of Gastlies fabric before. That’s awesome! I was lucky enough to make it to one of my favorite local fabric shops for Local Quilt Shop Day, and luckily enough it was their grand re-opening (they doubled the size of the store), so everything was on sale 50% off! It was a good day.

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