Sassy Tip of the Week-103

A little behind on the tips but here ya go:)

Don’t know what to do with those old sewing needles or pins that need to be tossed, but it just feels wrong(and dangerous) to put in with your other trash???

Why put them in an old prescription bottle or an empty tic-tac box. That seems a little silly to say empty, but I’m gonna go with it!


Safety First! Quilting can be dangerous:)


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  1. Good idea! Thanks!

  2. Use old sewing machine needles to hang your pictures, etc on the wall. They are strong and leave a tiny hole. I rarely need a true nail anymore.

  3. Terrific idea and if your diabetic use a little larger bottle, like an 18 oz soda twist off, and it lasts a longtime. I always mark it “needles” in bold black letters. The garbage man always take them and are grateful you are looking after their safety too!

    Great post

  4. Good idea! I use an old plastic film canister. No telling where I found that little bit of history! :-)

  5. Nice! I usually set them aside to dispose of them, forget about it, drop it on the floor, then step on it. OUCH! Guess I’ll put a tic tac container on the side of my table to avoid blood. Why is there so much bleeding in sewing? :D

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