My Favorite Quilt- Double Wedding Ring!

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

What is my favorite quilt????

Double Wedding Ring

I decided to go back into my quilt vault for this one and it is one of my favorites for so many reasons!

First and foremost it was my grandmothers favorite quilt to make; her signature quilt! She was the original “Sassy”… because that was her nickname. She taught me everything I know and this was like the second or third quilt I made, ever! She assured me it was easy and wouldn’t be too hard… the time I was done I swore off curved piecing forever. I no longer hold anything against curves, but haven’t forgotten, as a beginner, how crazy I thought she was telling me I could make this quilt! Guess what??? I did and I learned a lot! Each piece was drawn with a template and cut out with scissors and then it was hand quilted and hand bound. It is by no means perfect and I can definitely see how my style has changed since, but it is my favorite and I am so glad I got to make this quilt with my Sassy grandma before she left us.


When did I make it? What pattern? What fabrics?

8 years ago from a pattern from Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel, a quilting book that was my grandmothers. I still have that book. I used fabrics from my grandmothers stash and yes….a big box store…gasp!

Have I shown this quilt anywhere or entered it in contests?


What memories or people does this quilt remind me of?

Sassy! of course. I remember sitting at her coffee table using her old Kenmore sewing machine while she sat in her recliner hand quilting her latest quilt.  She would readily help me work out my sewing machine disasters and assure me that a little pucker here and there were fine and to just keep going!


What do I like best about the quilt?

Hmmm, I would say the memories and that it actually looks like rings and it pretty flat! I was severely doubtful along the way:)

How did I grow as a quilter while making it?

Oh, I learned soooo much about accuracy and how important the cutting process is, curved piecing, improved my hand quilting skills, scalloped binding and how NOT to finish binding by hand! Those whip stitches look crazy on the back, lol! I did a reverse whip stitch and basically showed all the thread instead of hiding it. Good thing the thread color matches!


If I could make this quilt again, what would I do differently?

I love every crazy stitch on this quilt! But, I would like to make another in a completely different style. Unlike my grandmother…I don’t think it will be my signature quilt, but I do think it has a lot of wow factor and is totally worth the trouble.

Where is the quilt now?

It is actually the only quilt I have made myself that I actually use! It is in my living room as a throw for the couch.



Don’t be afraid to be Sassy and try a quilt you think is out of your skill set! You might just learn all kinds of things and make a memory that lasts forever. Maybe even a Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

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  1. Oh my goodness! So pretty! I bought a double wedding ring quilt template last year when Victoria Findlay Wolfe was hosting that challenge. I haven’t touched it. I just love the look of it, and will definitely make one someday.

  2. can see why you love this quilt so much. You could not have picked a harder one as your first! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us

  3. I like all the pink in there and what a great memories to have!

  4. I adore the mental picture of you working on the kenmore and the Original Sassy sewing away at your side :) Wonderful!! I love the edges, and your binding! How did we ever make it through quilts when we had to cut everything with scissors and then sew it by hand? It’s almost as strange as a long distance phone call, now. Ps, Your site is looking MARVELOUS!!!!

  5. That is a beauty and what great memories attached to it. Lovely!

  6. Hi Paula,

    it is a lovely quilt and a lovely pattern. I too have admired this pattern. I recently bought the new templates to cut the arcs and the other pieces (but I am still working on my triangle quilt-a-long, slowly but surely I piece a few more triangles every day! When will I get to the end of those triangles???)

    Have you thought about making the wedding ring as another Sassy quilt-a-long? Just give us a bit more time than 4 weeks to complete the quilt!

    Enjoy your summer.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love a double wedding ring quilt and yours is beautiful!

  8. This is lovely. I’ve been wanting to make one of these myself. If you want to give a second version a go, maybe look at this one: it’s an inverse. That might be fun!

  9. I love the name you gave your double wedding ring quilt;) I made one in the early ’90’s using John Flynn’s templates. I lovingly hand quilted the ditch and the centers. Sadly, it has faded. I think I want to make another someday but I will be sure to use good quality fabric so the colors don’t fade. John Flynn’s method was pretty speedy as you use strips rather than individual little squares. I’ll have to look for that. Thank you for sharing this post. It brought back sweet memories.

  10. Love the quilt and the colors Paula-what great memories.

  11. Your Grandmother did the same thing with you that my dad did with me growing up on the farm. He started my driving a straight stick first saying it was easy, him knowing that if I could drive that I would be able to drive anything. And look at you now. You can sew anything, bring the challenge on.

  12. Paula, since you changed your format(?) When you look up my blog it takes you to the wrong blog. what has caused that. Can I fix it? wait a minuet I think I found the problem, I’ll try again and see if I fixed it. Thanks.

  13. Got It! All this time my blog address was misspelled and I never noticed it. If you ever visited and left a comment now you now why I did reply, which I always try to do. Ok, I’ll go away and leave you alone for now.

  14. I have a Georgia Bonesteel book called New Ideas For Lap Quilting! It was my Mother-in-law’s book and she gave it to me. I like your Double Wedding Ring. You are so lucky to have been taught by your grandmother. We left Ohio when I was three and moved to Florida. My mother crochet, but didn’t quilt. However she did teach me to sew. I didn’t start quilting until I retired 3 years ago. I wouldn’t be as far along if not for all the quilters that blog, like you. Thanks Paula!

  15. This is such a pretty quilt, Paula. I love the pink against the tan background. Bravo to you for jumping right into such a tough quilt!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. Beautiful quilt, Paula and such an awesome story!! Absolutely adore that your Grandma told you that you could do it and guided you through!

  17. PatSloan says:

    what a GREAT story behind your quilt! My grandmas didn’t even sew, it’s a treasure to have been able to learn from your grandma! I shared my favorite quilt at

  18. stephanieboon says:

    Paula, I think this is EXACTLY what quilting is about: memories :) I’m so glad you shared this one, it’s beautiful – and even more so because of its story. x

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