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Let’s talk about…Needles

I’ve been doing a “Let’s talk about… Quilting” series about all the different parts and pieces of quilting. You can find my two previous posts here about Batting and Starch.

 I hope you are enjoying them… they are a little on the educational side. Sometimes its good to dig deep and really get to know about our quilting tools and supplies!

Let’s talk about Sewing Machine Needles…

First things first, what are the parts of a needle?

Image result for sewing needle

Parts of a Needle

Did you know a needle had a scarf???

The scarf of the needle is a small trough that helps the hook(in the bobbin case) pick up the thread.  The eye of the needle is actually bigger on one side, so if you are having a hard time threading your needle… try the other side. The side where the groove is also helps to guide the thread through the eye.


Needle Sizes

Needles come in all sizes and there are several types of needles you can use.

The most common universal sizes are:

  • 70/10- used for lighter wt. fabrics like polyester or silk
  • 80/12-most used for medium wt. fabrics like cotton and linen
  • 90/14- used for heavier fabrics
  • Microtex(Sharp)-slimmer needle with fine point. Excellent for piecing and using with batiks

Other types of specialty needles are:

  • Ballpoint-used for knits
  • Denim and Leather-for heavy fabrics like denim or leather
  • Curved-for hemming
closeup photography of presser foot of sewing machine

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

How often do you change your needle?

Sewing machine needles are good for about 4-8hrs of sewing. That being said… Needles are inexpensive and I recommend changing with each project and especially when machine quilting.

You can tell when a needle is getting dull by a “punching” sound it makes when trying to pierce the fabric. Another clue is thread breaking, skipping stitches or tension issues.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment if there is anything you would like to know more about:)


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Bella Skill Builder…Block 3

Pineapples anyone???

This month we are on Block 3  in the Bella Skill Builder quilt along hosted by Fat Quarter Shop!

This month is the Pineapple Block!

Block 3

I’m not gonna lie…this was a tricky block!

You will use a specialty ruler for this one….


Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool


The key is to make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and use the ruler properly!

I got a little ahead of myself and just kept cutting which = lots of seam ripping.  Go step by step and you should do just fine.

Finger press along the way. I ironed only at the end of each block because there is a lot of seams and it can get wonky fast.

I also used a scant quarter inch seam when stitching these and the blocks came out the perfect size!

Hope you guys are enjoying this quilt… This block definitely pushed me out of the box a little and I did a block I never have before. Yay for quilty me!

Bella Skill Builder

Don’t forget its not too late to get your supplies to join in! Below are the links to get you there.

Fat Quarter Shop has a Quilt Kit, Backing Set, and a Thread Set for this quilt.

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Kit Exclusive Fat Quarter Shop Kit designed by Sherri McConnell

Backing Set for Bella Skill Builder Quilt Kit 5.5 yards of SKU# 9900-89
Bella Skill Builder Thread PackFat Quarter Shop Exclusive



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You can find and follow TheSassyQuilter  on Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter or by email updates(form on right sidebar)!

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Quilting Rulers you can’t live without!


(happy-go-lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics)

Well, guess what?  

The Sassy Quilter has reached 1,000 views!!! So in honor of our Happy day I am giving away two, Happy -Go- Lucky by Moda charm packs:)  

That’s 84, 5″x 5″ squares of quilty fun!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and subscribe to follow my blog. To subscribe look for the box to the right or at the very bottom of the posts, depends on your device. The contest will run Friday thru Sunday, 12p.m., the winner announced on Monday!

Now, onto the post…


Do you ever get to the quilting ruler isle and your head starts to spin, feel a little woozy, or just break into a sweat?……Well, don’t panic!

We are gonna break it down for you.



Some basic ruler info:

1.They align and hold fabric firmly to your cutting mat for proper cutting and measuring.

2. Made of acrylic and are see-thru. If too thin, rotary cutter would jump the edge and…you could be visiting the E.R. with a finger in your pocket.

3. Printed vs. Laser Cut. Markings can be printed, or laser cut. Laser cut is more accurate.

4. The more markings the better. Thin lines that measure down to 1/8″ are great.

5. Grip is good. One side may be rougher for more grip on your mat. Rubber pads or sandpaper discs can be added to help.

6. Consistency within a project can help. Different brands can vary, so use the same rulers during a project.

Here are some popular brands available:

 OmniGrid, OmniGrip, June Tailor, Quilt in a Day, Fons and Porter, Get Squared, Creative Grids


3 basic patchwork rulers you can’t live without are:


6 x 24– this long ruler covers the WOF and keeps you from having to fold the fabric to get a nice straight cut. You will also use it for just about anything you need to cut or measure. Some like to also have a 6 x 12 for a shorter ruler when the length is not needed. 30/45/60 degree lines marked.

6.5 X 6.5– great for squares and triangle squares, diagonal markings. Common smaller block size. The one in the pic above has an additional square size in the center…bonus!

12.5 x 12.5– this one is also great for squares and triangle squares, includes all smaller square sizes, and is a common larger block size. And, yes it does include the 6.5 x 6.5, but is a lot bigger so having the smaller is still beneficial.

Specialty Rulers???

These are rulers for……yes, you guessed it…special shapes and projects!

The list of specialty rulers can be never ending, but here are some basic categories and examples.

strip cutting– ShapeCut, ShapeCut Pro♥

triangles– HST, QST, flying geese, setting triangles, corner triangles

1/4″- marking…1/4″ seams, straight lines

circles-will need 18 or 28mm rotary cutter

wedge-Dresden plate, tree skirt

wave edge– scallop borders

shapes– apple core, tumbler, hexagon, diamond, templates

Just in case you wanted to know…my favorite specialty ruler is the ShapeCut Pro! I can cut all my strips in a jiffy and even whip up my own “sassy” jelly roll!


Happy Measuring and Cutting! Safety First:)

What’s your favorite ruler???

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