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I am so excited to get to participate in this years New Blogger Blog Hop, hosted by Plum and June. By hopping along through the selected blogs during June and July, we get to introduce ourselves to the blogging community and all of our shared followers. So…after today’s post I hope you feel like you know me a little better and come back often!

One might ask…What or Who is a Sassy Quilter?

It all begins with my grandma “Sassy”, that was her nickname.  She was my mentor, teacher and the first and bestest quilty friend a girl could have! For the whole story about how and why I began quilting and a pic of my first quilt, check out My Quilt Story(I promise it’s not that long). After my grandmother passed, me and my cousin wanted to start a quilting group to share Sassy’s and our love for quilting.  And…because we shoot for the stars…we started our own guild called The Sassy Quilter’s Guild, Wedding Ring Chapter. Yes, we do see this going worldwide and have made room for additional chapters:) This is us at our first meeting…welcome packet and all!


Starting this guild has been one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of. Most of our members began never having sewn a day in their life.  Teaching others to sew and quilt and then watching them grow into their own quilting artists just blows my mind. Our motto is “Piece or Die”… yeah, we are hard core:) Here is some of their work:

                                IMG_2120 IMG_2119

IMG_0320      IMG_0047

                               IMG_0325 579039_10200794454720941_855745299_n

The Sassy Quilter’s Guild is where my love of sharing my quilting journey began. I really love teaching newbies/beginners the basics and seeing them grow. We are about 2 1/2 years in and on April 2, 2013, I began this blog! I wanted to cater my blog to the beginner; sharing any quilty skills I had to offer and keeping things simple and full of all the info a beginner might need to find. It’s a work in progress, but I am loving every minute of it!

Here are some things you might not know about me:

  • I love teeth almost as much as quilting:) I am a dental hygienist by day and Quiltologist by night/weekend. (self proclaimed Quiltologist that is, I put it on a business card so that makes it true:) )


  • This past Christmas I finally got my dream sewing machine, a BabyLock Crescendo! (11.25″ throat space…oh yeah!)


  •  I had no idea blogging was so time consuming! Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I hope I don’t get fired for working on my laptop whenever I get the chance. I told my boss I was sorry for being a bad employee, but he said it was okay because I was saving the world:) Sassy Quilter…saving the world one quilt at a time! I think someone like that deserves a quilt, don’t you?
  • While at AQS Quilt Week in Lancaster, PA, my sister was almost assaulted by a fellow quilter! For real! It was a crazy sale and she said she really needed the fabric my sister had in her hand or she was going to go back to the hotel and kill herself and then proceeded to curse up a storm right there…needless to say my sister gave it to her because she obviously needed it. Fabric addiction to the MAX! (p.s. we got to meet Alex Anderson and Eleanor Burns!) IMG_0695
  • My three favorite sewing notions: Seam-fix seam ripper, Fiskars Snips, and sewing machine mat(gift made by my sister, in pic of my machine).



Oh yeah, would you like to see some things I have made?

Sunbonnet Sue


Block 6


Fabrics-Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille

Cardinal Stars, my design




What’s on my cutting table right now?

IMG_2186 dresden

Some hexie pillows in progress and a Dresden top that needs to be sandwiched and quilted:)


Whew! That was a lot of info. Some others things you might like here at The Sassy Quilter are Helpful Charts, Free Patterns, Quilty Games and Puzzles, Sassy Guide to Lancaster,PA, Sassy Dictionary, and How to Bind a Quilt.

A BIG thanks to Beth at Plum and June for letting me be a part of the New Blogger Blog Hop! Be sure and visit her by clicking the link below for a complete list of all the great new blogs out there. Here is the ones for this week:


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See ya next week!

Keep it Sassy


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